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Meeting: Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 28 July 2022
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clear agenda
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regrets+ Jenny
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agenda+ scribe sign up
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agenda+ updates and actions
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agenda+ recruting reserchers and organization
13:20:36 [lisa]
agenda+ Discussion: Draft WHO Report Health Equity PWDs <>
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agenda+ functional needs
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next item
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14:00:46 [kirkwood]
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Scribe+ kirkwood, lisa
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scribe sign up
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next item
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14:01:45 [kirkwood]
LS: please sign up for scribing
14:02:36 [kirkwood]
MC: agenda items can circle back when others join
14:02:47 [kirkwood]
LS: start with actions
14:02:48 [lisa_]
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14:03:26 [kirkwood]
LS: Becca test for clear language?
14:03:44 [kirkwood]
Becca: working on testing inputs and outputs for clear language
14:04:11 [kirkwood]
MC: looking at lawyers calendar
14:04:43 [kirkwood]
LS: recruiting for mental health think we are done with, but maybe recruit for researchers for literary review on topics
14:05:09 [kirkwood]
LS: want to collaborate with researchers in topic to see if any gaps and updates
14:05:20 [kirkwood]
… there should be interest
14:05:29 [Rain]
14:05:37 [kirkwood]
… for people who weren’t at F2F maybe have ideas?
14:05:43 [lisa_]
ack next
14:06:01 [kirkwood]
Rain: i have a couple of people around pariticpatory design co design and authentication
14:06:12 [lisa_]
14:06:13 [kirkwood]
Rain: who to reach out to and what topics?
14:07:19 [kirkwood]
LS: in same document action document can have subhead at the bottom can put individuals and ideas there at the bottom, under individuals. keep it here so same person isn’t approached by too many people
14:07:48 [kirkwood]
LS: want to see whats changed in last 5 years, and can work with people doing it anyway
14:08:07 [kirkwood]
LS: if anyone wants to add on there
14:08:28 [kirkwood]
14:08:29 [kirkwood]
14:08:51 [kirkwood]
LS: Rain build in user and adding feedback collecgted
14:09:18 [kirkwood]
Rain: feedback not yet, should have more feedback next week. Regarding Sally meeting with tomorrow or Monday
14:10:16 [kirkwood]
Rain: remote meeting had taken up to look up remorte meeting document in comparison of issues raised in google doc doing comparison document for response to EO to see what took and didn’t to decide what we want
14:10:41 [kirkwood]
Rain: feedback period was short have already published TR giving feedback for next version
14:11:32 [kirkwood]
LS: have had 3 conversations so far in breakdown in communication APA are making steps on how to respond and give feedback such as a hashtag for COGA
14:12:14 [kirkwood]
LS: know we have had difficulty and there are actions coming based on experience of awareness of our comments
14:12:23 [ShawnT]
Can we get a link to that document on remote meetings?
14:12:59 [kirkwood]
Rain: regarding remote meetings comparison document about half way through and this is a very involved process and hopefully through by end of next week
14:13:20 [kirkwood]
LS: adding comparison of remote meeting our feedback and what we’ve done on our list
14:13:42 [kirkwood]
LS: Shawn french translation?
14:15:03 [kirkwood]
Shawn: everyone is on holiday, trying to get translation team more involved. we created our own that repeats W3C and took time to review, content usable in french is a great tool
14:15:43 [kirkwood]
LS: remote meetings, who is on agenda, functional needs review is on agenda not too much on subgroups today
14:15:47 [lisa_]
next item
14:16:35 [kirkwood]
LS: reminder interested in recruiting doing research for people who have done literary reviews on our main topics, need to find them
14:16:40 [Becca_Monteleone]
I will think about it and update the doc!
