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Meeting: Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
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agenda+ new colums in the @how we store reaserch . See
14:24:13 [Lisa]
agenda+ guidence for lit review . see
14:24:47 [Lisa]
agenda+ When to look at ag subgroup work. See
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clear agenda
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agenda+ updates and actions
14:25:49 [Lisa]
agenda+ When to look at ag subgroup work. See
14:26:06 [Lisa]
agenda+ Guidance for lit review . see
14:26:51 [Lisa]
agenda+ new columns in how we store research database. See See
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agenda+ Mental health proposals. See
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regrets+ Jennie
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regrets+ EA, Jenny , Justien
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scribe: Eric_hind
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next item
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present +
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16:04:35 [Eric_hind]
Lisa: General Research (Becca), Lisa has updated general research
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16:04:35 [Eric_hind]
Abbey: Has quickly reviewed research and will present more next week
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16:05:05 [Eric_hind]
Eric: Will present remaining github issues next week
16:05:09 [Rain]
16:05:32 [Eric_hind]
Lisa: Abbey to present the research update
16:05:51 [Eric_hind]
Lisa: These two preceding will be reviewed next week
16:07:14 [Eric_hind]
Tiffany: For my asignment there are a significant number of issues. EA has provided email to Lisa to coordinate.
16:08:47 [Eric_hind]
Rashmi: Mental health table updates continuing; tasks within include suggestion, trigger draft, social media, draft for safety
16:09:41 [Eric_hind]
Rashmi: Directly working on first two issue papers
16:09:51 [Rachael]
16:09:56 [Eric_hind]
Rashmi: David also working on the first two issue papers
16:10:42 [Eric_hind]
Rain: Structure; working on prototype, then onto qualitative testing. Images needs an update with John K
16:11:31 [Eric_hind]
Lisa: WCAG 3; how to do and get feedback?
16:11:34 [kirkwood]
16:11:55 [Eric_hind]
Julie: Setting up a tracker for WCAG 3 but needs to connect with Rachael.
16:13:25 [Rachael]
16:13:59 [Rachael]
16:14:04 [Eric_hind]
Lisa: Internationalization, progressing well. Julie, Addison, Alasdair but not Richard trying to coordinate a meet. Rachael feels that getting more internationalization people would be good.
16:16:59 [Eric_hind]
Julie: Goal of this meeting is to get buy in on the 5 language plan.
16:18:10 [Rachael]
Based on all that. I agree with Lisa that you could use the first meeting to discuss best way to communicate and discuss Addison's comments.
16:20:56 [Eric_hind]
Lisa: Other group requests need a discussion about collaborative tools; there is a document around comments processes. An open tag system to alert screen readers has been trialed; we are waiting for APA feedback around whether or not the comment issues were copied to github issues
16:22:10 [Eric_hind]
Lisa: At this point, we aren't sure if these comments are flowing through. Asking if David can liaison between groups
16:22:47 [Eric_hind]
David: Yes, am willing to check on this process in the APA group and will report back if there are issues or if communications haven't really been working.
16:23:36 [Eric_hind]
Lisa: Asking David to check back with this group in two weeks to make sure this technique is working.
16:23:48 [lisa]
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next item
16:24:27 [Eric_hind]
Lisa: When is the right time to inject comments from COGA into the subgroups?
16:25:19 [julierawe]
16:26:12 [Eric_hind]
Julie: We know of multiple venues to work with other groups, it's feeling diffuse. Julie has a proposal (google doc) to know what's coming up, as it is difficult to know whats urgent and whats coming up.
16:26:24 [lisa]
this is a better link
16:27:52 [Eric_hind]
Rachael: Best way to engage is to join the subgroup; it is difficult to avoid last minute adjustments. Often as little as 6 days before. It isn't likely that the subgroups will change their process in the short term.
16:28:28 [lisa]
16:28:48 [Eric_hind]
Rachael: Exploratory drafts for review will be made available; and there is a chance to review even before that to review and comment
16:29:45 [Eric_hind]
Lisa: We have done some scratchpad level review for each group already.
16:30:44 [lisa]
16:31:07 [Rachael]
16:31:11 [lisa]
16:32:09 [Eric_hind]
Lisa: The provided doc has links to other useful/usable subgroup information like meeting times, agendas, etc. They seem to be about 2.5 weeks planning ahead
16:32:23 [julierawe]
16:32:23 [lisa]
ack next
16:33:20 [Eric_hind]
Rachael: We can discuss adding additional states in the document.
16:33:32 [lisa]
ack next
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16:34:06 [Eric_hind]
Julie: Knowing whats ahead could be helpful to encourage joining the subgroups.
