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Meeting: Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
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agenda+ updates and actions
07:06:21 [lisa]
agenda+ Update on how we store COGA research and Issue papers . See coga reaserh at and issue papers at
07:06:57 [lisa]
agenda+ reserch guide - please review ,And how to store search terms and details etc
07:07:15 [lisa]
agenda+ wayfinding ttps://
07:07:18 [lisa]
agenda+ update on conversational interfaces
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please sign up for scirb list:
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regrets+ Becca, Rain, Eric, Jenny
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Becca has jury duety, so stucture proposals may take that slot (thank you rain)
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agenda+ please sign up for scirb list:
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agenda+ Stucture proposals
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close item 4
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close item 5
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regrets: Becca, Eric, Jenny
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scribe: EA
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next item
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scribe: EA
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present+ EA
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present+ Lisa
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15:04:19 [EA]
Agenda - Lisa sharing screen - Updates and Actions
15:04:57 [EA]
Jump to general research - subgroups - new draft for t research pln
15:04:58 [lisa]
15:05:48 [EA]
Need to move forward certain items such as issue papers and the new research agenda and where we want to store search terms.
15:07:24 [lisa]
15:07:58 [EA]
Tiffany and E.A. to meet up to discuss timeline for symbols.
15:08:30 [EA]
Mental health - lisa taking action for the group to move ahead.
15:09:32 [EA]
Rain structure subgroup on track John K and Rain have set up a couple of approaches for layouts to be shared with task force soon - engineer will make prototypes in the following weeks and then gain feedback.
15:11:08 [EA]
Internationalisation - setting up a call to discuss with APA and John Rochford to make sure happy with 5 languages selected so can move ahead - Rachael and Janina to be on call to touch base with Internationalisation group.
15:12:08 [EA]
Lisa continued with request to go over collaboration with David Swallow and the other David as the liaison - need to be able to follow what we are doing and liaise
15:12:31 [EA]
Lisa to make request for a new check element that is being worked on and funtional needs also pending.
15:12:39 [lisa]
15:12:43 [lisa]
next item
15:13:13 [EA]
Looking at storage of Coga database for sources and issue papers
15:15:32 [EA]
Lisa made an extra column and secondary cells where there are more than a key pattern, objective or resource. So there is freedom to add additional information.
15:16:11 [EA]
Recitation and key take away are required - this can be filled in by others than the original author.
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15:17:16 [EA]
The other database is the issue paper where web of things needs to be added and there are placeholders for the mental health papers.
15:17:48 [EA]
The latter is in the action page so links have been cleaned up to show links that are being worked on at the moment.
15:18:42 [EA]
Lisa asked Rain if she wanted to still manage this database but will help Becca is help is needed. Becca was not in the meeting.
15:19:02 [EA]
Lisa is going to update the content as it acts as a tracking database
15:19:25 [EA]
Lisa asked if anyone wanted to update any issue papers.
15:20:00 [EA]
Justine offered to update an issue paper and Lisa added them to the database such as Web of things and Graded help
15:20:32 [EA]
There are now 3 updates and 2 new ones - need to pick which ones are the most important and need an update.
15:20:44 [lisa]
15:20:54 [lisa]
next item
15:21:11 [EA]
Research guide is the next item
15:21:30 [EA]
Now have a guide with layout in the Overview.
15:23:11 [EA]
Lisa said we need to look at the way we are working on search terms - which ones we are using and where we are finding the information. This will help us find the gaps - also how we tweak our search terms in the literary analysis
15:24:21 [EA]
Lisa asked where did we want to keep the search terms used an example is the list provided by mental health. Can be found in the document - in the appendix of the search plan
15:26:50 [EA]
Another idea is that there is another document that just works for tracking the citations so instead of using the spreadsheet (database) the extra document could be used but it may be forgotten so Lisa feels it is better to have the terms in ones own document or the original document with an Appendix. The latter seems to work best - can be an indirect link before you put it in the database
15:27:29 [Rain]
15:27:45 [lisa]
store search terms and datebases
15:27:52 [lisa]
rerch plan apendix
15:27:53 [lisa]
15:28:09 [lisa]
ack next
15:28:13 [EA]
Lisa's question is whether to store search terms - needs to be logged somewhere - preferably in the reseach plan appendix
15:28:24 [EA]
15:29:18 [JustineP]
15:29:27 [EA]
Rain suggested that it would help to have a support page to tell people how to capture the information in the correct way and how to do the citations etc.
15:29:56 [EA]
Lisa suggested that a short summary about 'what to do' would be a good idea
15:30:50 [EA]
Rain felt that it would be good to have it in the Appendix and Lisa concurred with a three step type of help page
15:31:00 [EA]
Rain suggested this would keep things consistent.
