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Meeting: Silver Task Force & Community Group
15:17:06 [jeanne]
Process for Writing Guidelines using Maturity Levels ->
15:17:06 [Chuck]
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Captions ->
15:22:07 [Chuck]
to enable people who are deaf or hard of hearing to watch synchronized media presentations.
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This meeting is a working session to exercise the writing process. Scribing is light.
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The context helped me to understand it!
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15:50:44 [JenStrickland]
Is there budget to compensate people with disabilities in user interviews sessions?
15:51:46 [Lauriat_]
Likely not from W3C, but we can/should ask member orgs for funding to do so.
15:52:22 [Lauriat_]
…especially if member orgs do the research studies to contribute, that'll make it easier (Google has done this before, specifically on non-text contrast).
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agenda+ Preview AG WG call
15:59:20 [jeanne2]
agenda+ Writing process: review the updated template & start writing an "easy" one using it
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Topic: Preview AG WG call
16:00:57 [jeanne2]
On Tuesday, we will focus on the test section. Survey closed on Thursday.
16:00:57 [jeanne2]
The next survey focusing on conformance levels/scoring will close next week
16:00:57 [jeanne2]
We have a fairly complete conformance section based on the past 6 months work.
16:01:29 [jeanne2]
Topic: Writing process: review the updated template & start writing an "easy" one using it
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16:02:13 [jeanne2]
Process for Writing Guidelines using Maturity Levels ->
16:02:21 [jeanne2]
Captions ->
16:03:55 [jeanne2]
This meeting is a working session to exercise the writing process. Therefore scribing is light.
16:03:55 [jeanne2]
Next steps: let's implement placeholders for everything once we have the grouping together.
16:04:15 [jeanne2]
Topic: Getting input from Experts
16:05:08 [jeanne2]
Janina: I am working on a proposal from APA on keeping a list of experts that WAI can contact for input. I'm looking for ideas
16:05:40 [jeanne2]
Jeanne: We have the Community Group structure with light-weight IP to bring people in on a temporary basis
16:06:17 [jeanne2]
Rachael: (paraphrased) It would be helpful to have a light-weight process for experts
16:06:43 [jeanne2]
Jen: Invited Expert is an attractive title
16:07:21 [jeanne2]
... we need to reach out to people who no longer participate to say that we are working on changing the culture and that they would be welcome back.
16:08:08 [jeanne2]
[see above conversation on compensating people with disabilities who participate in user interview sessions]
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This day IRC was down or unreliable, so the minutes are jumbled.
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jeanne: We also need a list of experts who participate in other parts of WAI that would be willing to look at drafts or join in a one-time conversation.
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