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next item
16:34:47 [rashmi]
16:34:48 [julierawe]
+1 to Eric's comment, thanks!
16:34:52 [julierawe]
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16:37:22 [Eric_hind]
Lisa: Review of Guidance for lit review (COGA 2 literature review and update). Added columns for New Ideas (classification of the kind of idea; new, backs up, etc) and column for subtopics that contain discovered themes or patterns that reoccur.
16:38:20 [lisa]
16:38:20 [lisa]
ack next
16:38:32 [kirkwood]
could you put literature review link in for minutes
16:38:41 [lisa]
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next item
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16:43:58 [Eric_hind]
Lisa: Agenda 3 and 4 update, Agenda 3 was the Rain's research plan. Agenda 4 relates to the research plan draft outline.. which includes search and research, reading articles thoroughly, analysis, search terms.
16:43:59 [Rain]
+1 thank you for adding that
16:44:12 [lisa]
resolution: is the reserch plan V1 ready
16:44:17 [lisa]
16:44:19 [Eric_hind]
16:44:22 [Jennie]
16:44:26 [rashmi]
16:44:39 [lisa]
next item
16:44:39 [Eric_hind]
Lisa: Research plan v1 is OK, no objections.
16:45:11 [Eric_hind]
Lisa; Proposal 3 for mental health
16:46:26 [Eric_hind]
Rashmi: Proposal 3 Add sentence or paragraph for Keep the tone of content simple, positive, be respectful and do not talk down.
16:47:16 [rashmi]
16:47:19 [lisa]
16:47:28 [rashmi]
16:47:34 [Eric_hind]
Rashmi: Proposal to add as Use a Simple tense and voice pattern
16:50:28 [lisa]
16:50:32 [lisa]
ack next
16:50:49 [lisa]
Proposal to add as Use a Simple tense and voice pattern
16:51:03 [lisa]
16:51:32 [Eric_hind]
16:51:50 [lisa]
(eric has no opinion
16:52:13 [lisa]
john -1
16:52:18 [Eric_hind]
John: This is a proposal to merge tense and respect; they feel like different concepts.
16:52:45 [lisa]
changing to a 0
16:53:08 [tburtin]
+1 John's opinion
16:53:20 [Rain]
+1 agree as well
16:53:22 [Eric_hind]
Lisa: No other strong opinions, will not enact the proposal to merge. These are separate isues
16:53:34 [rashmi]
+1 to John's point
16:53:39 [lisa]
rain is agreeing with John
16:53:45 [lisa]
as does rashmi
16:54:04 [lisa]
relution, new pattern
16:54:12 [Eric_hind]
Lisa: Agreed that this will be a new pattern
16:54:12 [lisa]
resolution, new pattern
16:54:41 [lisa]
no objections
16:56:10 [lisa]
16:56:12 [Eric_hind]
Rashmi: Next proposal #4. Add sentence or paragraph for "Choices of color can be an issue" Alternatively we can make this a pattern. This has strong localization implications
16:56:37 [lisa]
ack next
16:57:47 [kirkwood]
red is very warm, if not hot. So not sure if this is correct. Think its too complicated and over simplified
16:57:54 [Eric_hind]
Lisa: This one is complicated as there are implications to direct users to select particular colors.
16:58:00 [kirkwood]
16:59:52 [lisa]
16:59:59 [Eric_hind]
Rain: Applying a tangible concept to color choices; such as evaluate the impact of contrasting/saturation colors?
17:00:10 [Jennie]
Apologies - have to drop. Have a good week!
17:00:10 [lisa]
ack next
17:00:18 [DavidSwallow]
17:01:15 [tburtin]
17:01:16 [Eric_hind]
John: Even different industries tend towards color that grab attention; via color relationships.
17:02:05 [lisa]
ack next
17:02:18 [Eric_hind]
Lisa: Believe that part of Johns thoughts are that colors can be a distraction, rather than a help
17:02:52 [julierawe]
I have to drop, thanks everyone
17:03:50 [Eric_hind]
Rashmi: Row 16 research emphasized warm / vivid colors
17:04:12 [lisa]
17:04:18 [lisa]
ack netx
17:04:26 [lisa]
ack d
17:04:47 [Eric_hind]
Rashmi: Sometimes colors have negative associations; emotional connection for different individuals
17:06:15 [Eric_hind]
Tiffany: If we want to prevent harm, the extremes (of color contrast) can create positive states and negative states (like color extremes for individuals with astigmatisms)
17:06:56 [Eric_hind]
Lisa: Summary, colors are an issue. Maybe we need to lookup or research more on colors, there's more that we want to do.
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Lisa: will revist Nov 27