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13:07:31 [kaz]
meeting: WoT Plugfest/Testfest
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13:07:59 [kaz]
present+ Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_McCool, Kunihiko_Toumura, Michael_Lagally, Tetsushi_Matsuda, Tomoaki_Mizushima
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13:14:49 [kaz]
scribenick: kaz
13:15:16 [kaz]
13:15:38 [kaz]
topic: Minutes
13:15:53 [kaz]
-> Sep-1
13:16:07 [kaz]
mm: looks fine
13:16:20 [kaz]
... any objections?
13:16:22 [kaz]
13:16:25 [kaz]
13:16:30 [kaz]
topic: Logistics
13:17:03 [kaz]
-> Plugfest/Testfest page for TPAC
13:17:36 [kaz]
mm: will we have VPN?
13:18:36 [kaz]
kaz: should be still available
13:18:54 [kaz]
... we can re-use the instruction for the March Plugfest/Testfest
13:18:56 [kaz]
mm: ok
13:19:25 [kaz]
... (give some summary information to Matsuda-san)
13:19:39 [kaz]
... VPN provided instead of local network
13:19:53 [kaz]
... useful for testing
13:20:47 [kaz]
mt: how the IP addresses are allocated within the VPN network?
13:21:48 [kaz]
-> VPN instruction
13:22:09 [kaz]
mm: (gives some explanation based on the above instruction)
13:22:37 [kaz]
-> IP address assignment in the past
13:23:39 [kaz]
kt: some configuration for SoftEther server may need to be updated
13:23:50 [kaz]
... need to check
13:23:58 [kaz]
13:24:07 [kaz]
mm: could you help for that?
13:24:14 [kaz]
13:24:48 [kaz]
kt: don't have the root account myself
13:25:14 [kaz]
kaz: thought we had consult with the Systeam, and gave the root account to Toumura-san at some point
13:25:27 [kaz]
... but haven't you got one?
13:25:29 [kaz]
kt: no...
13:25:39 [kaz]
kaz: let's check with the Systeam again then
13:26:30 [kaz]
mm: another point is a possible gateway using Raspberry PI
13:28:30 [kaz]
13:28:54 [kaz]
-> network setting for TPAC 2020
13:29:19 [kaz]
mm: the question is whether you want to get connected directly or via a gateway
13:30:34 [kaz]
kaz: we need to clarify the network setting in general
13:30:48 [kaz]
... and think we need Toumura-san's help
13:31:04 [kaz]
... will work with him and ask the Systeam for help
13:31:07 [kaz]
mm: right
13:31:41 [kaz]
... we should clarify who wants to get connected the VPN or the Internet, etc.
13:33:02 [kaz]
action: kaz to make sure Toumura-san gets root access for the VPN service for Plugfest
13:33:59 [kaz]
kaz: btw, who would participate in the Plugfest/Testfest for TPAC 2021?
13:34:28 [kaz]
mm: think, Toumura-san, Matsuda-san, myself (McCool) and Koster at least
13:35:11 [kaz]
... should clarify who would join the Testfest part and who would join the Plugfest part
13:36:27 [kaz]
... and also what project to be checked
13:37:20 [kaz]
kaz: right
13:37:50 [kaz]
... who would be on the client side and who would be on the device side
13:39:25 [kaz]
mt: regarding ECHONET, not myself but somebody from ECHONET will participate in the Plugfest
13:39:34 [kaz]
... I can be the contact point, though
13:39:43 [kaz]
mm: ok
13:39:50 [kaz]
... what about you, Toumura-san?
13:40:14 [kaz]
kt: no plan for extending the nodeRED client
13:40:41 [kaz]
... but can check the connectivity with the other entities based on the existing implementation
13:41:04 [kaz]
mm: any discussion on the opensource project?
13:41:29 [kaz]
kt: not yet
13:41:51 [kaz]
mm: how about trying mDNS + TDD queries?
13:42:00 [kaz]
... would be useful
13:42:12 [kaz]
... for retail use cases as well
13:42:37 [kaz]
kt: happy to work on the possible implementation in the future
13:42:49 [kaz]
... but currently don't have enough time
13:43:41 [kaz]
kaz: so we should see what we can
13:44:01 [kaz]
kt: yes, a client based on node generator
13:44:48 [kaz]
... not sure we can publish it as opensource software at the moment
13:44:55 [kaz]
s/moment/moment, though/
13:45:37 [kaz]
kaz: ok
13:46:15 [kaz]
... so let's put our proposals on the GH page, and check with the listed people to see what's possible
13:46:19 [kaz]
mm: yes, let's do so
13:46:53 [kaz]
mt: is it possible for you to join the ECHONET project and provide a client?
13:47:00 [kaz]
kt: yes, I'm happy to do so
13:48:04 [kaz]
kaz: great
13:48:55 [kaz]
... let's list all the possible entities including both the client (=consumer) side and the device (=producer) side like McCool is doing now :)
13:49:30 [kaz]
... and let's see the possible combination on which client to be connected with which device next week including some more participants
13:49:54 [kaz]
... confirming Toumura-san is OK with getting connected with the ECHONET device is great
13:50:38 [kaz]
mm: ok
13:51:32 [kaz]
... (then creates some more additional sub-directories for Testfest, e.g., Discovery and Profiles, in addition to TD
13:51:37 [kaz]
13:54:47 [kaz]
kaz: btw, how should we test the specs like Architecture, Discovery and Profiles other than TD?
13:54:52 [kaz]
mm: good question
13:55:00 [kaz]
... TD is straightforward
13:55:19 [kaz]
... we can check the generated TDs themselves
13:55:48 [kaz]
... regarding Architecture, we need to check the assertions manually
13:56:20 [kaz]
... regarding Discovery, may need to schema, etc.
13:56:29 [kaz]
... still need to think about the procedure
13:57:34 [kaz]
mt: I have yet another question on the logistics
13:59:24 [kaz]
... need clarification about the time
13:59:36 [kaz]
kt: 9am EDT is 10pm JST
13:59:40 [kaz]
mt: ok
13:59:56 [kaz]
14:00:58 [kaz]
... btw, is it ok to forward the webex information to the engineers working on our implementations?
14:01:00 [kaz]
mm: sure
14:01:47 [kaz]
... also we can exchange information by email as well
14:01:49 [kaz]
mt: ok
14:01:57 [kaz]
14:02:19 [kaz]
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