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Meeting: Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
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clear agenda
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agenda+ Mental health - discussion on how to move forward . see
12:18:14 [lisa_]
agenda+ Wcag training. What do we need? Assisted support? see
12:19:13 [lisa_]
agenda+ updates with subgroups, schedules , sprints, task requests and actions<>
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agenda+ scribe list :
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regrets+ Eric, Becca
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agenda+ erics email at
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regrets+ rain
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agenda+ subgroup meetings and holidays
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agenda order is 4, 6, 1, 2, 3
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agenda order is 4, 6, 1, 2, 5, 3
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scribe: EA
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next item
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Lisa requested "Please could people help with scribing if they have a moment to sign up".
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close item 4
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15:02:21 [EA]
Rashmi would like a subgroup meeting this week
15:02:37 [EA]
Sructure subgroup meeting same time as this meeting
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next item
15:03:04 [EA]
Next two weeks there will be no meetings for coga - holiday break
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15:03:33 [EA]
Discussion on mental health - open questions
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ack next
15:04:15 [EA]
Julie requested if Clear language could have some more meetings. Rachel will be meeting in an hour about the feedback timeline
15:04:44 [EA]
Julie will be sending around calendar invitations for Clear Language activity
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15:05:24 [EA]
Link to the mental health proposal
15:05:26 [lisa]
Proposal 1 : Add sentence or paragraph for fine motor skills Add a paragraph or pattern explain comorbidity and problems for with High-demand For good fine-motor skills, eye hand coordination and rapid information processing. Alternatively we can make this a pattern Where: Moving controls and Clearly Identify Controls and Their Use (Pattern) and a general statement Text suggestion : People]with mental health and cognitive disability also ma[CUT]
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Rashmi will share her screen
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present+ Jan
15:06:35 [EA]
Main document for the subgroup
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15:07:58 [lisa]
15:08:20 [EA]
The document has 4 proposals and tables - research about existing background to support Content Usable.
15:09:36 [lisa]
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15:11:00 [EA]
There are a few ideas that can be added to Content Usable such as fine motor controls and this fits with co-occurring factors such as small buttons that fit with some mental health issues, cognitive impairment as well as motor problems
15:11:51 [EA]
Lisa added the problems of hand / eye coordination and visual difficulties,cognitive decline...
15:14:12 [EA]
Lisa asked how do we deal with things that come together when there are neurological difficulties but something like fine motor skills could mean this needs to be added to all of WCAG - so suggested that a comment should be added to sections and one example includes tiny moving object controls
15:15:05 [lisa]
15:15:07 [EA]
So should there be a separate pattern or just add these statements to other sections?
15:15:53 [lisa]
option 1: add text to the 2 patterns as suggested
15:16:15 [lisa]
option 2 : new pattern for fine moter and eye hand coodination
15:16:32 [Jan_]
15:16:37 [lisa]
option : 3 : discuss or other
15:16:53 [lisa]
ack next
15:18:28 [EA]
Jan asked how much complexity would Option 1 cause when working through the patterns
15:20:23 [EA]
Lisa showed how short pieces of text could be added as often the topic has been mentioned but just needs emphasing
15:20:27 [Jennie]
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15:23:08 [Eric_hind_]
15:23:09 [abbey]
15:23:09 [tburtin]
15:23:11 [Jan_]
+1 for option 1
15:23:11 [Rashmi]
15:23:26 [Jennie]
15:23:34 [EA]
Jennie said that by adding to the existing pattern it would allow those who have cognitive impairments would see it in the patterns as fitting their other difficulties
15:23:51 [EA]
+1 for option 1
15:25:06 [lisa]
Proposal 2 : Add sentence or paragraph for Limiting the Topics/Subjects covered per page Minimize the number of topics a page covers .Minimize the number of different subjects an application addresses Page contents should be organized using minimal independent topic areas.Try to group all the hyperlinks for a given topic together in one area of a screen.The diversity of topics covered, and the complexity of their designs likely caused significant imp[CUT]
15:25:44 [EA]
Rashmi - next discussion was about limiting topics on apps to make it easier to find topics -
15:25:52 [EA]
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15:31:09 [Jennie]
15:32:00 [lisa]
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15:32:29 [julierawe]
Ha, thanks, Jennie
15:34:23 [EA]
Jennie mentioned how developers consider what they write is under their control but when it comes to items that are injected into a site are seen as separate and so not in their control th
15:35:30 [EA]
Need to consider the issue of how we deal with content that is pulled in and how we can deal with this aspects
15:35:30 [Jennie]
*Thanks for clarifying, Rashmi!
