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Meeting: Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
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regrets+ EA, julie
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clear agenda
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agenda+ updates and actions
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AG update including o Recharter of AG AND.. Permissions to github via their profile
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agenda+ AG update including o Recharter of AG AND.. Permissions to github via their profile
11:49:50 [lisa]
agenda+ github issues at:
11:50:31 [lisa]
agenda+ Abbys review of user reaserch at:
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agenda+ Cautar
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agenda+ (if time) New versions of issue papers (by Becca) on wayfinding (see )
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ack next
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scribe: kirkwood
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close item 1
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next item
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ag members:
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16:06:51 [kirkwood]
[11:05am] kirkwood: LS: rejoining AG. might be a bit slow, having given us time.
16:06:52 [kirkwood]
[11:06am] kirkwood: LS: link to AG partipants can check if you are a member or inited expert.
16:07:00 [lisa]
so you can see if you are an invited extert there
16:07:36 [lisa]
organisations that are members:;!!EDx7F7x-0XSOB8YS_BQ!ezCV3sdi4TJU9O1iCtIMWeiN81PuesYt0PA4J5uIH3tX8XcMtLdNUO64bz5h4G69EYWYZkJV9z3DYK2HA0woL6aI$
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kirkwood: LS: rejoining AG. might be a bit slow, having given us time.
16:07:37 [kirkwood]
[11:06am] kirkwood: LS: link to AG partipants can check if you are a member or inited expert.
16:08:18 [lisa]
Reach out to the Advisory Committee (AC) representative for your organization. Your organization's AC representative needs to approve and submit you as a representative to the new group. Note: This can occasionally take time (particularly when an organization has a new AC representative), so we suggest starting the conversation with your AC representative sooner rather than later.
16:08:38 [kirkwood]
LS: this is if you are a member, you write to the person from you company that represents you
16:10:22 [kirkwood]
LS: invited experts me, john, abby, albert? not sure
16:10:31 [abbey]
16:10:36 [lisa]
invited exerts;!!EDx7F7x-0XSOB8YS_BQ!ezCV3sdi4TJU9O1iCtIMWeiN81PuesYt0PA4J5uIH3tX8XcMtLdNUO64bz5h4G69EYWYZkJV9z3DYK2HA1sW4krP$
16:10:43 [kirkwood]
LS: first go to this link;
16:10:56 [lisa]
16:10:56 [Rachael]
16:11:19 [lisa]
ack next
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ack next
16:12:02 [kirkwood]
Abbey: i’m good don’t need to do it
16:12:27 [kirkwood]
Rachael: went through who we are comfortable approvin
16:13:02 [kirkwood]
Rachael: wait need database to catch up
16:13:34 [kirkwood]
Rachael: need to have github updated
16:15:33 [kirkwood]
LS: we have been asked to update github to make sure its there. go to your account on W3C and add github
16:16:02 [kirkwood]
Racheal: go to edit profiles, connected accounts
16:17:20 [kirkwood]
LS: go to ‘my account’ , edit profiles, connected accounts : add your github account
16:18:13 [kirkwood]
LS: i well add to orintation
16:18:18 [lisa]
16:18:34 [lisa]
next item
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close item 3
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next item
16:18:55 [kirkwood]
LS: eric couldn’t come
16:19:18 [kirkwood]
LS: Abby you looked at user research
16:19:23 [kirkwood]
… we did a survey
16:19:30 [kirkwood]
… we can update the whole thing?
