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Meeting: Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 06 October 2022
12:44:54 [lisa]
agenda+ scribe sign up
12:45:05 [lisa]
agenda+ updates and actions also look at
12:45:12 [lisa]
clear agenda
12:45:19 [lisa]
agenda+ scribe sign up
12:45:24 [lisa]
agenda+ updates and actions also look at
12:47:52 [lisa]
agenda+ collaboration_Tool_Accessibility. Comments are at . AND...doc to review: collaboration_Tool_Accessibility <
12:48:16 [lisa]
agenda+ EO update
12:48:24 [lisa]
agenda+ Recruiting (if time)
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Regrets: EA , Albert, Aaron, Kris Anne (partial)
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RRSAgent, publish minutes
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scribe: Fazio
14:01:40 [lisa]
14:01:43 [Rachael]
14:01:45 [Fazio]
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14:02:12 [Fazio]
14:02:51 [Roy]
14:03:27 [rashmi]
Welome Abbey
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14:04:54 [Fazio]
Lisa offers orientation session
14:09:16 [lisa]
14:09:37 [lisa]
zakim, next item
14:09:37 [Zakim]
agendum 1 -- scribe sign up -- taken up [from lisa]
14:10:08 [Fazio]
Lisa: sign up for future scribing
14:10:18 [lisa]
zakim, next item
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agendum 1 was just opened, lisa
14:10:24 [lisa]
close item 1
14:12:09 [Fazio]
Rain: Content Usable - structure brain storms shared with community group. meeting next week will evaluate brain storms. Qualitative study is coming close to completion
14:13:18 [Fazio]
Lisa: Survey is ready
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14:13:21 [lisa]
14:13:24 [julerawe]
14:14:38 [Fazio]
Lisa:Research Documents Survey above
14:14:42 [kirkwood]
link above is to COGA TF Survey Outreach Record
14:15:43 [Fazio]
Lisa: Jenny: Images meeting tomorrow. Graphic designer changed jobs, but should be able to attend
14:16:41 [Fazio]
Lisa: APA Verifiable credentials discussed
14:16:44 [Fazio]
14:18:13 [Fazio]
Julie: Shadi says follow up questions helpful for EO scripts.
14:18:39 [Fazio]
Julie: Videos tied to end of year funding
14:19:21 [lisa]
ack next
14:21:57 [Fazio]
Jennie: shares news on cognitive work she receives
14:22:03 [lisa]
zakim, next item
14:22:03 [Zakim]
agendum 2 -- updates and actions also look at
14:22:06 [Zakim]
... -- taken up [from lisa]
14:22:16 [lisa]
close item 2
14:22:20 [lisa]
zakim, next item
14:22:25 [Zakim]
agendum 3 -- collaboration_Tool_Accessibility. Comments are at . AND...doc to review:
14:22:25 [Zakim]
... collaboration_Tool_Accessibility < -- taken up [from lisa]
14:22:34 [lisa]
14:22:45 [Jennie]
14:25:07 [Fazio]
collaboration tool accessibility - Lisa concerned previous documents with coga concerns may not be in new doc
14:27:26 [Fazio]
Jennie: how much does coga want to be vested in giving examples in collaboration tool doc?
14:28:07 [Jennie]
14:28:53 [Fazio]
Jennie: Rain and Lisa can give access to Google doc
14:29:23 [Poornima]
14:29:36 [lisa]
ack next
14:29:46 [Fazio]
Kirkwood: Header with clear purpose of doc is needed
14:30:32 [lisa]
ack next
14:30:43 [Fazio]
Lisa: screen reader users seem to manage github better than coga. Ok that we have more issues in doc
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14:32:01 [Fazio]
Poornima: how does this collaborative tool doc apply to websites?
14:32:32 [Fazio]
Jennie: collaborative tools are used throughout W3C work.
14:32:55 [Jennie]
14:33:39 [Fazio]
Poornima: are all accesibility barriers included in the issues in the doc?
14:33:58 [Fazio]
Jennie: Feedback doc is specific to COGA
14:34:24 [lisa]
ack next
14:34:26 [Fazio]
Lisa: APA does a lot of user need reviews
14:35:31 [kirkwood]
14:35:37 [Fazio]
Jennie: term collaborative tool has broader use case than just github. Should feedback be broader than just Github?