14:19:10 [lisa_]
next item
14:19:29 [kirkwood]
LS: few ideas like easy reader project in public space whats new. can also be in house researcher working on a topic. literary came accross, research organization that are in that space. organizations that do research updates
14:20:26 [kirkwood]
LS;Hugh’s report on health equity for people with disabilities, anyone managed to review it
14:21:34 [kirkwood]
LS: found summary was pretty good, haven’t forgotten about us completely. increase WCAG to any subgroups and supplements
14:21:59 [kirkwood]
LS: involving people with disabilities, should outline what type of disabilites
14:23:01 [lisa_]
john: testing with disabilites is to vage.
14:23:13 [lisa_]
potentialy harmful
14:24:02 [lisa_]
john, that point is important
14:24:06 [kirkwood]
LS: do we want to include functional needs?
14:25:02 [kirkwood]
JK: feedback should be that disabilites is too general. to much of an umbrella more specific such as cognitive needs should be specifically included
14:25:53 [kirkwood]
LS: go through the process a bit. august 4th is day before deadline, can put time into submitting feedback together?
14:26:20 [lisa_]
next item
14:26:23 [kirkwood]
LS: to figure out the process? let me know if have trouble submitting feedback and will put in agenda next week
14:26:47 [kirkwood]
LS: back to functional needs document
14:28:12 [kirkwood]
LS: up to new proposed buckets, processing speed. now discussing fluency
14:31:47 [kirkwood]
LS: take out fluency as a topic and put in as a comment?
14:31:48 [lisa_]
processing: Processing, and processing speed, fluency - do we agree
14:31:58 [lisa_]
14:32:05 [kirkwood]
14:32:08 [Becca_Monteleone]
14:32:09 [Rain]
14:32:11 [ShawnT]
14:32:13 [kirkwood]
LS: happy with bucket?
14:32:42 [kirkwood]
LS: interact with others social queues
14:33:07 [kirkwood]
LS: i think part of non language communication
14:33:20 [kirkwood]
14:33:22 [lisa_]
do we agree?
14:33:28 [kirkwood]
14:34:37 [Rain]
+1 to putting it in executive function
14:35:30 [Rain]
Lisa, I think we've lost you
14:38:36 [kirkwood]
14:38:39 [lisa_]
Planning and changes/switching plans
14:38:39 [Rain]
14:38:42 [lisa_]
14:38:46 [ShawnT]
14:39:01 [Becca_Monteleone]
+1 but to John's point also adding switching between on-going tasks, perhaps?
14:39:16 [Rain]
+1 to emotional regulation for stress
14:40:13 [lisa_]
Mental Health and emotional regulation : Emotional regulation (triggers and others) Mood Mental health Stress and pressure
14:40:16 [lisa_]
14:40:26 [Becca_Monteleone]
14:40:26 [ShawnT]
14:40:29 [Rain]
14:40:37 [kirkwood]
14:41:34 [Becca_Monteleone]
14:41:41 [lisa_]
add jujment to executive function
14:42:09 [lisa_]
ack next
14:42:39 [kirkwood]
Recca: knowledge in credibility
14:42:46 [ShawnT]
When I think of stress I think of stress relating to other functional buckets.
14:43:50 [Becca_Monteleone]
Add to knowledge bucket: having requisite knowledge to judge trustworthiness and credibility of information/source
14:44:09 [kirkwood]
Shawn: think of stress effect other functional needs, problems with processing, and speed
14:44:25 [kirkwood]
LS: mental health, executive function?
14:44:40 [kirkwood]
Shawn: should be listed but included with others
14:45:08 [kirkwood]
LS: mental health effects cognitive functioning
14:45:45 [kirkwood]
Shawn: barriers include problems focusing and talk about invisible disabilities
14:45:53 [kirkwood]
LS: I added a comment
14:46:46 [kirkwood]
LS: knowledge, such as types of knowledge the culture, body language and a matter of acquiring that knowledge, such as non native.
14:47:10 [kirkwood]
… we added design metaphor and design function
14:47:17 [kirkwood]
LS: are we happy with list?