15:31:45 [EA]
+1 to the idea of a help page to keep things consistent
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15:33:50 [lisa]
15:35:11 [EA]
Lisa mentioned that Eric would compose an issue paper on AI and then another on multiple impairments where co-occurring difficulties can affect the use of technologies. Behaviour control as another issue paper possibly part of the mental health group's work. Then we have the user research module which needs updating and may want to add a group and in particular one on general problems linked to a range of difficulties.
15:36:05 [abbey]
15:36:05 [EA]
The question is whether we update the groups of disabilities whilst we are working on the issue papers? or pause and do the disability groups later?
15:36:10 [lisa]
ack next
15:36:54 [EA]
Abbey would like to help with the updates for the disability groups.
15:37:50 [Rachael]
15:37:54 [EA]
Lisa suggested that each one could be a module so doing it in stages
15:38:05 [lisa]
15:38:18 [EA]
Abbey will look through them all and see what she feels needs updating
15:38:39 [Rachael]
15:38:59 [EA]
This user research was done as a working draft in 2015
15:40:01 [EA]
Rachael asked if this would be as a note or draft
15:40:19 [lisa]
ack next
15:40:45 [lisa]
abby to review if we can update and publish a few modules in user reaserch
15:40:47 [lisa]
15:40:55 [EA]
Lisa suggested that it would be updated and link to Content Usable and see what could be published as modules.
15:40:57 [EA]
15:40:59 [lisa]
any objections?
15:41:05 [tburtin]
15:41:08 [abbey]
15:41:44 [EA]
Justine has said she is also happy to update an issue paper
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next item
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next item
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close item 6
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next item
15:43:10 [EA]
Re: scribing It helps me listen carefully
15:44:13 [EA]
Rain discussed a new approach about how to structure 'Making Content Usable' wanted to stay with the model but based on user feedback there was an ABC testing not just AB testing.
15:44:32 [EA]
Rain shared her screen as no link yet to share with attendees
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15:46:10 [EA]
Summary of contents was made up - Quick ref idea that was provided with the old WCAG guide to reach Success Criteria quickly. Then there is the collapse menu with show publications then intro to the document. Three content sections that are separate paper Section 1 of Who and Why
15:47:07 [julierawe]
15:47:15 [julierawe]
15:47:23 [EA]
Section 1 to include personas. users needs etc then 2nd section what when and how - design principles etc. Final 3rd section is Evidence with references etc. This is followed by how to use the document
15:47:44 [lisa]
15:48:52 [EA]
There would be tags use throughout the content so you can pay attention to particular parts of content - the tags would be guides such as roles of people. So if you are a product owner - there would be tags that link to that job and you would be guided to individual steps as a pathway through the document
15:49:28 [EA]
There would be separate ways of going throug the document with other ways of exploring the document.
15:49:32 [lisa]
ack next
15:49:43 [julierawe]
15:50:35 [EA]
Lisa asked could we do this ... need to have a link so that this can be discussed with Roy and Lisa said she had some ideas but others may also have comments.
15:51:21 [EA]
Lisa asked whether we are able to make this interface as a single document?
15:51:40 [lisa]
ack next
15:51:53 [EA]
Need to share with Janina and Rachael and others to get feedback
15:52:51 [EA]
Julie said that she really liked the idea but wondered if anyone would want to go to a long list of references rather than having the references attached to particular issues, patterns etc
15:53:34 [EA]
Also wondered about the who and why and perhaps the evidence could be linked to who is using the document - the types of professionals.
15:54:34 [EA]
Rain was grateful for the feedback and has taken on board the ideas and in particular the feasibility of making all these changes to the design.
15:55:07 [EA]
Lisa felt that this idea could be made with a style sheet so that it can also be seen as a single document.
15:55:16 [kirkwood]
15:56:11 [EA]
Rain wondered if it would worth trying with others even if not feasible with W3C
15:56:56 [EA]
Rachael said she might ask Shawn Henry but Rain felt that it needs abit more work before asking others
15:57:18 [EA]
Lisa felt that the idea really looked ready for discussion
15:57:19 [Rachael]
Other people who would be interested in the conversation: EO Chairs, AG Chairs, Michael Gower
15:57:59 [EA]
John K said that he will catch up with Rain later about what has been discussed
15:58:16 [kirkwood]
15:58:21 [kirkwood]
15:58:29 [kirkwood]
15:58:43 [EA]
Next week time schedules will be back in synch -USA will have clocks going back 5th Nov.
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RRSAgent, publish minutes
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Europeans back to time as per normal - 4pm UK etc