14:35:51 [kirkwood]
suggestion, list the names of all tools as examples
14:35:59 [Fazio]
Lisa: absolutely. Although main focus now is github
14:36:42 [lisa]
ack next
14:36:43 [Fazio]
Jennie/Lisa: identify features without referencing vendor
14:37:04 [Fazio]
Kirkwood: should name all tools
14:38:06 [lisa]
google docs, github, excel online
14:38:08 [Fazio]
Jennie: can we lis examples of tools from entire Task Force?
14:38:12 [Fazio]
14:38:15 [lisa]
wikpedia editing mode
14:38:19 [kirkwood]
google, docs, sheets, microsoft word, excel, ppt, github
14:38:40 [Rain]
+1 to slack, it is definitely a collaboration tool
14:38:43 [Jennie]
Team, Microsoft Office tools like Word and Excel, SharePoint
14:38:43 [Rachael]
slack, google docs, irc, email, surveys
14:38:57 [Poornima]
Google docs, Chat function (on websites like Gmail)?, Slack, Microsoft Teams,
14:39:30 [Jennie]
14:39:38 [kirkwood]
I don’t think we should do chat? would we need to do email as well?
14:40:06 [Fazio]
Lisa: Are chat systems in scope?
14:41:00 [kirkwood]
no to slack
14:41:19 [Poornima]
No to Chat
14:41:41 [AbbeyD]
14:41:43 [Poornima]
14:41:57 [lisa]
ack next
14:42:03 [kirkwood]
agee with collaborating editing tools
14:42:26 [kirkwood]
14:42:48 [Fazio]
Jennie: IRC may fit. collaborating on minutes may apply.
14:42:51 [Fazio]
14:43:30 [kirkwood]
respectfully disagree
14:43:33 [Fazio]
Technically I think Jennie is correct
14:43:44 [Fazio]
No worries John :)
14:43:54 [Poornima]
How about Skype and Google Meet?
14:44:16 [kirkwood]
think it shouldn’t include IRC
14:44:18 [lisa]
ack next
14:44:28 [Poornima]
and zoom too :)
14:45:08 [kirkwood]
good point there are many design tools like figma
14:45:26 [Fazio]
Abby: does this include products like Figma?
14:45:51 [Fazio]
I can bring the scope question up in APA next week
14:46:24 [kirkwood]
Adobe has many as well
14:48:34 [Jennie]
14:48:52 [lisa]
ack next
14:48:59 [Fazio]
Lisa: Action Items - Clarify scope, review previous versions for inclusion, write up issues, begin with known products in scope. Don't worry about redundancy
14:49:05 [kirkwood]
Where and how do you want feedback?
14:49:22 [lisa]
14:49:42 [Fazio]
Jennie: add feedback in as comments?
14:49:57 [Fazio]
Lisa: may not work for long comments
14:50:08 [Fazio]
Kirkwood: prefers comments
14:50:50 [Fazio]
Poornima: prefers comments
14:51:15 [lisa]
document for your comments:
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14:52:06 [Jennie]
Jennie's email:
14:52:07 [Fazio]
Lisa: add comments to list or write to Lisa or Jennie
14:53:18 [lisa]
14:53:58 [lisa]
zakim, next item
14:53:58 [Zakim]
agendum 4 -- EO update -- taken up [from lisa]
14:54:04 [lisa]
zakim, next item
14:54:04 [Zakim]
agendum 4 was just opened, lisa
14:54:13 [lisa]
close item 4
14:54:22 [lisa]
zakim, next item
14:54:22 [Zakim]
agendum 5 -- Recruiting (if time) -- taken up [from lisa]
14:55:41 [Fazio]
Lisa: recruiting research organizations related to coga is important
14:55:45 [lisa]
14:56:18 [lisa]
14:56:57 [Fazio]
Lisa: we want feedback from current researchers
14:58:01 [Fazio]
rrsagent, make minutes
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14:58:24 [lisa]
topic: mental health
14:58:36 [lisa]
agenda+ Litary review questions
14:58:48 [lisa]
agenda+ Analsis update, Discusion (if time)
14:59:02 [lisa]
close item 5
15:05:19 [lisa]
home page: mental health reaserch tracking: Please add your review at [Form for adding new reserch]: spreadsheet with papers reviewed so far:[CUT]
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