IRC log of maturity on 2022-10-05

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please title this meeting ("meeting: ..."), Fazio_
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meeting: Maturity Model Subgroup
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chair: Fazio
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agenda+ open discussion
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zakim, clear agenda
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agenda cleared
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agenda+ p[en discussion
15:03:36 [Fazio_]
Janina: informal use of slack in W3C. Do we want to use it? Conversations do need to be archived
15:04:16 [Fazio_]
we will take a vote on using slack through email
15:04:29 [Fazio_]
Jeff: what's the intent
15:06:08 [Fazio_]
Jeff: slack provides instant answers to questions
15:07:13 [Fazio_]
Janina:github issues should not be answered in slack
15:08:35 [Fazio_]
Janina: formal decisions made through github, not slack
15:10:43 [Fazio_]
Fazio: slack may open up model document to more public visibility
15:13:25 [Fazio_]
apa re-chartering in January
15:14:27 [Fazio_]
re-charter draft should be in late february
15:16:26 [Fazio_]
Should Maturity Model expand to Task Force in new charter because of increased interest in Maturity Model in AGWG
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15:19:07 [Fazio_]
RQTF taking 2 month break due to scheduling issues. APA & TF's often take thanksgiving week off, also end of year for 2 weeks. Do we want to schedule break time?
15:20:12 [Fazio_]
Janina suggests follow APA schedule 3 meetings in november 3 in december
15:21:06 [Fazio_]
We will follow APA's break schedule
15:21:34 [Fazio_]
Charles: Benetech excited about using maturity model spreadsheet.
15:22:30 [Fazio_]
Charles: will discuss implementation internally on friday. will share results
15:24:34 [Fazio_]
Janina: w3c channel will be used for slack
15:26:11 [Fazio_]
next week charles will share results on ongoing maturity model implementation
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zakim, make minutes
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