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Is the web due for a major change?

Panel Session

Moderator: David Singer,
Advisory Board and Apple Inc.

Disruptive technologies approaching?

[looking in a side-mirror of a car with cars behind]

Two traps:

  1. Optimizing horse-drawn buggies when cars are about to arrive
  2. Abandoning cars because jet-packs will soon be common

Examples of possible disruption – 3 or 3D?

[a large digit 3]

The world talks about two '3' technologies:

  1. Web3 – claims to disrupt the underpinnings
  2. 3D/VR – could move us from the 'flat graphics' we've had for years

This is not a Blockchain or Metaverse panel!

Introducing your panelists

Wei Ding

Mike Prorock

Ada Rose Cannon

Wei Ding

Whether W3C should be in the loop of debate on Web.next?

What's W3C's position on the Web.next?

Be a facilitator, not a arbitrator.

Mike Prorock

Ada Rose Cannon


  1. How do we watch the rear-view mirror?
  2. How do we make informed comment on trends in our field?