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Meeting: Silver functional
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present+ John F
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present+ Todd Libby
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Present+ Jake Abma
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Topic: Deceptive patterns
13:05:45 [JakeAbma]
13:06:19 [JF]
Todd to add content to document. Any progress?
13:06:26 [JF]
Todd: needs edit accesss
13:06:38 [Joshue108]
deceptive patterns doc
13:11:28 [Joshue108]
jakes asks JF about personalization work
13:12:03 [Joshue108]
and extracting outcomes adding to matrix
13:12:25 [JF]
"Module 1" -
13:13:10 [Joshue108]
could we get this on agenda for next couple of weeks?
13:13:15 [Joshue108]
jf: sure
13:13:28 [Joshue108]
<john gives overview of work>
13:14:13 [Joshue108]
JA: This would be a good exercise for this group
13:14:27 [Joshue108]
To see what has the right fit
13:14:54 [Joshue108]
JA: I think a large part of the future of a11y is in the area of customization and personalization
13:15:42 [Joshue108]
JS: I'm having a problem with some SC's being a part of operable
13:16:17 [Joshue108]
Where does customisation/personalisation fit?
13:16:17 [JF]
"Module 2" -
13:16:31 [Joshue108]
JF: Isn't sure what Jake is asking.
13:16:35 [JF]
"Module 3" -
13:16:36 [Joshue108]
JOC: I know what Jake is saying..
13:17:03 [Joshue108]
JOC: There is a bunch of things which may need to be under a new Guideline IMO>
13:17:29 [Joshue108]
JF: do look at the docs, there are some new attributes suggested
13:17:42 [Joshue108]
Fixed values => taxonomy
13:18:15 [Joshue108]
JF: A tool can take that information and do modality transformation
13:18:35 [Joshue108]
The personalization spec is aimed at identifying solutions
13:18:58 [Joshue108]
happy to see if these problems are captured in the matrix
13:19:19 [Joshue108]
TOPIC: Review of Personalization modules
13:19:33 [Joshue108]
JF: Discusses this module 1 doc
13:20:17 [Joshue108]
Some of this maps to the COGA principles of making things easier to find
13:21:47 [Joshue108]
JA: tries to figure out relationship between user need and functional need in this context
13:22:53 [Joshue108]
Solutions may be action attributes with certain values
13:23:12 [Joshue108]
ARIA or personalization documents for example
13:23:40 [Joshue108]
need to work out placing..
13:23:48 [JF]
<button data-action="undo">Revert</button>, <button data-action="undo">Scrap that</button>, <button data-action="undo">Go Back 1 step</button>
13:23:52 [Joshue108]
i'd like to have clear outcomes
13:24:19 [Joshue108]
jf: shoes personalization example and discusses
13:25:40 [Joshue108]
JOC: that seems like an unrealistic example - especially where you have <button data-action="undo">Revert</button>
13:26:07 [Joshue108]
Maybe if it was <SOME DIV THAT LOOKS LIKE A BUTTON data-action="undo">Revert</SOME DIV THAT LOOKS LIKE A BUTTON> - that would be better?
13:26:45 [JF]
<button data-action="undo">Gobbledy-gook</button>
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13:27:34 [JakeAbma]
13:28:06 [Joshue108]
<button div data-action="undo">Revert</button div >, <button div data-action="revert_the_undo_">Scrap that</button div >.... i dont know what the last one is for..
13:29:42 [Joshue108]
Joc: so can JF do a review of our matrix in the light of what is in personalization spec?
13:29:48 [Joshue108]
JA: yeah
13:31:34 [Joshue108]
JOC: So you are talking about a reserved keyword taxonomy that does stuff machine understand?
13:31:37 [Joshue108]
JF: Yup
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13:35:18 [Joshue108]
JOC: This doc is useful, as there is an interesting heading structure here that reflects a nice list of 'features' for personalization that could be useful for our matrix
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