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logging to
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Meeting: Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
14:03:07 [trackbot]
Date: 03 October 2022
14:03:16 [lisa]
looking at
14:03:31 [lisa]
going though questions luis
14:04:11 [Becca_Monteleone]
14:04:22 [julierawe]
Luis script:
14:04:32 [ShawnT]
14:06:41 [Becca_Monteleone]
14:07:50 [lisa]
beca: there is bad gramer that makes him look infentliser
14:08:25 [lisa]
maybe changing the title will help
14:08:46 [julierawe]
EO's longer (text-only) user story for Luis:
14:09:15 [lisa]
lisa: can becca add the point to the document
14:10:24 [lisa]
julie: it adds to the point
14:10:41 [lisa]
the other persona normaly has profesion
14:11:24 [lisa]
john can we add an age
14:11:34 [lisa]
lisa: he will still be childish
14:11:51 [lisa]
john can we make him a father
14:12:06 [lisa]
julie: we suggested that last time
14:12:56 [lisa]
Beca; adding bad grammer infatlises him. simple sentence stucture , but correct sentence stucture
14:13:49 [Becca_Monteleone]
14:14:02 [lisa]
ack next
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14:24:57 [kirkwood]
Downs:-Hearing and vision weakness
14:24:58 [kirkwood]
-Fine motor skill impairment due to low muscle tone
14:24:59 [kirkwood]
-Weak auditory memory
14:25:00 [kirkwood]
-Short attention span and distractibility
14:25:01 [kirkwood]
-Sequencing difficulties
14:26:05 [julierawe]
EO's Preety script:
14:27:45 [julierawe]
EO's original wording for Luis: "I have trouble with difficult words and with math "
14:29:59 [lisa]
julie: we recomed making preety older
14:30:29 [ShawnT]
Github issue:
14:31:54 [ShawnT]
+1 to lisa's comment
14:32:07 [lisa]
john: so strange to make her a kid
14:32:29 [lisa]
lisa: some people think u gro3w out of dyslexia
14:32:34 [julierawe]
14:33:19 [ShawnT]
All github issues opened by julierawe:
14:33:21 [lisa]
julie: thay had underplayed dyslexia.
14:34:47 [Becca_Monteleone]
+1 to Lisa's added examples
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14:41:34 [lisa]
oh absolutly
14:41:50 [julierawe]
EO's Yun script:
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14:42:56 [ShawnT]
14:44:01 [lisa]
John and lisa: I am very against making her a child, also many people think you grow out of dyslexia.
14:44:17 [lisa]
shawn: likes matter on github!
14:45:08 [julierawe]
14:46:26 [lisa]
looking at YUn
14:47:07 [lisa]
is my comment enough
14:55:57 [lisa]
julie : i think we have a lot of Yans idea
14:56:08 [lisa]
not sure what i should do with it
14:57:15 [lisa]
are we happy with julie sending these responces back to shardi
14:57:17 [lisa]
14:57:21 [Becca_Monteleone]
14:57:25 [julierawe]
14:57:26 [ShawnT]
14:58:07 [lisa]
john: i am ok, but cants see all the comments
14:59:42 [lisa]
yans comments are a bit late as we are now just responding to shardi comments. a bit late toreview diffrent persona
14:59:59 [lisa]
RRSAgent, publish minutes
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I have made the request to generate lisa
15:00:34 [lisa]
julie i will also post to the list about the github so we can comments
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15:00:49 [lisa]
john is now comfotable
15:01:03 [Becca_Monteleone]
Thanks julie!
15:01:45 [lisa]
15:02:10 [ShawnT]
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