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12:03:08 [kaz]
meeting: WoT Security
12:03:32 [kaz]
present+ Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_McCool, Philipp_Blum
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present+ Oliver_Pfaff, Tomoaki_Mizushima
12:09:08 [citrullin]
topic: Minutes review
12:09:38 [kaz]
scribnick: citrullin
12:09:53 [kaz]
-> Jul-12
12:11:14 [citrullin]
mm: Any objections?
12:11:20 [citrullin]
... no objections
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topic: Best practices document
12:12:24 [citrullin]
mm: Added a couple of PRs to fix up some things. It is a work in progress.
12:13:46 [citrullin]
mm: I suggest we go through the easy ones first.
12:14:25 [citrullin]
PR 17 ->
12:14:43 [citrullin]
mm: Any objections to merge?
12:14:49 [citrullin]
... no objections. merged.
12:16:22 [citrullin]
PR 18 ->
12:16:32 [citrullin]
mm: I commented out the summary. Any objections to merge?
12:16:39 [citrullin]
... no objections. merged.
12:17:00 [citrullin]
PR 19 ->
12:17:40 [citrullin]
mm: We agreed on adding an editors note to the section. Oliver wants to work on it.
12:19:37 [citrullin]
mm: Any objections to merge this?
12:19:44 [citrullin]
... no objections. Merged.
12:20:47 [citrullin]
PR 20 ->
12:20:58 [citrullin]
mm: Isn't ready to merge yet. Some rendering issues.
12:23:05 [citrullin]
mm: Respec looks for MUST, SHOULD etc. Since this isn't a formative document, I have to rewrite it.
12:25:22 [citrullin]
mm: Any objections to merge it when it is fixed?
12:25:30 [citrullin]
... no objections.
12:25:48 [McCool]
12:28:58 [citrullin]
pb: It is pretty streight forward. TLS 1.3 makes it also possible to use Raw Public Keys. So, I added that to the spec with the references to it.
12:29:11 [citrullin]
op: TLS 1.3 is still the exception. 1.2 is still mostly used.
12:29:31 [citrullin]
mm: Firefox and Chrome support it. That is good. Some mobile browser don't.
12:33:37 [citrullin]
pb: tbf, you can use a customized app for it which supports 1.3.
12:33:43 [citrullin]
mm: iPhone might be an issue here though. They force you to use webkit.
12:34:26 [citrullin]
mm: Should we add an editors note here?
12:34:43 [citrullin]
pb: I think that is a good idea.
12:36:44 [citrullin]
mm adds a comment to issue 13
12:36:48 [citrullin]
issue 13 ->
12:42:11 [kaz]
12:44:27 [citrullin]
op: We have a much more mature ecosystem for netconf/yang WG in the IETF.
12:47:24 [citrullin]
mm: Any objections to merge 21?
12:47:30 [citrullin]
... no objections.
12:49:16 [McCool]
12:49:31 [citrullin]
mm: The scripting people have some issues we should address.
12:53:11 [citrullin]
mm: Maybe we can look into DID to distribute keys.
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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