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Meeting: XForms Users Community Group Teleconference
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Date: 13 January 2023
14:52:41 [Steven]
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Chair: Steven
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Topic: ACTION-2325: Steven and Erik, check the new submit-ready text
15:00:59 [Steven]
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Erik: Continues
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Topic: Autocomplete
15:01:22 [Steven]
15:01:22 [Steven]
[What are the actions from this?]
15:01:37 [Steven]
Steven: How to take this further.
15:02:21 [Steven]
Alain: It's a new feature. So needs research.
15:02:50 [Steven]
... it's not just a schemtype issue.
15:02:57 [Steven]
15:04:07 [Steven]
Steven: We need to specify some sort of semantics for it.
15:06:02 [Steven]
Erik: It is a practical feature. In HTML it is a hint, and browsers do whatever they want with it. People are sometimes unhappy with what browsers do, lots of bugs that irritate people.
15:06:34 [Steven]
... If we had a way to say we can specify this attribute, and here is the intent...
15:06:48 [Steven]
... that might be useful
15:07:08 [Steven]
Alain: Maybe we could rename it to show it is the HTML version
15:07:28 [Steven]
Steven: We could namespace it in HTML, and we already allow that
15:07:39 [Steven]
Erik: Yes, we could do that
15:07:49 [Steven]
... we don't have precedent
15:08:13 [Steven]
... but would have the benefit of keeping the HTML things apart from non-HTML ones
15:09:02 [Steven]
ACTION: Alain to sketch out html:autocomplete
15:09:10 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-2331 - Sketch out html:autocomplete [on Alain Couthures - due 2023-01-20].
15:09:14 [Steven]
Topic: ACTION-2329: (Steven) Check the <form/> element
15:09:15 [Steven]
15:10:26 [Steven]
Alain: I wasn't proposing a root element
15:11:01 [Steven]
Steven: So you would like it to be possible to use as a root, but not required?
15:11:04 [Steven]
Alain: Yes
15:11:21 [Steven]
ACTION: Steven to fix the defintion of the form element
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Created ACTION-2332 - Fix the defintion of the form element [on Steven Pemberton - due 2023-01-20].
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Topic: AOB
15:12:44 [Steven]
Steven: SInce 1 January W3C is its own legal entity
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Present: Alain, Erik, Steven
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