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zakim, start meeting
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meeting: wcag 3 issue severity week 2
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link to issue severity worksheet:
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WCAG 3 subgroup handbook:
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wiki page:
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ack me
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Talking through whether to look at Methods or Tests.
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Working doc:
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Updated link to working doc:
15:24:37 [Francis_Storr]
SH: I think we should focus on critical problems so we don't get too hung up on other issues.
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group members added their ratings to the spreadsheet
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SH: another facet of if this is to look at who this is critical for. that might be something we want to bring in for this
15:43:21 [Francis_Storr]
SH: so one dimension is the "who" part. The other one is "for what"—what's the context?
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severity can be defined as can a user complete a task without having to get help to complete it.
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