15:35:45 [EA]
Rashmi confirmed that this pattern is about content controlled by the developer
15:36:27 [EA]
Lisa wants to put the content that is pulled in should be added as a separate suggestion
15:36:57 [lisa]
option 1: add text / bult point to the 2 patterns as suggested
15:37:06 [EA]
Option 1 add text and bullet points to the patterns that are already suggested
15:37:06 [lisa]
(may involve name change
15:37:20 [lisa]
option 2 : new pattern for fine moter and eye hand coodination
15:37:32 [lisa]
option 2 : new pattern for this
15:37:42 [lisa]
one topic per page
15:38:05 [EA]
+1 for Option 1
15:38:09 [lisa]
15:38:15 [Jan_]
+1 to option 1
15:38:15 [Eric_hind_]
15:38:15 [Rashmi]
15:38:19 [Jennie]
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next item
15:40:32 [EA]
Lisa showing her screen about the AGWG Training - they are happy to support us.
15:41:59 [julierawe]
15:42:13 [lisa]
ack next
15:43:27 [lisa]
15:43:50 [EA]
There are likely to be tighter timelines for commenting on issues on Github. There should not be comments on the old verionon
15:43:55 [EA]
15:45:21 [Rachael]
15:45:35 [lisa]
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15:46:57 [EA]
Rachael has added that there will be a 'coga' label and items are merged into a staged queue
15:47:17 [lisa]
Q+ to say testing and support calls?
15:47:23 [Jennie]
15:47:38 [EA]
There will be well titled comments - that may have links - issue may go back but do not always have to have comments
15:47:40 [Jan_]
15:47:57 [EA]
Things do not always have to be commented on.
15:48:58 [EA]
Lisa still feels that there may be times that those with cognitive impairments may not be able to work on it all can have supporte t
15:49:09 [Rachael]
q+ to ask about timing of engagement
15:49:28 [lisa]
ack next
15:49:29 [Zakim]
lisa, you wanted to say testing and support calls?
15:49:29 [lisa]
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15:49:34 [EA]
Testing will also be an important time to give support as so much happens at that time
15:50:28 [EA]
Rachel is concerned about the complexity of setting up notifications
15:52:19 [EA]
Rachel showed her screen with an example of an issue that is then linked to a google doc t.
15:52:46 [Jennie]
*Thank you for clarifying, Rachel!
15:53:10 [EA]
The tag for 'coga' would allow people to just engage with those comments that are relevant
15:54:21 [EA]
The chair of the groups would be able to create summaries and so would not have to scrill through all the comments
15:54:54 [julierawe]
15:55:07 [lisa]
ack next
15:55:30 [EA]
Jan asked if the training was recorded
15:55:31 [Rachael]
15:55:36 [lisa]
ack next
15:55:37 [Zakim]
Rachael, you wanted to ask about timing of engagement
15:55:49 [EA]
The link above is for the coga information on Github
15:56:05 [Rachael]
15:56:13 [EA]
The content from the taining is available on the link above
15:56:21 [Jennie]
*Thank you for the video snippets, Rachael - those will be really helpful!
15:56:23 [lisa]
ack next
15:56:36 [Jennie]
*Apologies, have to drop
15:56:49 [EA]
Thank you Rachael for all that work on the training
15:57:14 [lisa]
15:57:52 [lisa]
ack next
15:58:41 [EA]
Julie asked if the spint team does not have a coga person available - how do we keep up with other items on AGWG
15:59:18 [julierawe]
15:59:39 [lisa]
ack j
15:59:40 [EA]
Lisa suggested it might also help to have training for AGWG on aspects of coga difficulties
16:02:25 [EA]
Rachael mentioned that the draft will be discusse at TPAC - the process will be phased with exploratory options - Coga does not have to be in each meeting just engaged with each stage so many points and chances for discussions.
16:02:39 [Rachael]
16:02:41 [EA]
TPAC will mainly with virtual - link to participation survey.
16:03:57 [EA]
Lisa asked what is on this week's agenda
16:03:57 [Rachael]
Thumbs up this github:
16:03:58 [julierawe]
16:04:03 [EA]
Clear Language in the next few hours...
16:04:03 [Rachael]
16:04:39 [lisa]
RRSAgent, publish minutes
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16:04:46 [EA]
What time tomorrow?
16:04:46 [lisa]
16:06:18 [julierawe]
I will send an email to the taskforce about tomorrow's AG meeting,mthanks!
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