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16:03:08 [Rachael]
objective vs subjective document:
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scribe: Rachael
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reviewed wiki page
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Jenne is referring to
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q+ to ask about creating an example outcome
16:19:43 [Rachael]
mbgower: walks through work to date.
16:20:24 [Rachael]
Jeanne: Test reliability is trying to make outcomes more precise than WCAG 2 SC. Currently testing out process.
16:21:57 [mbgower]
16:22:37 [Rachael]
mbgower: Is what we are doing redundant with test reliability group?
16:22:53 [Rachael]
Jeanne: Trying to avoid contradictory work.
16:23:03 [Rachael]
..already know they could be more objective.
16:23:25 [Rachael]
mbgower: There is not a lot of agreement that current SC are not objective.
16:23:27 [Rachael]
16:25:11 [Rachael]
Rachael: I think there is value in showing that the current guidelines have a certain level of subjectivity
16:25:13 [Rachael]
16:25:27 [Wilco_]
inter-rater reliability
16:25:34 [Rachael]
Some people think objective = high inter-rater reliability
16:25:48 [Rachael]
...may be a definition problem.
16:26:18 [Rachael]
also inner-reater reliability. Same person gets same result. Inter-rater reliability = many people test and all get the same result
16:26:22 [mbgower]
inner-rater reliability = can the same person get the same result (do the same thing)
16:26:27 [Rachael]
...we mean objective as is there any judgement call.
16:26:41 [thbrunet]
I think it's intra-rater rather than inner-rater.
16:26:52 [Rachael]
16:27:09 [Francis_Storr]
this reminds me of the Challenges with Accessibility Guidelines Conformance and Testing, and Approaches for Mitigating Them document:
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16:29:08 [Rachael]
16:29:42 [Rachael]
16:29:52 [Rachael]
Rachael: can we get a list of agreed upon terms for these conversations
16:30:21 [Rachael]
Michael adds problem statement
16:30:24 [mbgower]
We lack defined terms for discussing testing concepts, which makes it difficult for us to all be talking about the same thing – or agreeing we are.
16:30:53 [Rachael]
Jeanne suggests we go back to look at research from research development working group, symposium summary paper
16:31:25 [Rachael]
Jeanne to provide link
16:32:33 [Francis_Storr]
Reminds me of this information architecture article on defining things: I'll dig through that and see what might be useful.
16:34:58 [Rachael]
thbrunet: There are 3 things: 1. Completely objective, automatable. 2. Well defined through human intervention 3. Human interpretation
16:38:07 [Rachael]
Rachael: Also maybe 4) implied (audio description has good timing, accessible name is a good name
16:38:49 [jspellman]
16:40:17 [jspellman]
Web Accessibility Metrics Symposium->
16:41:27 [Rachael]
mbgower: Trying for a quick exercise to help move along work
16:41:33 [Rachael]
wilco: May be test reliability more than this
16:41:57 [Rachael]
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16:45:24 [Rachael]
Rachael: Maybe review and revise the categorization content, Maybe write visible controls, need to work on terminology (both definitions and also for test types and scoping)
16:45:35 [Rachael]
Wilco - test reliability may be able to take test terminology work.
16:47:57 [Rachael]
16:50:34 [Rachael]
mbgower: Focus on a better set of terms.
16:54:06 [Rachael]
testing concepts (objective, inter-rater reliability, etc) and test matrix terminology
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16:59:50 [Rachael]
mbgower will continue to work on exercise as a double check to migration.
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