16:19:53 [kirkwood]
… we can update parts? with link to wikipage showing things not updated
16:20:21 [kirkwood]
… this is highly used, in meetings all over the place
16:20:31 [kirkwood]
… out of date since 2015
16:21:11 [kirkwood]
Abbey: it’s not very current, even type of users, lot in aging and dimentia since 2015, ADHD in adults
16:21:40 [kirkwood]
Abbey: 3.6 is def ADHD, autism there is new language
16:22:10 [kirkwood]
… dysgraphia is not in inere
16:22:22 [kirkwood]
… is not in there
16:22:38 [kirkwood]
… there is stuff with user groups needs to be updated
16:22:54 [kirkwood]
… apheesia, and down syndorme nothing since 2015
16:23:03 [kirkwood]
… might want to look into Long Covid
16:23:13 [kirkwood]
… worth a deeper dive impact user groups
16:23:54 [kirkwood]
LS: your feeling is we should add some
16:24:14 [kirkwood]
LS: think we can lose some
16:24:28 [kirkwood]
Abbey: not sure
16:24:47 [kirkwood]
LS: can put on wki page to be available, without going through review
16:25:02 [kirkwood]
… same with reserach and cognitive function on a wiki page
16:25:09 [kirkwood]
Abbey: i think so too
16:25:31 [kirkwood]
Abbey: companies worked for user groups are most important
16:25:53 [kirkwood]
LS: proposal to add a module of mental health
16:26:08 [kirkwood]
LS: we had suggestion for general cognitive function
16:26:39 [kirkwood]
LS: what we’ve found so far can only do it with volunteers to do work
16:27:28 [kirkwood]
LS: we need to updte introduction and summary but thats just editorial
16:27:28 [kirkwood]
LS: but if we need to add sections we need volunteers
16:27:57 [kirkwood]
LS: don’t need to do all at once, collect research and write
16:29:16 [lisa]
upadete the user section, adding mental health, long covid and health , genral LD and coga .. but we have people to look the reaserch
16:29:16 [kirkwood]
LS: proposal is to update user sections adding mental health, long covid and health (name tbd), inections, brain fog, chemo, general learning disabilities, cognitive disabilities
16:29:30 [kirkwood]
… with cavaat we have people to look into research
16:29:59 [kirkwood]
LS: what kind of research is acceptable?
16:30:26 [kirkwood]
LS: proposal add update user sections adding mental health long covid and brain fog, chemo etc.
16:30:52 [lisa]
16:30:53 [abbey]
16:30:57 [Albert]
16:31:00 [kirkwood]
16:31:02 [niamh]
16:31:05 [lisa]
any objections?
16:31:44 [kirkwood]
Lisa: do we have volunteer to take new user groups?
16:32:07 [kirkwood]
… anyone volunteering to do update?
16:32:46 [kirkwood]
LS: maybe three months to read over my guess is 10 documents
16:32:56 [kirkwood]
Abbey: happy start on ADHD stuff
16:33:00 [lisa]
abby: update on adhd
16:33:56 [kirkwood]
Niamh: rather not commit think about it
16:34:17 [kirkwood]
LS: Davic mental health one
16:34:25 [kirkwood]
16:34:59 [kirkwood]
LS: if exists already do we thing 10 papers is enough, 5 papers?
16:35:09 [lisa]
16:35:20 [kirkwood]
LS: literary review process is the link
16:35:40 [lisa]
for an update on out date reasrch is 10 papers enough?
16:35:45 [kirkwood]
LS: going to propose 10 papers?
16:35:58 [abbey]
16:35:59 [kirkwood]
LS: are we comforable with that?
16:36:03 [lisa]
how to do a lit review ?
16:36:18 [lisa]
next item
16:36:39 [kirkwood]
Abbey: think 10 is good, aiming for 10, epecially if its going to be updated
16:37:19 [kirkwood]
LS: aim is 10 if haven’t done 10 come back to group
16:37:46 [lisa]
aim for ten. of cource fgo over if you feel it is useful, come back to the group if less then 10
16:37:49 [kirkwood]
16:37:53 [lisa]
16:37:55 [Albert]
16:37:57 [abbey]
16:38:05 [lisa]
any objections ?
16:38:12 [kirkwood]
LS: objecions?
16:38:34 [kirkwood]
seems none
16:38:54 [lisa]
next item
16:39:00 [kirkwood]
LS: Abbey thank you
16:39:09 [lisa]
ack next
16:39:16 [lisa]
next item
16:40:20 [kirkwood]
LS: David did you look at CTAUR?
16:40:20 [kirkwood]
DS: Yeah
16:40:45 [kirkwood]
LS: going through CTAUR
16:41:05 [lisa]
16:41:33 [kirkwood]
Collabortion Tools Accessibility User Requirments
16:41:58 [kirkwood]
LS: devid taking over liaison to check loads of comments got into github
16:42:14 [kirkwood]
DS: going to do for meeting Wednesday
16:42:33 [kirkwood]
LS: trying to make it easy to find.
