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Meeting: DPVCG Meeting Call
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Chair: harsh
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Present: harsh, georg, paul, julian, jan
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Regrets: beatriz
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Date: 26 JAN 2023
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Present+: delaram
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Topic: Data Breach vocabulary
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We are looking at collecting official guidelines
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IE DPC has a form -
14:24:04 [harsh]
UK ICO has a form -
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Finish DPA
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harsh: Do we consider time/event existing standards -> yes
14:28:26 [harsh]
What events and information do we focus on? E.g. event logs, notifications
14:28:30 [harsh]
Jan - we only focus on communications to DPA?
14:28:40 [harsh]
harsh: We have to go for the maximum information that may be required by DPAs so that we support all use-cases. We can then reduce the information required for specific use-cases but the vocabulary will support the entire range.
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Swedish DPA -
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Present+: mark
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georg: Organising a conference Alpine Privacy Days 2023 8-10 March featuring several prominent people, DPAs, and EU experts. Contact for attending.
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We will continue to collect documents and analyse them for requirements related to Data Breaches.
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