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Meeting: Silver Conformance Options Subgroup
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Date 12 May 2022
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Chair: Janina
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Agenda+ Agenda Review & Administrative Items
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agenda+ Continued Discussion
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agenda+ Other Business
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agenda+ Be Done
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zakim, take up item 1
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agendum 1 -- Agenda Review & Administrative Items -- taken up [from janina]
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ack GreggVan
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ack gr
16:11:51 [Azlan]
GreggVan: have pulled the document into a Word doc and will share his updates
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zakim, next item
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agendum 2 -- Continued Discussion -- taken up [from janina]
16:13:44 [Azlan]
jeanne: Have made the changes requested 28th April
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ack GreggVan
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GreggVan: Clarifying with "normative" is a good improvement to technical standards on example 3.1
16:22:05 [Azlan]
jeanne: [continues to read through the amendments as requested 28th April]
16:23:32 [Azlan]
GreggVan: all steps in the process should be accessible not just the submit part
16:24:08 [Azlan]
suggest referencing WCAG 2.1 & 2.2 for word-smithing
16:25:45 [Azlan]
jeanne: WIll make it clearer that all steps in the process must be accessible
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ack GreggVan
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16:40:59 [maryjom]
16:41:07 [Azlan]
shadi: Commenting on Jeanne's amendments. With regards to critical errors are we getting too detailed? What is the right balance for level of detail?
16:41:18 [janina]
ack ma
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ack maryjom
16:42:12 [Azlan]
Agrees that a generic statement and letting the group work out the specifics can be better.
16:43:11 [Azlan]
janina: we will have to carefully consider that over time and across different disability perspectives
16:43:31 [Azlan]
maryjom: Exactly - being more generic might be more helpful at this point
16:43:48 [janina]
16:43:49 [Azlan]
janina: Examples rather than an exhaustive list
16:44:13 [Azlan]
GreggVan: Suggests "a few of the many examples..."
16:44:54 [Azlan]
topic: greggvan comments on use cases document
16:45:19 [janina]
16:47:58 [Azlan]
addition of "equivalent facilitation and limitations on application" to the problem statement
16:50:28 [janina]
16:51:02 [Azlan]
also "... more technical in nature and can and should be addressed in WGAC and need to be addressed by policy/regulation setters or others..."
16:53:02 [Azlan]
Under approach and structure addition of " ...but not limited to..."
16:53:10 [janina]
16:53:44 [jeanne]
q+ to talk about database
16:54:03 [Azlan]
"How accompanying guidance" amended to How guidance documents that accompany technical standards...(including advice to policy setting bodies)"
16:54:09 [janina]
ack jea
16:54:09 [Zakim]
jeanne, you wanted to talk about database
16:54:09 [Azlan]
ack jeanne
16:54:58 [Azlan]
jeanne: minor point to keep in mind the direction we want to put informative and normative into the database to be able to bring it all up together
16:55:43 [Azlan]
GreggVan: thats great but a tool which cannot be the standard. will update to include "tools" as well as documents
16:59:13 [Azlan]
Key Terminology: first bullet point added "directly" to read "providing content dorectly to others"
17:00:26 [Azlan]
Under example 1.2 deleted all except the last bullet of How technical standards might contribute to addressing this situation
17:01:02 [Azlan]
To resume this topic next week
17:01:23 [Azlan]
zakim, bye
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leaving. As of this point the attendees have been janina, shadi, Azlan, GreggVan, maryjom, jeanne
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