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III and going beyond Candidate Recommendation

September 2022

Philippe Le Hegaret

Working Group rules

  1. W3C Process Document, with links to Patent Policy, CEPC, Guide, etc.
    Also includes (4.2. Content of a Charter):
    [...] The process for the group to approve the release of deliverables (including intermediate results).
  2. Group Charters contain a success criteria section.

Independent Interoperable Implementation?

While no exhaustive list of requirements is provided here, when assessing that there is adequate implementation experience the Director will consider (though not be limited to):

Planning and accomplishing a demonstration of (interoperable) implementations can be very time consuming. Groups are often able to work more effectively if they plan how they will demonstrate interoperable implementations early in the development process; for example, developing tests in concert with implementation efforts.

w3c/w3process issues




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Interoperable Testing

W3C Technology spread


How much does timing of external events matter? What opportunities would be missed?

Timed Text proposed charter

When considering suitability to advance any feature beyond Candidate Recommendation, at least two independent factors of verification MUST be demonstrated, which may come from any of:

For example, a feature MAY be advanced beyond Candidate Recommendation if it has been demonstrated to be implementable on the basis of an open source implementation that successfully processes content from an independent implementation.