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Santa Cruz: Okay.
… yeah. So so, key to easing the issues, it seems to us that the verifiability of the data and the message how the message exchanged
… so crews could first be improved by pursuing the variability of data and message is a question
… so part of the the forbidden trust. If you carefully analyze the kind system you use every day you will be shocked that numerous things have not been verified.
… even trust ways of thinking about it. So is it possible to expand the scope of the Fatty B can be very fast.
… Put this bid to the improve of the trust.
… We started discussing this about 3 years ago. So insure work is actually
… combination of the discussion paper. We wrote that the Kaol in 2,020,
… and also intending report on the variation of the competition in the desktop. But advertisement market, which is done by the headquarters of the digital market competition.
… and that these 2 combined these discussions combined that we started the conversation as a trusted veg.
… and the task post discussed on the first white paper published in the March 2,021.
… So the Intel discussion started with our paper on the information infrastructure supporting human society activities in the new normal era and the portion of this identity. So so we
… focusing on the digital house the data, I think, used in this paper. And they discussed about how to address the issues we I mentioned about mentioned, but mentioned about.
… So after the publication of the the White Paper, 1.0, we discussed.
… We've
… selected 3 use cases
… to analyze with what we can
… deal with the problem in the context of the trusted web. So first project is the exchange of documents related to job search, including concept code
… and the other one is the interaction between Smes and the Ministries regarding grant applications. The other one is sharing mobile chemical compulsion information in a supply chain.
… So these are all of these had the Internet specificities and provided that the very good.
… interesting topics problem on the point we need to discuss.
… and I all observed this discussion in the Appendix book of the White Paper. 2.
… So a few lots notable lessons run from the use case discussions. white paper. This 1.0 discusses the traceability of the activity is in need, but there are no suitable mechanisms to to implement that
… and a bias document, even a small piece of data entitled entitled to create a new way to verify its authenticity both in the data and source
… and also needs a framework that endures the data reliability and also limits the scope of the disclosure concerning trade secrets.
… etc.
… Use case involves human disgust in various community already, and there are a good amount of materials available
… in terms of human.
… I didn't see better use case such as IoT system. We need more discussions.
… and according to this, the identity of the corresponding entity is a key, of course.
… So we publish the property 2.2, including the discuss on the list of all the discussion.
… Then we at the almost same time we started running a government sponsored use case, Demo Solidarity project.
… It's a so we the call in the July 2,020, and we pick the starting project selected in this September 2,022, and the project ends at the end of to March 28
… 2023.
… So the result of the disused food case project is not incompatitated into the white paper yet.
… So these are use case demonstration project. I mentioned certain use case project. I will not be discuss about it. Which of them? But look at that lightmost column.
… It is mentioned about the earlier of the discussion, and the one of them is on the document. The other is administration, usually with in terms of the application of the plants.
… And of course, the information related to the individual skills.
… There are more individual related projects, and also on the healthcare supply chain, and the one supply chain is focusing on the houses
… problem of
… is consumed that are emitted.
… So we are currently working on quite a bit all which incorporates the discussion I just mentioned. and the plan to publish this book.
… And also we are currently learning another session of the Government sponsored through hope concept projects.
… and the it. The call was done in the June to 2 2,023, and the the put. All those projects already started on the discussion, and the try to finalize the project on the end of this fish call here.
… and the lessons learned will be incorporated into the the future white papers.
… So let me discuss about the current draft architecture we plan to in discuss in a white paper.
… So let me, if you discuss about the direction and the current design of the trusted web, so the objective is establishing a trust. Make trust trust mechanism that supports various social activities in the original societal society, and promotes a new body pleasure entity, that is, that you know, government was
… a desire with a mechanism to improve trust. We think that separates or unbound those data from specific entities. allowing control on the by, the verification on a day thereby database. So so we separate the control of data from the Dutch entity. That's what we about to do
… verifiable, and also makes other metadata where this identity information make verifiable.
… So then think about the China plants. which consists, of of course, consists of multiple areas.
… So firstly, classifies all alias into the trust without verify and the trust, but verify from the viewpoint of the verifiability.
… Often in the technical mana.
… then compensates the trust ways of verify area by applying schemes such as the rules, governance, law establishments, or whatever.
… So which data seems deemed with verification. Anybody of the data is in easy to consume. Pieces want to verify. So we want the data and also source authentic sophistication.
… In addition to the age of the rotator in any value of messaging participating parties want to verify identity of each of the participating parties.
… and a she case of messages that make up compensation, possibly in a later occasion.
… So the
… when we try to verify the data. Zhang, what is the minimum requirement to achieve evaluation? So if we apply asymmetric cryptography.
… we need, of course, we need a beneficial key which is a public key representing the subject entity in the conversation. Also this key needs to be verified whether the key is the subject's key or not.
