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Meeting: Silver Task Force & Community Group
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Meeting: Silver Task Force & Community Group
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chair: Shawn, jeanne
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zakim, clear agenda
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agenda cleared
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Scribe List ->
13:46:43 [jeanne]
agenda+ Complete the Exploring Alternate Structure and Charter Approach Survey
13:46:51 [jeanne]
agenda+ Continuation of guidelines breakdown
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scribe: Rachael
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zakim, take up first item
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I don't understand 'take up first item', jeanne
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zakim, take up next
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agendum 1 -- Complete the Exploring Alternate Structure and Charter Approach Survey -- taken up [from jeanne]
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s/ zakim, take up first item//
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14:05:30 [Rachael]
Lauriat: Please fill out the Exploring Alternate Structure and Approach survey.
14:05:32 [JF]
14:05:39 [JF]
14:05:43 [Rachael]
...It is closing out at the end of Monday.
14:05:58 [JF]
Traditionally that means midnight Boston time
14:06:27 [Lauriat]
Zakim, take up next item
14:06:27 [Zakim]
agendum 2 -- Continuation of guidelines breakdown -- taken up [from jeanne]
14:06:45 [janina]
APA attempts to disambiguate by saying "23:59 Boston Time"
14:07:26 [Rachael]
Jeanne: For the groups who worked last week, are any of you at a point where you can move on?
14:07:28 [Lauriat]
Not Consistent Identification, we haven't started tests, yet.
14:07:45 [Lauriat]
14:07:57 [Rachael]
Jeanne: Are you identifying tests or writing tests?
14:08:20 [Rachael]
Lauriat: We've identified tests and units, which was an interesting exercise. We haven't finished filling out the subguidelines.
14:08:45 [Rachael]
jeanne: My understanding is that is for the guidelines where the guidelines itself needs to break it down.
14:08:45 [Rachael]
14:09:23 [Lauriat]
ack Rachael
14:09:24 [Rachael]
...My understanding is to take everything and load it into a database. I think writing the tests is not necessary
14:11:12 [jeanne]
RBM: The goal is to put it into a database, but the subguideline break down different categories of tests.
14:11:32 [Rachael]
Lauriat: I was thinking of writing tests. We likely are close to done then.
14:12:07 [jeanne]
Consistent Identification ->
14:12:20 [Rachael]
...example, higher level test case of consistently meet design style guide. View or user process level aggregate of similar, are they consistent. Unit levels of how are they identified.
14:12:36 [Rachael]
...I don't think we need to go lower than that.
14:12:46 [Rachael]
Jeanne: How about abbreviations?
14:12:53 [Lauriat]
Abbreviations ->
14:13:37 [Rachael]
Shadi: I think Mike Gower, Shadi, Chuck, and John last week
14:14:04 [Rachael]
Jeanne: If you can add who was attending the group in the notes section at the bottom.
14:14:12 [shadi]
s/Mike Gower/Makoto
14:14:14 [Rachael]
...Are you (abbreviations) done or do you need more time?
14:14:36 [Rachael]
Makoto: I'm not sure if we are done.
14:14:41 [JF]
14:15:04 [Rachael]
Jeanne: The last one is interruptions.
14:15:04 [Lauriat]
ack JF
14:15:54 [Rachael]
JF: Done? I don't know. There was a concern raised where the section user needs. There was discussion about the "first time its used" That needs to be defined better. Does that need to be flushed out more?
14:16:01 [Rachael]
Jeanne: More granular than we need right now.
14:16:09 [Rachael]
Please capture those insights in notes though
14:16:35 [Rachael]
...Solving the problems we find can be done when we are writing the SC. Please capture in notes.
14:16:37 [Lauriat]
Interruptions ->
14:17:12 [Rachael]
jeanne: Who was working on interruptions?
14:17:30 [Rachael]
Rachael: We coudl benefit from a little more time.
14:17:47 [Rachael]
Jeanne: Any one who wants to work on interruptions will go to that room.
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14:18:22 [Rachael]
...We have two other rooms for those previously working on Abbreviations and consistent identification.
14:18:38 [maryjom]
14:18:52 [Rachael]
...1.2.4 Captions (live) AA, 1.2.5 AA, and 1.3.5 Input purpose AA need to be done.
14:19:04 [Rachael]
...Also 1.4.2 Audio Control A
14:19:15 [Rachael]
...Is there anyone who has a preference?
14:19:17 [Rachael]
14:19:25 [JF]
14:20:00 [ToddL]
I won't be able to do much, if anything, I have a work meeting in 10 minutes
14:20:22 [Rachael]
...Group 2 will be audio controls. I've set up a document
14:20:45 [jeanne]
Silver Group 2 Audio Controls ->
14:20:45 [Rachael]
...rename the document Audio controls or I can fix it later.
14:21:27 [Rachael]
Group 3 Input purpose
14:21:39 [Rachael]
...input purpose doc link:
14:21:43 [jeanne]
14:22:10 [Rachael]
scribing pausing here as we are going into break out rooms.
14:51:52 [Rachael]
scribing is picking up post breakout rooms.
14:54:25 [Rachael]
Jeanne: Welcome back. Interruptions first.
14:54:45 [Rachael]
Rachael: Led to a good break down and identifying gaps
14:54:52 [Rachael]
Shadi volunteered Maryjo
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14:55:21 [Rachael]
MaryJo: We got through it all. Break it down into 3 sub guidelines. I think its good.
14:55:56 [Rachael]
...pretty clear how to break audio controls one down. There is some assumptions such as assistive technology is in use.
14:56:13 [Rachael]
...its not always easy to tell how the functional needs plays. Make assumptions about who uses assistive technology.
14:57:01 [Rachael]
...there is some language differences. With WCAG 3 trying to have more positive language. Need changes to the language. Instead of "Don't interfere with..." To something more positive "Allow a user to focus without interference..." Not yet sure how to do that.
14:57:06 [Rachael]
Jeanne: Input purpose
14:58:04 [Rachael]
Lauriat: Interesting discussion because as a part of talking through functional and user needs, it should be for both 1.3.5 and 1.3.6. It's the same guidance but a slightly different scope and overall documentation of how to do each of the things. We added references to help work through things from here.
14:58:48 [Rachael]
JF: As we started looking at the AA requirement. We realized the correlation between the AA and AA exisitng. I believe other SC have a similar relationship. Color contrast for example. High level approach has value as well.
14:58:53 [Rachael]
Jeanne: Thank you everyone.
14:59:25 [JF]
s/correlation between the AA and AA exisitng/correlation between the AA and AAA existed
14:59:47 [Rachael]
...its good to get some good work and making progress. I would like to ask for help. One of the things I found while preparing, is that we have 3 different locations that those that are done are listed. We'd like to map a consistent list and get all the information into Notiion. Can someone volunteer to help us do that?
14:59:58 [Rachael]
...need help getting it straightened out.
15:00:21 [Rachael]
Lauriat: I have been updating the spreadsheet linked to the email.
15:00:42 [Rachael]
jeanne: I will look at that too. If someone can help, please let me know outside the meeting. Have a good weekend.
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