TPAC 2023 Breakout:
W3C Technical Roadmap

September 13, 2023

Philippe Le Hegaret,,
Strategy, Architecture, and Project Lead

W3C’s Vision for the World Wide Web

Vision of the W3C

[...] provide a consistent architecture across the rapid pace of progress in the Web
[...] improving the Web’s fundamental integrity, while continuing to expand the Web’s scope and reach
[...] continually striving to make the Web better through these principles and the Ethical Web Principles

From Vision Task Force



The Web is not just inside your Web browser

Web User agents
CSS, GPU, Machine Learning, Payments, Performance, Content Guidelines, WASM
Web Data
RDF, XML, JSON-LD, Verifiable Credentials, Dataset Exchange, Distributed Tracing, Web Of Things

Technical needs

  1. Maintain the current platform: CSS, Geolocation, SVG, ...
  2. Improve the current platform: HDR, Codecs, Identity, ...
  3. Expand the scope: Immersive, Publication, Automotive

Some new work to follow on…


Pipeline CG

Goal: Bring new work into proposed Working Group chartering


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