14:47:38 [lisa_]
14:49:27 [ShawnT]
14:50:08 [lisa_]
John: subject matter
14:51:03 [Becca_Monteleone]
14:51:05 [ShawnT]
14:51:06 [Rain]
14:53:47 [Rain]
At the same time, sensory processing can often lead to cognitive overload
14:53:51 [Rain]
So they are related
14:54:55 [kirkwood]
LS: moving cognitive overload to processing
14:55:02 [Rain]
14:55:14 [lisa_]
moving cognative over laods to processing
14:55:23 [kirkwood]
14:55:55 [Rain]
Rashmi mentioned in email that she will be present for the mental health subgroup but not the regular task force meeting
14:56:10 [lisa_]
Orientation to executive function?
14:58:03 [Becca_Monteleone]
I have to jump into another meeting - thanks all!
14:59:15 [lisa_]
orentation ?
14:59:16 [lisa_]
14:59:22 [Rain]
14:59:22 [kirkwood]
14:59:58 [ShawnT]
15:01:15 [lisa_]
Mathematical understanding of math abstractions and numeric concepts computational skill
15:01:18 [lisa_]
15:01:23 [ShawnT]
15:01:25 [Rain]
15:01:43 [kirkwood]
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15:04:30 [Rain]
Unfortunately I'm being kicked out of my meeting room
15:04:36 [Rain]
And have to drop. Thank you, all!
15:05:48 [lisa_]
topic: mental health
15:05:55 [lisa_]
home page: mental health reaserch tracking: Please add your review at [Form for adding new reserch]: spreadsheet with papers reviewed so far:[CUT]
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15:08:15 [lisa_]
agenda+ Litary review questions rap up by end sept
15:08:26 [lisa_]
agenda+ Analsis update, Discusion
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15:08:42 [lisa_]
next item
15:10:07 [lisa_]
aaron: is working on two papers
15:10:30 [lisa_]
should be ready to submit papers end of next week
15:10:54 [lisa_]
see to pick one
15:11:29 [lisa_]
preferibly with ++
15:12:15 [lisa_]
rashmi: christion did not get back to me
15:13:16 [lisa_]
lisa: ask them to let you know if the the paper needs to be reasign
15:13:51 [lisa_]
jen: has been on vacation
15:15:03 [lisa_]
Jen: you can assign me more articles. I already added the stuff from our lit review
15:15:47 [lisa_]
rashmi: can you look into mental health and bad / deceptive patterns
15:17:11 [lisa_]
15:18:13 [lisa_]
rasmi : aaron can you do Designing for stressed-out users
15:19:22 [lisa_]
lidsa: with blog posts you need to ckick through to see if there is quality reserch it
15:23:10 [lisa_]
we each take some
15:23:25 [lisa_]
rashmi: we are brhind in some search words: Online education and mental health Banking and ecomerces
15:23:48 [lisa_]
and deceptive pattern
15:24:23 [lisa_]
follow up with jan on onlni education and mental health
15:24:40 [lisa_]
we left with mental health Banking / ecomerces
15:25:04 [lisa_]
online accessible
15:25:18 [lisa_]
John: i will
15:25:32 [lisa_]
lisa: do a search
15:25:59 [lisa_]
lisa: will send instuctions
15:26:57 [lisa_]
next item
15:27:25 [lisa_]
15:30:17 [lisa_]
15:31:57 [lisa_]
15:32:53 [lisa_]
(from rahmi
15:33:08 [lisa_]
lisa: 4.6.2: short criticle paths
15:33:19 [aaronchu]
15:34:56 [lisa_]
ack: next
15:35:21 [lisa_]
arron: is the mental health analisis ment to be more specific?
15:35:48 [lisa_]
if we genralise it it bocomes very similar
15:35:54 [lisa_]
to content useable
15:42:56 [lisa_]
i think the first row is part of
15:50:05 [lisa_]
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