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Meeting: Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
11:24:04 [Lisa]
11:24:12 [Lisa]
agenda+ Review Issue Paper tracker and decide on issues See COGA Issue Paper Status and Update Tracker <>
11:26:05 [Lisa]
agenda+ hsee email at via a google doc or form with a database along the lines of Mental Health Literature Review (Responses) <> with form
11:26:23 [Lisa]
close item 2
11:26:53 [Lisa]
agenda+ how to store research. see email at via a google doc or form with a database
11:27:16 [Lisa]
agenda+ Updates with task requests and actions <
11:27:31 [Lisa]
agenda+ If time: github issues (Eric)
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agenda+ time pf next weeks meeting
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regrets+ Justine
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agenda+ AG update (short?)
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agenda order:7,1,3,6,4,5
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scribe: EA
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15:03:02 [EA]
Lisa introduced a summary of the issue paper with Rain
15:03:38 [lisa]
15:03:44 [EA]
Lisa continued to confirm that old papers will be published with note pointing at the wiki.
15:04:01 [EA]
Link to the spreadsheet is above
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15:04:25 [EA]
Decision needs to be made in the editor's note and which issue papers need updating
15:04:33 [DavidSwallow]
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15:05:09 [EA]
15:05:26 [Jennie]
15:05:29 [EA]
Rain confirmed that yes there does need to be a decision about the issue papers and it appears that Becca is the only one working on one at the moment
15:06:02 [EA]
Rain mentioned that we need to take care to acknowledge the amount of work involved
15:06:49 [EA]
Lisa wondered if we pick 5 issue papers that can become a module. That takes account of Becca's two papers. David has two from mental health.
15:07:29 [EA]
Lisa asked if there was someone who could do a literary review and do an update on ones from the list shown in the google doc
15:07:58 [EA]
Security and Privacy needs an update, personalisation needs a more thorough look at the research
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15:08:50 [EA]
Which ones are the most important that have to be published as a formal note?
15:08:52 [Jennie]
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15:09:08 [lisa]
ack next
15:09:15 [julierawe]
15:09:48 [EA]
Jennie has 2 questions about the personalisation and preferences because of the law suits so may get attention if put forward in a timely way
15:10:13 [EA]
Also she added the fact that the ADAPT group are working in this area makes it important but also hard
15:10:25 [lisa]
ack next
15:10:35 [EA]
Lisa agreed and mentioned the challenge that go with the work on this paper
15:11:31 [lisa]
next item
15:11:44 [EA]
Lisa suggested putting a tag beside the personalisation and preferences one and then ask which ones need to be updated and woud they help with the update.
15:12:27 [EA]
Rain feels we need to just ask who can volunteer for particular papers.
15:13:15 [EA]
Community group and Mental health being updated at present and more can be updated as they arise such as online safety which may be linked to Mental Health.
15:13:36 [EA]
Voice systems may go with interfaces
15:13:36 [lisa]
15:13:40 [EA]
15:14:12 [lisa]
EA would like to update symbols issue paper
15:15:39 [lisa]
15:16:11 [kirkwood]
15:16:46 [lisa]
Reapply under Participation to join the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group<> * Note: The W3C has issued new guidance on invited experts<>
15:17:16 [EA]
Lisa said that they are rechartering AG and need to look at whether you are still a member as an invited expert or part of an organisation. May need to rejoin also some new requirements for invited experts.
15:17:41 [EA]
Tiffany will help with symbols
15:17:47 [EA]
EA says thank you so much
15:18:34 [lisa]
15:18:49 [lisa]
next item
15:19:09 [EA]
Lisa suggests that the issue paper link is taken and made into a Google doc when someone says they will lead on a paper and then
15:20:21 [EA]
Lisa discussed the idea of how references would be kept - originally this became a wiki paper but now as we move into WCAG 3 with people asking where the resources are to be found there is the need to have a single place
15:21:36 [EA]
Lisa shared her screen to show a 1st draft of the way we are moving forward with research... Pattern, example etc then where the resources are to be found but this was hard when items were subjective rather than having a definitive solution or source.
15:22:12 [EA]
Lisa then mentioned the Mental Health group had a form that automatically put the content into a database
15:23:56 [EA]
Lisa asked if we agreed with the idea of an easy to find source for patterns and objectives and research they are based on in terms of academic papers etc.
15:24:17 [EA]
Option 1 have a basic google doc
15:24:25 [EA]
Option 2 spreadsheet with a form
15:25:15 [lisa]
option1 googel doc. option2 is a spreadsheet with a form, and a support google doc
15:25:34 [EA]
The other option is for a person to write the reference into a google doc and later someone can add the reference to the form
15:26:06 [EA]
Sorry duplicates
15:26:18 [lisa]
15:26:19 [Jennie]
No preference. OK to use either.
