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Meeting: Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 29 March 2023
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chair: jasonjgw
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agenda+ Media synchronization use cases and user needs.
12:15:38 [jasonjgw]
agenda+ Miscelaneous updates and topics.
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zakim, next item
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agendum 1 -- Media synchronization use cases and user needs. -- taken up [from jasonjgw]
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13:04:13 [SteveNoble]
jasonjgw: Just a placeholder for the wiki at the moment
13:05:04 [SteveNoble]
jasonjgw: Any general comments on expanding media synchronization to new forms such as transcript synchronization
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13:05:53 [SteveNoble]
janina: Will look at old meeting notes from a meeting where this was discussed several years ago
13:06:44 [SteveNoble]
jasonjgw: Currently, transcripts are provided as separate files
13:07:35 [SteveNoble]
jasonjgw: But not sure how well video APIs can provide navigation to various points in the video
13:09:09 [SteveNoble]
janina: Tools exist to fix post caption files for better synchronization, so that is a model
13:09:47 [SteveNoble]
janina: In musical works, synchronization of text may be possible with MusicXML
13:10:49 [SteveNoble]
jasonjgw: Whether we want textual content to go into media files so that it is embedded and does not have to be a separate file
13:11:51 [SteveNoble]
jasonjgw: Level of synchronization (word or sentence level) would be something to look at
13:12:58 [SteveNoble]
Raja: In transcripts, timestamps are needed. There is more support now in tools that provide synchronization.
13:13:29 [SteveNoble]
Raja: AI is getting better at figuring this out.
13:14:00 [SteveNoble]
Raja: But most synchronization is at the sentence level, not the word level.
13:15:28 [SteveNoble]
Raja: There are differences in what is supported in live streaming vs. pre-recorded.
13:17:03 [SteveNoble]
janina: What differeneces do you see in transcripts? We were hoping that transcripts would include on-screen information and not just spoken dialogue?
13:17:57 [SteveNoble]
Raja: There has been a request for this sort of information, but it seems to mostly come over in text audio descriptions and not in captions.
13:18:49 [SteveNoble]
Raja: There is a best practice for both captions and audio descriptions, and those can be considered.
13:19:45 [SteveNoble]
Janina: We were thinking that for the deaf-blind population, the synchronization with the video was not as important.
13:20:42 [SteveNoble]
Raja: More video players are starting to include the ability to search for words.
13:21:30 [SteveNoble]
jasonjgw: Finding where certain words appear and moving to that point would be useful to some people.
13:22:14 [SteveNoble]
jasonjgw: Seems like we need to do some more investigating on what is currently possible and what so far doesn't exist.
13:23:29 [SteveNoble]
Lionel: In YouTube, timed transcript playing is already available
13:24:51 [SteveNoble]
Lionel: In streaming contexts, the streaming rate can vary depending upon how much video quality is required.
13:26:01 [SteveNoble]
Raja: There are some opensource players that provide some of these capabilities, but am unsure of this is any of the specifications.
13:26:51 [SteveNoble]
janina: The standards do not seem to currently include these capabilities, be we need more exploration
13:27:21 [SteveNoble]
Raja: Happy to help out on tracking these details down
13:28:06 [SteveNoble]
Raja: You are referring to the link you sent on teh mailing list?
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zakim, next item
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agendum 2 -- Miscelaneous updates and topics. -- taken up [from jasonjgw]
13:28:44 [SteveNoble]
jasonjgw: is just a placeholder right now. We can continue this discussion next week
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subtopic: Ax-Con Presentation
13:29:26 [janina]
Jutta Treviranus presentation ->
13:30:17 [SteveNoble]
present+ Raja
13:31:27 [SteveNoble]
janina: Suggest the presentation is something we consider for mining on possible topics
13:31:30 [Lionel_Wolberger]
present+ Lionel_Wolberger
13:32:25 [SteveNoble]
jasonjgw: She also had a good presentation during the Future of Interface conference
13:33:45 [SteveNoble]
jasonjgw: Also some good presentations on other topics worth our focus
13:34:15 [janina]
subtopic: XR
13:34:35 [SteveNoble]
jasonjgw: Still negotiating on a meeting time
13:34:45 [janina]
subtopic: CTAUR
13:35:29 [SteveNoble]
janina: Waiting on a response from COGA
13:36:19 [SteveNoble]
janina: Not sure as to what format these comments will come in
13:36:52 [SteveNoble]
janina: May have an update next week after COGA meets
13:37:35 [SteveNoble]
jasonjgw: Will still have to peel out comments into GitHub issues
13:38:51 [SteveNoble]
scott_h: Thanks for continuing to work through this!
13:39:11 [janina]
subtopic: WoT
13:39:37 [SteveNoble]
janina: APA will be discussing this.
13:40:47 [SteveNoble]
janina: Issues in WoT GitHub repository have been filed...looking at middleware, or "provisioning" as they are calling it
13:42:01 [SteveNoble]
jasonjgw: Important for us to keep following this
13:42:51 [SteveNoble]
jasonjgw: Other comments??
13:43:21 [SteveNoble]
jasonjgw: Our first agendum will come back next week
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zakim, bye
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