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Meeting: Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 05 August 2021
12:45:18 [LisaSeemanKest]
12:45:27 [LisaSeemanKest]
12:45:48 [LisaSeemanKest]
Agenda+ Check in with all sub-groups and action requests
12:45:48 [LisaSeemanKest]
Agenda+ Holiday (6th is labour day) Will we take the last two weeks of August? Or last week of August, 1st week of September?
12:45:48 [LisaSeemanKest]
Agenda+ Update on community group, outreach
12:45:48 [LisaSeemanKest]
Agenda+ Please sign up to scribe
12:45:49 [LisaSeemanKest]
If no one signs up, we will start signing you up
12:45:50 [LisaSeemanKest]
Please don’t take a time someone has already taken
12:45:51 [LisaSeemanKest]
Agenda+ Guardianship
12:45:52 [LisaSeemanKest]
Agenda+ Design update from Steve (15 mins)
12:45:53 [LisaSeemanKest]
Agenda+ Continue working on WCAG 2.2 actions
12:45:54 [LisaSeemanKest]
Bring Common Objects issue back to the group: (find owner)
12:45:55 [LisaSeemanKest]
Agenda+ Do we want to schedule a bi-weekly beer and chat session?
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regrets: ea
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scribe: Albert
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14:02:41 [Albert]
14:03:05 [Rain]
14:03:27 [Rain]
scribe: Albert
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14:03:49 [Roy]
14:03:53 [Rachael]
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zakim, next item
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agendum 1 -- Check in with all sub-groups and action requests -- taken up [from LisaSeemanKest]
14:05:29 [Albert]
Jennie: had to move the meeting. waiting for one more response for the meeting date. Sent reminder to John this morning.
14:05:46 [LisaSeemanKest]
14:05:47 [Albert]
Image subgroup. Working on tool called Figma.
14:08:14 [LisaSeemanKest]
14:08:43 [Albert]
Jennie: github account on that link but don't see email addresses or select individual
14:09:04 [Albert]
Rain: check top right corner
14:09:29 [Albert]
Roy: will check what the issue is and get back
14:09:43 [Jennie]
Thanks for working on that - Roy!
14:10:23 [LisaSeemanKest]
zakim, next item
14:10:23 [Zakim]
agendum 2 -- Holiday (6th is labour day) Will we take the last two weeks of August? Or last week of August, 1st week of September? -- taken up [from LisaSeemanKest]
14:10:31 [Rain]
14:10:57 [Rain]
ack Rachael
14:11:00 [Rain]
ack Rain
14:11:00 [Albert]
Lisa: normally TF take two weeks off. when do we want to take the days off?
14:11:03 [Jennie]
I am on holiday August 26
14:12:07 [Jennie]
14:12:13 [Albert]
Lisa: Show your preference for dates to take off
14:12:15 [kirkwood]
19th and 26th
14:12:16 [JohnRochford]
14:12:20 [Rain]
19th and 26th
14:12:23 [Albert]
first week of September
14:12:49 [Rachael]
26th and first week of September (but flexible)
14:13:11 [Rain]
I am also flexible
14:13:36 [Rachael]
I am fine with the last two weeks. :)
14:13:45 [Albert]
Works with me flexible
14:13:49 [kirkwood]
19th is my birthday, 26th is my ‘rebirth day’ ;)
14:14:10 [LisaSeemanKest]
zakim, next item
14:14:10 [Zakim]
agendum 3 -- Update on community group, outreach -- taken up [from LisaSeemanKest]
14:14:16 [Albert]
Lisa: we will take the last two weeks off
14:14:29 [Albert]
Lisa: last two weeks of August
14:14:41 [Rain]
14:14:43 [Albert]
Lisa: Rain sent out final draft of community group
14:14:43 [LisaSeemanKest]
14:15:23 [Albert]
Rain: One open item for Steve in the community guidelines. Asked in comment. Which link I should use?
14:15:32 [Rain]
can you confirm the link we should use? Should we use the general about page ( or be more specific with the code of ethics and conduct (
14:16:09 [Jennie]
14:16:14 [LisaSeemanKest]
are we ready to build iut?