15:26:29 [Becca_Monteleone]
15:26:29 [DavidSwallow]
2 for me.
15:26:30 [EA]
OK to use either
15:26:32 [Rain]
15:26:34 [tburtin]
No preference
15:26:44 [kirkwood]
15:27:02 [lisa]
any objections?
15:27:13 [EA]
Lisa seeing strong preference to Option 2 with support.
15:27:44 [EA]
15:28:01 [lisa]
ack next
15:28:12 [lisa]
ea: put an example at the top
15:28:57 [kirkwood]
+1 to EA
15:29:18 [Jennie]
*Great idea, EA. Like a peak into a cupboard that has a solid door.
15:30:25 [EA]
Lisa is going to try to get this done as soon as possible as more issue paper are coming out quickly.
15:30:41 [DavidSwallow]
Apologies, had to drop for a work meeting.
15:31:37 [lisa]
15:31:44 [lisa]
next item
15:32:21 [EA]
Erik is not on the call so the next item is task requests.
15:33:39 [EA]
Sorry Eric spelling
15:34:20 [EA]
Becca feeding back on the wayfinding paper - not yet finalised conversational paper.
15:34:46 [EA]
Lisa will make the form and database for the group.
15:35:23 [EA]
Lisa asked if the Structure subgroup had been updated
15:36:21 [EA]
Rain mentioned they had prototypes and in early Nov. an engineer will make an early prototype with a AB testing to identify what is working compared to old version - then will return to the group with further updates.
15:37:02 [EA]
Rain said still needs time before returning with review of progress
15:37:07 [kirkwood]
15:37:24 [lisa]
ack next
15:37:53 [EA]
John K asked if there was any space to add additional people involved.
15:38:20 [EA]
Lisa said you can have more than one person in cell when you add people who are working on the papers
15:39:14 [EA]
John K suggested adding an extra column for the added volunteers so it is clear who the lead has been assigned to and then it makes it easier to find people.
15:39:52 [EA]
Lisa mentioned you can change the colours on the sheet.
15:40:19 [EA]
Lisa then went onto the Image subgroup... wanted some good and bad examples.
15:41:12 [EA]
Rain and John are taking over the image subgroup and Jan has written a recruting email for those who could possibly make images etc. Plan for next meeting.
15:42:01 [EA]
Next one is Plain Language - WCAG 3 - asked Julie to update
15:43:33 [EA]
Rachael said the work continues and happy to take questions
15:43:53 [Rachael]
If you have trouble after the charter change, please write
15:44:35 [EA]
Julie will be sending out invites for several invitations for meetings in Nov/Dec and may be combined with Internationalisation - Awaiting for international team and their work and want to
15:44:52 [Rachael]
15:44:54 [EA]
continue in English to keep the work moving forwars
15:45:44 [EA]
Lisa is working to ask Janina and Rachael to ask advice about how to move this forward.
15:46:33 [Rachael]
15:46:42 [EA]
The question is whether we ask for a call or open an issue with them? This is about the fact that we have the proposal and are Janina and Roy happy with it all
15:47:25 [EA]
Rachael felt that there needs to be more coordination with APA etc. just don't want to get it wrong
15:47:56 [EA]
Lisa need to get this right in terms of cooperation to make sure it is all going to work well.
15:48:01 [Rachael]
Aid Navigation started on Friday. They will be meeting Fridays from 1-2 Eastern. If you want to join the subgroup, please let me know.
15:48:49 [EA]
Aid Navigation has coga repesentation but Rachael is going to ensure John K is added to the meeting.
15:49:28 [kirkwood]
yes pls add to aid navigation ;)
15:49:36 [EA]
Julie will update the information on the google doc for tasks etc
15:50:20 [Rachael]
15:50:39 [EA]
The link above has the latest updates on sprints etc.
15:52:51 [Jennie]
* I will be attending tomorrow's AG meeting on Finding Help.
15:54:25 [Jennie]
* More COGA representation is always better!
15:55:43 [EA]
Looking at the agenda (not sprints) for October and discussing those needing more coga representation
15:56:45 [EA]
Julie asked if anyone else is interested in the Internationalisation group - there will be new members specifically for the 5 languages chosen as being important to illustrate the issues that arise when looking at interntionalisation.
15:57:06 [EA]
Katie is helping with the team but need another co-leader.
15:57:51 [EA]
Testing Strategy is having a break and Collaborative Tools has tags for start and end dates.
15:58:42 [EA]
Lisa mentioned that next week there will be a time change - call synced to Boston time... clocks go back so call will be later.
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