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Meeting: Personalization Task Force
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Date: 25 April 2022
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Chair: Lionel
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Meeting: Personalization Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 25 April 2022
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agendum 1 -- Naming - Next steps and WAI-Adapt Overview (draft) -- taken up [from
14:05:11 [sharon]
14:05:13 [Zakim]
... Lionel_Wolberger]
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14:06:28 [Roy]
14:06:32 [Matthew_Atkinson]
sharon: Shawn has created the above preview of updated WAI site. We need to review it.
14:07:56 [Matthew_Atkinson]
sharon: Shawn has also included suggestions for the "tag line" / summary of the work.
14:09:01 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Lionel_Wolberger: We need to decide on a subtitle (of the several on the preview page)—maybe do that on list.
14:09:12 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Lionel_Wolberger: Then we have to rename the specs.
14:09:42 [Matthew_Atkinson]
sharon: We'll need to check the content of the documents too, for additional places where the names are given.
14:10:17 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Lionel_Wolberger: Need to address these so we can talk with COGA
14:10:23 [Matthew_Atkinson]
14:10:32 [Matthew_Atkinson]
sharon: There are also other documents such as the explainer.
14:10:43 [Matthew_Atkinson]
14:10:43 [Roy]
14:11:09 [Lionel_Wolberger]
14:11:20 [Matthew_Atkinson]
ack CharlesL
14:11:55 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Roy: to change the name, we will need to publish an updated working draft (WD), which means we'll need to first create an updated Editor's Draft and then run a CfC in our TF to decide to publish an updated WD.
14:12:14 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Roy: First step: update all the naming in our GitHub repo, used for the Editor's Draft. Then run the CfC.
14:12:21 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Roy: Then I'll handle the publication.
14:12:39 [Matthew_Atkinson]
ack Roy
14:13:49 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Lionel_Wolberger: We need to get updated slugs [URI parts] for each document too.
14:14:19 [Roy]
14:14:23 [Matthew_Atkinson]
sharon: Think we can do one CfC to cover all the documents being updated to WDs?
14:14:37 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Roy: We also have a short name for each document in GitHub. Do we want to change the short names?
14:14:55 [Roy]
14:15:22 [Matthew_Atkinson] (specific line Roy mentioned)
14:15:28 [Matthew_Atkinson]
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14:15:39 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Roy: The shortname is directly related to the URL of the document.
14:16:32 [Matthew_Atkinson]
14:16:35 [Matthew_Atkinson]
ack Roy
14:17:37 [Lionel_Wolberger]
The name of the task force, personalization, which is reflected in the git repository name, will not change until we are rechartered
14:18:21 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Matthew_Atkinson: [noted above re repo name]
14:18:32 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Roy: yes, the repo name is tied to the TF name.
14:18:38 [Matthew_Atkinson]
sharon: How will redirects work?
14:18:57 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Roy: We can create a redirect if we want to change our shortName.
14:19:12 [Matthew_Atkinson]
sharon: That'd be helpful
14:19:14 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Lionel_Wolberger: +1
14:19:37 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Roy: Will check on the process to be sure, but think it will be possible.
14:20:06 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Lionel_Wolberger: We probably want to process one of the documents first, then do the rest if we think it came out OK. (Regarding URL change.)
14:20:20 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Roy: First we need to decide if we want to change the URL for each document.
14:20:34 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Roy: if we do, I'll check the process and change the shortName.
14:20:41 [Lionel_Wolberger]
14:20:46 [Matthew_Atkinson]
ack me
14:21:19 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Lionel_Wolberger: for clarity and consistency I'd advocate for us changing the slug names [scribe note: shortNames]
14:21:28 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Roy: I'm fine with this, but we will need group consensus.
14:21:32 [Matthew_Atkinson]
sharon: +1
14:21:50 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Lionel_Wolberger: Who should edit the names?
14:22:10 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Roy: I can take all of those actions if we have consensus next week.
14:22:25 [Matthew_Atkinson]
14:23:42 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Matthew_Atkinson: As Roy mentioned, we'll check which of these decisions need a CfC on the APA planning call tomorrow.
14:23:44 [Matthew_Atkinson]
akc me
14:23:49 [Matthew_Atkinson]
ack me
14:25:25 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Roy: Note, holiday next week.
14:25:40 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Roy: the APA decision policy:
14:25:46 [Matthew_Atkinson]
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14:26:47 [Matthew_Atkinson]
sharon: We'll need to wait until after Roy's holiday in order to ensure we have consensus anyway.