14:16:23 [LisaSeemanKest]
14:16:43 [kirkwood]
14:16:47 [Jennie]
14:17:25 [LisaSeemanKest]
ack r
14:17:27 [Albert]
Albert: wanna take a look for another day
14:17:46 [LisaSeemanKest]
ack j
14:17:48 [Albert]
Rain: planned postpone for 1 day. So deadline: tomorrow
14:18:06 [Rachael]
14:18:17 [Albert]
Jennie: Title change to final version after confirmed would be helpful
14:18:45 [Jennie]
ack Jennie
14:18:47 [Albert]
Jennie: If no longer comments open, mention in the doc please
14:19:18 [Rachael]
q+ to request draft communications
14:19:31 [Albert]
Lisa: Next thing is spreading awareness about this group. We can be very open about it. No need for experience. if people have interest, that should be good enough to join
14:19:43 [LisaSeemanKest]
zakim, next item
14:19:43 [Zakim]
I see a speaker queue remaining and respectfully decline to close this agendum, LisaSeemanKest
14:20:00 [kirkwood]
that was my question too. Rachael
14:20:03 [Albert]
Rachael: do we have draft communications for spreading awareness of the community group?
14:20:08 [LisaSeemanKest]
14:20:15 [Albert]
Rain: it is on my to do list and will do it today
14:20:18 [Rachael]
14:20:21 [Rachael]
Thank you
14:20:34 [LisaSeemanKest]
zakim, next item
14:20:34 [Zakim]
agendum 4 -- Please sign up to scribe -- taken up [from LisaSeemanKest]
14:20:53 [LisaSeemanKest]
14:21:24 [Albert]
Lisa: If you invite people to the community group, you should probably add to the spreadsheet
14:21:48 [LisaSeemanKest]
14:21:49 [Albert]
Lisa: so that we can make sure we have invited a lot of people but not multiple times for same people. looks unprofessional
14:22:08 [LisaSeemanKest]
zakim, next item
14:22:08 [Zakim]
agendum 5 -- Guardianship -- taken up [from LisaSeemanKest]
14:22:22 [Albert]
Lisa: Rain will let us know when the community group promoting draft is written
14:23:13 [Albert]
Lisa: W3C wants us to come up with proposal. We should have standard thing in the form.
14:23:21 [Jennie]
14:23:31 [LisaSeemanKest]
ack j
14:24:31 [Albert]
Jennie: what would be helpful is to define how the community group members will participate in terms of interactions before we go down in the defining the solution.
14:24:56 [Albert]
Jennie: for example, if we use quotes in research documentation, or summarize individuals inputs
14:25:36 [Jennie]
14:26:22 [Albert]
Jennie: in general, when we get closer to publication, if someone is not their own guardian, we have individuals names and contact information closer to the publication, it would be helpful
14:27:06 [Jennie]
ack Jennie
14:27:12 [Albert]
Jennie: publicity of names of those without guardianship can make them vulnerable in terms of some states so we need permission for those
14:27:39 [Albert]
Lisa: someone should write up a draft of proposal
14:28:00 [Albert]
Lisa: asking about someone is under guardianship or whether they want their names on the publications
14:28:03 [Rachael]
14:28:15 [Albert]
Lisa: maybe we don't want the meeting to be public or open
14:28:38 [Albert]
Rachael: I would treat them separately. Guardianship and publication question
14:28:59 [Albert]
Rachael: Anonymous is for experts who do have the preference
14:29:15 [Albert]
Rachael: ask them if they want to be anonymous for guardianship case as well
14:30:19 [Albert]
Lisa: Jennie or Rachael do you want to write this up?
14:30:22 [Rachael]
Option 1: Anonymous (defaults to no publication); 2: Not Anonymous but on no publications 3. Not Anonymous and asked for each publication
14:30:35 [Albert]
Jennie: nervous to be doing alone
14:30:41 [Rachael]
14:30:46 [Albert]
Jennie: willing to do in consult with other person
14:30:55 [LisaSeemanKest]
ach r
14:31:21 [Jennie]
14:31:25 [Rachael]
14:31:37 [Albert]
John: I can potentially collaborate on this as well
14:31:52 [LisaSeemanKest]
ack j
14:32:36 [Albert]
Jennie: in terms of similar laws in other countries, John and my experience is mostly North America. Are there any other countries guardianship law I should take into consideration of?
