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Meeting: Silver Conformance Options Subgroup
15:42:59 [janina]
Date 23 Jun 2022
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Chair: Janina
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Agenda+ Agenda Review & Administrative Items
15:43:20 [janina]
agenda+ Presentation Followup Discussion
15:43:20 [janina]
agenda+ Case in Point: SC 2.2.6 Timeouts
15:43:23 [janina]
agenda+ Other Business
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agenda+ Be Done
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regrets: Jeanne_Spellman, Shadi Abou-Zahra, Todd_Libby
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regrets: Jeanne_Spellman, Shadi_Abou-Zahra, Todd_Libby
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agendum 1 -- Agenda Review & Administrative Items -- taken up [from janina]
16:05:20 [GreggVan]
16:05:27 [GreggVan]
16:05:48 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: thoughts on our presentation last week, taking a look at the timeout success criteria.
16:07:27 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: interesting ways to apply our groups thinking when looking at wider Silver group considerations; policy, conformance, guidance
16:08:15 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: question to the group. proposing skipping next thursday (the 30th of june)
16:08:48 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: moving forward in july we can get back to GreggVan edits
16:09:16 [DarrylLehmann]
Wilco: editors are looking to update the process, speaking about this on upcoming tuesday call.
16:09:58 [DarrylLehmann]
Wilco: potentially having more Task Force group looking at tasks in 8 week timelines and reports back the findings
16:10:21 [DarrylLehmann]
Wilco: this group should begin refocusing on third party
16:11:10 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: would like to discuss with the higher tier group holding on the refocus on third party to complete the current working document
16:12:01 [DarrylLehmann]
GreggVan: third party is in the groups purview, but we need to move more quickly into the new Task Force model
16:12:33 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: if we can wrap up in July we'll be in a good space.
16:12:56 [DarrylLehmann]
Wilco: look to have a proposal before TPAC
16:13:44 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: Third party will be perhaps more complicated than we expect.
16:14:45 [DarrylLehmann]
GreggVan: Chairs talked about moving into Task Forces to enable more forward progress
16:15:25 [DarrylLehmann]
GreggVan: the need to space out the Task Forces to provide breathing room for the members
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16:17:33 [DarrylLehmann]
MichaelC: Sub groups are different to Task Forces, the key being longer duration for the task forces and a more temporary basis for sub-groups.
16:18:05 [DarrylLehmann]
RESOLUTION: this group will not meet on June 30th, 2022
16:19:43 [DarrylLehmann]
GreggVan: during the meeting presentation there was some editting happening real-time
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agendum 2 -- Presentation Followup Discussion -- taken up [from janina]
16:22:08 [DarrylLehmann]
GreggVan: A number of anonymous editor's were noticed during the screen share. Judy noted that here suggestions were already picked up, but the edits were happening during the presentation time
16:23:44 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: finding in discussions that groups using tools are not perfect, but is part of the process.
16:25:16 [DarrylLehmann]
GreggVan: all of the edits were tracked in the document and we can go forward accepting the changes.
16:26:04 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: we should be trying to go modal with our suggestions moving forward.
16:27:42 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: do we consider adding a scenario about an aquisition causing a backward path, loosing accessibilty conformance.
16:28:21 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: what are the group thoughts on tuesday's presentation?
16:28:38 [janina]
16:28:48 [DarrylLehmann]
GreggVan: felt like it was well recieved.
16:32:38 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: from the presentation notes, what might end up in a tech standard versus a policy suggestion. Splitting up use cases into its own github as this set is very useful for the various subgroup/task forces
16:33:08 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: we've been asked to talk about impact. Bringing proposals to TPAC as best we can in July.
16:34:01 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: notion that conforming to every requirement to be accessible may not be possible. Some of our situations illustrate where this may be a challenge
16:35:59 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: request from the AGWG chair to come back with a response about what the impact will be.
16:38:38 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: heres an impact to consider? If the requirement remains, and lawyers start picking off organizations with limited capacity, how do we prevent policy from over-riding those requirements.
16:40:33 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: the word "exception" didn't come up.
16:42:19 [janina]
16:42:34 [DarrylLehmann]
GreggVan: if we make no change to the technical document, it's a policy concern. The distinction has helped avoid the exception trap, if the matter is important to handle we can offer a technical change.
16:42:57 [DarrylLehmann]
GreggVan: somehow we need to find a way to solve for each scenario
16:44:37 [DarrylLehmann]
maryjom_: we will need to tread very lightly on our recommendations.
16:44:54 [GreggVan]
16:45:53 [DarrylLehmann]
GreggVan: we should be very Jeffersonian to find the right words so the material is self evident.
16:46:44 [DarrylLehmann]
GreggVan: we layout like a report, what needs to happen, what can be affect.
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agendum 3 -- Case in Point: SC 2.2.6 Timeouts -- taken up [from janina]
16:48:56 [DarrylLehmann]
GreggVan: What if a user is working on a form and has to leave for support and can never complete there transaction, this focused on cognitive.
16:50:12 [DarrylLehmann]
GreggVan: how much time is required to complete this form? less than 24 hours
16:51:14 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: Important to consider the timeout issue, but this is more than a accessibility consideration but a more broad question on the web
16:52:29 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: this is a mainstream issue for a lot of people
16:54:17 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: Apple, Microsoft, Google all looking at password-less authentication. Perhaps a way to piggy back on this building profiles for how your using the web to support users.
16:54:58 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: APA with privacy liason offering interoperability to this user profile.
16:55:48 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: a means to provide better service while keeping privacy anonymous.
16:56:45 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: What mechanism to facilitate the timeout, what mechanic to save and return, what the update timing should be to manage cognitive load.
16:57:21 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: the outcomes will be generic, but the implementation could be specific
16:58:26 [DarrylLehmann]
janina: potential methods and technological solutions to this are present.
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