14:27:11 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Lionel_Wolberger: The shortName also shows up as the spec's reference name in the References section, not just the URL slug.
14:27:16 [Matthew_Atkinson]
14:28:18 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Lionel_Wolberger: We'll add to the agenda for next time a decision on subtitle/tag line.
14:28:18 [Matthew_Atkinson]
zakim, next item
14:28:18 [Zakim]
agendum 2 -- Content Module Implementations Status -- taken up [from Lionel_Wolberger]
14:28:26 [Matthew_Atkinson]
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14:29:34 [Matthew_Atkinson]
sharon: No updates from IBM. Suggest Lionel_Wolberger pings Phill Jenkins.
14:31:00 [Matthew_Atkinson]
sharon: We were trying to ascertain whether the team there understood the ask as being markup, or rendering.
14:34:03 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Lionel_Wolberger: We are making enquiries as to other possibile implementors at VMWare, Amazon and Oracle.
14:34:19 [Lionel_Wolberger]
14:34:21 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Lionel_Wolberger: We're talking with Access Board, and making enquiries with Chrome.
14:34:40 [Matthew_Atkinson]
sharon: We have a wiki page for implementations; can add new ones there.
14:34:48 [sharon]
14:35:05 [Matthew_Atkinson]
14:36:21 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Matthew_Atkinson: Making it clear so far that all the above are _potential_ implementors, and we're making enquiries.
14:36:55 [Matthew_Atkinson]
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I see a speaker queue remaining and respectfully decline to close this agendum, Matthew_Atkinson
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14:37:00 [Zakim]
agendum 3 -- Implications of issue 203 for the data-symbol attribute - -- taken up [from Lionel_Wolberger]
14:38:01 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Matthew_Atkinson: We're wanting to ask Lisa about #144 (as Janina noted) and this one too?
14:39:11 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Roy: I transfered #203 from APA, which was opened by James Craig, who's active in ARIA. I don't think this issue will block CR, we should be able to communicate the explanation for this one easily.
14:39:28 [Matthew_Atkinson]
sharon: This was the one where we were talking about 1:1 symbols etc.
14:39:30 [Matthew_Atkinson]
14:39:59 [Lionel_Wolberger]
14:41:42 [Matthew_Atkinson]
ack me
14:41:50 [Matthew_Atkinson]
sharon: Related is #204 (next item)
14:42:17 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Matthew_Atkinson: [redundantly mentions #204] - do we want to make a comment to link the two issues? Not sure.
14:43:55 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Matthew_Atkinson: We'd like to ask Lisa for some input. We'll discuss this (and #144) on the APA plan call tomorrow again.
14:44:02 [Matthew_Atkinson]
14:44:35 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Lionel_Wolberger: We should combine some agenda items next time.
14:44:47 [Matthew_Atkinson]
sharon: +1; the next few are related.
14:47:07 [Lionel_Wolberger]
Discuss (a) multiple symbol values in a single markup, in addition to (b) multiple symbol value in a single rendering (e.g., multiple symbols constituting a single aggregated symbol
14:48:10 [Matthew_Atkinson]
zakim, take up item 7
14:48:10 [Zakim]
agendum 7 -- Issue 202 regarding Visible Indicators on 2.2 - -- taken up [from Lionel_Wolberger]
14:49:20 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Matthew_Atkinson: this comes after CR in the list of priorities.
14:51:09 [Matthew_Atkinson]
zakim, take up item 1
14:51:09 [Zakim]
agendum 1 -- Naming - Next steps and WAI-Adapt Overview (draft) -- taken up [from
14:51:12 [Zakim]
... Lionel_Wolberger]
14:51:23 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Matthew_Atkinson: Notes that we need to decide on the shortName issue (and ideally update the name in the documents) before CR.
14:51:42 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Matthew_Atkinson: Again, we're looking into whether a CfC is needed for this; will get back to you tomorrow.
14:53:34 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Roy: Need TF consensus and WG approval for some of the updates.
14:54:28 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Lionel_Wolberger: Can you make the content (not shortName) edits in prepration?
14:54:41 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Roy: Can make a PR on a separate branch, and propose that for CfC.
14:56:59 [Matthew_Atkinson]
14:57:21 [Matthew_Atkinson]
zakim, take up item 8
14:57:21 [Zakim]
agendum 8 -- Planning future COGA meetings on Our Other Two Modules -- taken up [from Lionel_Wolberger]
14:57:26 [Matthew_Atkinson]
Lionel_Wolberger: Blocked by the new naming.
14:57:47 [Matthew_Atkinson]
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