14:33:38 [JohnRochford]
14:33:39 [Albert]
Jennie: John and I will connect to start drafting
14:33:50 [LisaSeemanKest]
zakim, next item
14:33:50 [Zakim]
agendum 6 -- Design update from Steve (15 mins) -- taken up [from LisaSeemanKest]
14:34:16 [Jennie]
Thank you John Rochford!
14:35:15 [Albert]
Do I scribe this part as well?
14:35:29 [kirkwood]
very good other John ;)
14:38:14 [Albert]
Can anyone help summarize this part for scribing? I am having a hard time understanding.
14:40:08 [Rachael]
14:40:42 [Rachael]
14:42:16 [LisaSeemanKest]
14:42:33 [Albert]
Steve: Steve is working on creating a web version of content usable
14:42:46 [Albert]
Steve: discussing design decisions to date
14:42:58 [Albert]
Steve: there is a new At A Glance Page. I added the summary document to this.
14:43:24 [Albert_]
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14:43:30 [Albert_]
14:44:15 [Rain]
14:44:15 [Albert_]
Scribe: Albert
14:44:48 [LisaSeemanKest]
Scribe: Albert_
14:45:32 [LisaSeemanKest]
14:46:59 [JohnRochford]
14:47:01 [Albert_]
Lisa asked about our request to have the personas in the right hand box. Steve will add them
14:47:06 [LisaSeemanKest]
14:47:21 [LisaSeemanKest]
14:47:23 [Albert_]
would also like to see the user testing elements referenced, as well
14:47:55 [Albert_]
John: pattern and design pattern used interchangeably?
14:48:11 [Albert_]
John: personally prefer to see Design pattern instead of pattern
14:48:18 [Albert_]
Lisa also asked about the lack of a left navigation that can be collapsed and visible. Steve has tried to address this by putting the previous/next navigation at the top.
14:48:21 [Rain]
14:48:22 [LisaSeemanKest]
14:48:27 [LisaSeemanKest]
ack r
14:49:18 [Albert_]
Rain: want to go back to the navigation at the top. Giving the user option to expand and collapse the navigation at the left would be exceptionally helpful for a lot of people. Gives opportunity to see the overview.
14:49:23 [Albert_]
+1 with Rain
14:49:56 [Rain]
14:49:58 [Albert_]
John: agree with Rain
14:50:19 [kirkwood]
+1 agree with rain
14:50:31 [LisaSeemanKest]
Ack j
14:50:38 [Albert_]
Albert, John: +1 with Rain
14:51:55 [Albert_]
Lisa: Looking at this, when you get a small screen like mobile, you can have reactive design and have the menu left side bar navigation we are talking about.
14:52:17 [Albert_]
Lisa: you can close the bar, etc.
14:53:07 [Albert_]
Lisa: a bit confusing is what's the pattern and what's an objective
14:53:37 [Albert_]
Lisa: also colors. so maybe objective, the text is always in one color and pattern having another color always would be helpful
14:53:52 [Albert_]
Lisa: too much jargon in the page
14:54:40 [kirkwood]
Yes agree think it needs a plain language look at it?
14:55:28 [Jennie]
14:55:31 [Rain]
14:55:47 [Rain]
ack Rain
14:55:55 [kirkwood]
graphics would help
14:56:09 [Albert_]
Jennie: examples in graphics can help
14:56:38 [Albert_]
Jennie: graphics sub group can review the page and make comments
14:57:13 [LisaSeemanKest]
ack j
14:57:49 [kirkwood]
14:57:59 [LisaSeemanKest]
ack j
14:58:02 [LisaSeemanKest]
ack k
14:58:45 [JohnRochford]
Great work, Steve!
14:58:57 [Jennie]
14:59:24 [Jennie]
*dropping to prep for next meeting. Talk to everyone next week.
14:59:32 [JohnRochford]
Same here. Bye.
14:59:35 [LisaSeemanKest]
14:59:39 [Rachael]
+1 Steve
14:59:48 [Albert_]
Lisa: one other item for scribe list. please choose week when you want to scribe.
14:59:56 [Albert_]
Lisa: 2 dates good for you
15:00:02 [Albert_]
Lisa: otherwise, we will just put you down for 1
15:00:39 [LisaSeemanKest]
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