16:43:00 [kirkwood]
DS: yeah inline comments and put in
16:43:13 [kirkwood]
LS: bienig the sort of interpretor
16:43:42 [kirkwood]
LS: really good for communication, don’t think we are tagged on any of these issues or that you are tagged at least
16:44:22 [kirkwood]
LS: vert hard to track, conversation in github we don’t know about it
16:44:41 [kirkwood]
LS: are the comments in there, want to make sure?
16:44:52 [kirkwood]
DS: ok
16:45:09 [lisa]
next item
16:45:15 [kirkwood]
LS: we need to learn to get it right from each other
16:45:33 [kirkwood]
DS: will go to rqtf and APA and will report back
16:45:55 [kirkwood]
LS sounds good
16:46:25 [lisa]
agenda+ ,emta; hea;th
16:46:31 [kirkwood]
LS: we can carry on going through proposals for mental health
16:47:01 [kirkwood]
LS: current poposal for COGA link
16:47:57 [lisa]
16:47:58 [kirkwood]
LS: we talked about COGA not sure how to handle, too many colors for example in a pattern to look at it more. what would be a good pattern about it
16:48:21 [kirkwood]
DS: need guidance for use of color rather than specific colors
16:49:59 [kirkwood]
DS: for example suggesting red for example is difficult
16:50:22 [kirkwood]
JK: i’m unsure about color in mental health bucket
16:52:42 [kirkwood]
LS: research stage working memory , doesn’t matter, only use hwo help making real, this will help people with these functional imparisment, then we give an example
16:53:02 [kirkwood]
… how it helps we first talk about impairments
16:53:28 [kirkwood]
… David do you want to help
16:53:45 [kirkwood]
JK; put together a google doc share between david
16:54:53 [kirkwood]
DS: next proposal is tricky, recognition this and proposal 6 presentaion of seach results, limit links displayed, customize presentation of links including foun size, specific use case for these
16:55:14 [kirkwood]
… think suggestion was to add as an example. is that going too far?
16:55:52 [lisa]
16:56:01 [kirkwood]
LS: i go back to the research document. 11-50 partiipants
16:56:37 [kirkwood]
[link to research document above]
16:57:57 [kirkwood]
LS: going through reseach document saying that less links was better in proposal said could be new pattern or support simplification. allow less items on page.
16:58:13 [kirkwood]
… but we also have provide search
16:58:54 [kirkwood]
DS: it seems niche because we already have something related to seach
16:59:10 [kirkwood]
DS: except maybe shopping limit to 30 results etc
16:59:41 [kirkwood]
LS: think it was proble not knowing how to do search terms.
17:01:59 [lisa]
add to 4.3.6 Provide Search (Pattern) including boolian instuctions, , reducing itmes, or catagrins, foging terms
17:04:04 [lisa]
17:04:35 [kirkwood]
17:04:35 [DavidSwallow]
17:04:52 [kirkwood]
LS: with 5, 6 and 7 we’d like to add to 4.6.3 provide serahc instruction reduce number of items, f
17:04:56 [lisa]
albert +1, but needs more discusion
17:05:45 [kirkwood]
Abbey: navigatin ecommertcce. ocd is about completion, have to scroll for all options before purchase. i open 50 tabs for one term search
17:06:09 [kirkwood]
Albert: what help is to have a filter based on price, reviews, that actually works
17:06:25 [kirkwood]
Albert: those kind of things help me
17:06:49 [kirkwood]
Albert: can give guidance for accessibile serach pattern
17:07:28 [kirkwood]
LS: also to find
17:07:37 [kirkwood]
JK: to reduce number of results
17:07:43 [kirkwood]
Alberty: yes
17:08:40 [kirkwood]
Albert: also reduce results if you put in quotes get exact result for example, a lot more filters help narrow down faster, more efficiently
17:10:01 [kirkwood]
Albert: in search, it will search in accordance it filters and give suggestions to help narrow down, which is very helpful to narrow down
17:11:08 [kirkwood]
Albert: not knowing term exactly, assisted search to help find, really helps. if term without much background knowledge
17:12:07 [kirkwood]
LS: assist user to find what want, with new ranges, options, etc. put into propsed pattern changes
17:12:11 [kirkwood]
17:12:16 [Albert]
17:12:55 [lisa]
RRSAgent, publish minutes
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I have made the request to generate lisa