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Meeting: Silver Task Force & Community Group
13:34:10 [Lauriat]
agenda+ Meeting on 1 July (US holiday weekend)?
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agenda+ Report from the conformance options sub-group
13:34:41 [Lauriat]
agenda+ Migration Exercise
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Zakim, take up item 1
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agendum 1 -- Meeting on 1 July (US holiday weekend)? -- taken up [from Lauriat]
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+1 Jeanne to attending July 1
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Chuck: 0 Uncertain
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+.5 (maybe)
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scribe: Azlan
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RESOLUTION: Silver will not meet for the July 1st instance of the Silver call.
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Zakim, take up next item
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I see a speaker queue remaining and respectfully decline to close this agendum, Lauriat
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ack Poor
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Zakim, take up next item
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agendum 2 -- Report from the conformance options sub-group -- taken up [from Lauriat]
14:11:20 [janina]
14:11:41 [Azlan]
janina: we are presenting a summary of use cases. This is another view we will present to AGWG on Tuesday. There is a two page summary as the full document is large.
14:12:51 [Chuck]
14:12:52 [Azlan]
We have been talking about options to incorporate the concerns but we have realised these use cases impact a wider range of groups than just conformance.
14:14:13 [Azlan]
We have recently been asked to consider an impact statement which we believe to be a good approach but cannot do this in time for Tuesday.
14:15:58 [Lauriat]
ack Chuck
14:16:39 [Azlan]
Chuck: You've identified there will be impact to other groups will that be explained on Tuesday or addressed?
14:17:32 [Azlan]
janina: We are exploring ways this needs to be addressed but the use cases on their own are a central repository that should be separated out.
14:18:36 [Azlan]
we looked at partial conformance and questioned whether this is technical or policy.
14:19:43 [Azlan]
jeanne: Have not been able to split out that document yet
14:20:39 [Azlan]
14:23:03 [Azlan]
janina: we think we have arranged the situations from least to most controversial. We would appreciate feedback on that.
14:23:50 [Chuck]
+1 using strategy of starting from least controversial and scaling up to "most"
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zakim, next item
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agendum 3 -- Migration Exercise -- taken up [from Lauriat]
14:25:42 [Chuck]
I did not
14:26:26 [Chuck]
I would be interested in discussing now?
14:28:13 [Azlan]
Poornima: we were working on labels and instructions. It would be good to consolidate all the related information for these under these guidelines.
14:29:00 [Azlan]
14:29:00 [Lauriat]
14:30:16 [Poornima]
14:30:18 [Azlan]
sarahhorton: It's been a helpful exercise to tease apart the intent behind labels and instructions. Is the exercise also about ideating what this should be including as we move forward?
14:31:11 [Azlan]
jeanne: We don't want to expand too much but we want to be based on user needs. Part of what we want to do is to reorganise things.
14:31:53 [Azlan]
But we don't want to be breaking ground on new items not based on research
14:33:42 [Poornima]
14:33:51 [Chuck]
14:34:03 [Poornima]
+1 to sarah's points
14:34:23 [Azlan]
sarahhorton: we could create a set of requirements that pull from different requirements to create something focussed on labels and instructions. I want to ensure we are doing the right work for the migration process.
14:34:36 [Makoto]
+1 to Sarah's points as well
14:35:23 [Makoto]
14:35:24 [Azlan]
jeanne: Suggest staying high level - the big things we want to categorise are the types of tests and the scope.
14:35:58 [Poornima]
14:36:07 [Lauriat]
ack Chuck
14:36:20 [Azlan]
sarahhorton: break down the use case and user needs into granular testable units
14:37:01 [Lauriat]
ack Makoto
14:37:04 [Azlan]
Chuck: Janina experienced a similar thing with regards to captioning
14:38:49 [Azlan]
Makoto: there are sufficient techniques to assiciate labels with form controls under 1.1.1, 1.1.3 and others which makes this complicated
14:39:09 [Lauriat]
ack Poornima
14:39:16 [Makoto]
14:39:54 [Chuck]
14:40:12 [Azlan]
Poornima: Can we include notes for the cross-referencing?
14:40:25 [Lauriat]
ack Chuck
14:40:33 [Azlan]
jeanne: Including in the notes is probably the way forwards
14:41:00 [Azlan]
Chuck: Looking forward to seeing those notes with the references
14:41:07 [Lauriat]
14:41:38 [Azlan]
jeanne: people have long been talking bout the need to break up 1.3.1
14:43:12 [Azlan]
On Tuesday we will ask everyone to take success criteria and work on them. We would like to do a dry run of this.
14:43:25 [jeanne]
Assignment spreadsheet ->
14:48:00 [Poornima]
q+ I can start exploring Name, Role & Value
14:48:26 [Poornima]
14:52:53 [Poornima]
just fyi - I added Google doc link for 'Labels and Instructions' in the spreadsheet
14:53:10 [Lauriat]
Thank you!
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zakim, bye
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leaving. As of this point the attendees have been jeanne, Makoto, Poornima, janina, sarahhorton, Lauriat, maryjom, Azlan
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