… So there are 2 things. First thing is that data needs to be to to be purified using a key. And the key is also need to be verified with the digital, some data identity
… which is to to verify. If I really want to to, to communicate, communicate with
… so chain of trust and verdify, typically, we derive on the chain of trust. Starting from the shared route of trust among participants or from global following a multiple one-way trust relationship to each, the information we need to trust.
… Unfortunately, as a connect Overt Kpk usage shows, it's only able to provide a verifiable verifiable mapping of the domain name to corresponding verification key no more, no more, no more than that.
… So the web key pka itself is only the apk, not enough. But what we are going to do
… so. It's faster to web architecture. 3.2. What we are going to do is the trusted web architecture provide a way to discover verifiable digital which we call big fiber identity
… by establishing a highly interpretable web of trust by defining the narrow waste of verifiable identity.
… since no trust single trust framework is interoperable globally. the Arctic. So it's combining existing existing trust mechanism and the new mechanism we are considering assurance.
… interoperability of the verification of data which includes so also authenticity and its integrity. Protection.
… which we call verifiable data, can be maximized by verified writing.
… So, in addition, the introduction of the verified messaging makes the exchange of the information verifiable, verifiable messaging also make use of verifiable. I need to maximize inter availability.
… So, combining these measures. we expand the verifiable domain and eventually improve the trust of the Internet. That's what we are going to. We are trying to do.
… So these 3 technological components so verifiable data, very, very message and the benefit identities. So of course, these are dependencies here.
… So
… we needed to establish the master. Well, the biggest part of the this effort might be the how to establish behavior identity framework.
… So what is verified by adding identity? Again, it is the minimum memory requirement for verified identity.
… It's there is a way to resolve a verifier verifying key. and that there is a way to discover the verifiable identity to make this, that identity to verify what each of the verifiable needs a way of trust.
… So talking about the establishing web of trust, essentially, each participant needs to establish a wave of trust. So since everyone has a different view of the wave of trust
… weekend, that's the research there. The only reliable way to discover verifiable identity for verification is to exchange a verifiable identity of interest in a secret, secure, direct communication. That's the only way
… to do. But of course.
… relying on the direct communication is impossible. So the direct scheme doesn't scale. So we usually rely on the technique like such as x 5 or 9 pka Pgp.
… So
… instead, we are trying to design a higher high level. Conceptual scheme for establishing global trust and compassion is the current developer of Pk high other Pgp scheme based on because of the community model.
… So
… this community is not necessarily large. Even 2 or 3 people can create a community
… in in these communities sharing common namespace. Each entity member is identified by identifier within the community, and the community share the various information equally, but not limited to the root of trust.
… So by opting into the community you can. You are going to rely on the shared route of trust on the also on the namespace.
… Well, possibly blues Savannah's whatever.
… So, in addition to directly trusting entities individually, each entity can also trust will differ. The other community which it belongs, thereby facilitating the construction of the web or trust.
… Since the x 509, and a similar system can be described in the community model, it is possible to describe the X fiveoon Pka, or other scheme in this community model. So
… community model can make use of X. Fibonacci.
… So this is a picture of which is showing the conceptual relationship of the components.
… Very fabricated committee
… which shares identified namespace and list of trusted entities. So they, of course, needed governance.
… So there will be a community policy and policy on the community. The trusted entity list, for example. Then there will be a trust trust list. Then community members are refer to that differ, and they rely on these trust lists
… and so on.
… Verifiable data. Verifiable data is integrative, protected, and sourced on cities. Authentic, verifiable data. So sources, social sensitivity is provided by verifiable identity
… and integrity. Protection is provided by referring the corresponding de verifiable identities, key materials.
… So next that we are going to add, the 2 features customize the verifiable messaging and also a different transaction. One of the important discussion we had in a initial use case model is that we wanted to exchange message reliably between the known parties.
… and he thinks that the beautiful messaging which is the one to end. Authenticated messaging is variable.
… so in any communication butifiable verification of the adding of the peer is essential. So this can be achieved by using a Pdf.
… And that we found that implementing one to any communication is essential due to use case analysis.
… And also we want to have the verifiable transaction which is a verifiable messaging with history. So by like sharing the level of the message between the participating parties, it is possible to share the transactional history of the message between these parties.
… It's much like a typical chat channel since. If the participants going to join the Chat channel.
… then every member of the chat the Chat Channel received us not only the message from themselves, but also from the everybody from the in the Channel. So all of the messages recorded in a client side of the all of the client as a chat participant.
… So the minimum structure it needs the building of the typical multiparty, multiparty messaging, application, style, history, management. and that this structure can be more secure if we can introduce permission to blockchain.
… So this is is the end of my discussion for now and it is,
… I think we we. Finally, I'm getting comfortable to to discussing about that a lot of details of of the architecture. Now, what we think we didn't, which is comes from the
… initial use case discussion and the past 2 white papers on the also from the the last concept discussion, and also country or ongoing, ongoing zap through the Hope Concept project.
… So I'm looking forward to publish the new version of the White Paper in the near future, which will be, maybe we are going to publish it in a late fall, I think.
… Thank you very much for listening. So questions