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meeting: SDWIG monthly meeting
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...workshop report:
13:17:20 [brinkwoman]
...accessibility requirements were a strong theme. Every feature needs to have an accessible name
13:17:29 [brinkwoman] adding a featurecaption element
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13:18:03 [brinkwoman]
... implemented in polyfill and in server component
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...[demonstrates accessible popups on map]
13:21:26 [brinkwoman]
...feature caption makes it efficient to tab through features. Not perfected yet, still work to do.
13:23:12 [brinkwoman]
...Doug Shephert mapped MapML to requirements for maps on the web identified earlier. [shows matrix]
13:24:05 [brinkwoman]
...Looking for an editor to help continue this process
13:24:47 [brinkwoman]
...A student worked on custom projections. One of the comments of this group was that MapML was limited as to projections.
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13:26:48 [brinkwoman]
...of interest is linking within maps
13:27:55 [brinkwoman]
...[demonstrates] not only within maps, but also linking out to external (map) sources
13:28:55 [brinkwoman]
...creating a web of feature information
13:31:34 [brinkwoman]
...zoom levels described in header of resource
13:31:53 [brinkwoman]
...and go to another resource for additional zoom levels as needed
13:32:32 [brinkwoman]
...shareable primitive APIs: providing interface to developers. We have a prototype for that.
13:32:49 [brinkwoman]
...zoom and pan buttons, layer controls, etc
13:34:03 [brinkwoman]
...Why I invited Gobe Hobana: a key thing is that you need parameters like origin, resolutions, bounds, tilesize for web mapping
13:35:13 [brinkwoman]
...need this to be retrievable somewhere.
13:35:51 [brinkwoman]
jtandy_: so you want to understand how you can group up these things to get the atomic unit of info needed to generate a map.
13:36:09 [brinkwoman]
PeterR: yes, and we need to have standard definitions for this
13:37:21 [brinkwoman]
Gobe: we already have such descriptions for scale sets, I shared the links in the [Teams] chat.
13:37:58 [brinkwoman]
...these are already registered. New well-known scale sets can be added.
13:38:11 [RobSmith]
Descriptions of example WKSS in the 2D TMS standard
13:38:33 [brinkwoman]
... only issue is OGC API Tiles SWG is considering if this concept needs to be included in the next revision of the standard. Because they can be derived from TMS.
13:38:41 [jtandy_]
Cross-posting Gobe's chat:
13:38:42 [brinkwoman]
... currently asking for comments on this issue
13:38:44 [jtandy_]
Descriptions of example WKSS in the 2D TMS standard Registrations in the OGC Definitions Server Definitions of common Tile Matrix Sets, as specified in the 2D TMS Standard
13:39:44 [brinkwoman]
PeterR: I would go in the other direction. These parameters are important for interoperability, similar to an EPSG code.
13:41:00 [brinkwoman]
Chris: EPSG code components can be parameterized
13:41:01 [ogc-gobe]
Registrations of TMS in the OGC Definitions Server
13:41:30 [brinkwoman]
...and there are other authoritative bodies
13:42:08 [brinkwoman]
jtandy_: great conversation. We have more on the agenda unfortunately.
13:42:23 [brinkwoman]
...further discussion in a github issue
13:42:28 [brinkwoman]
PeterR: happy to have more conversation
13:42:48 [roba]
NB on defs-dev (development) we have implemented access to technical resources too..
13:42:50 [brinkwoman]
Topic: WebVMT
13:43:41 [roba]
- so perhaps we need to separate concerns - identifiers vs parameterised information vs description publication
13:44:16 [brinkwoman]
RobSmith: my most notable news: I have managed to change HTML
13:44:57 [brinkwoman]
... undefined endtime ended up in HTML spec, in collab with WebVTT, and wrote web platform tests
13:45:12 [brinkwoman]
... second thing is I finally published the Android app
13:45:14 [PeterR]
Scale set issue:
13:45:39 [brinkwoman]
... basically tracks where you are with video in sync on a smartphone, and it's free
13:47:03 [brinkwoman]
...Next thing is I got involved with GeoPose group in OGC, creating a standard for 'where are you and where are you looking'
13:47:07 [ogc-gobe]
Thanks @PeterR. I will take an action to the bring the issue (SDWIG#1237) up in the next OGC API - Tiles SWG meeting.
13:47:19 [brinkwoman]
...first draft already available, working on user guide and reviewers guide
13:48:05 [brinkwoman]
...considering putting some new features into the android app related to geopose / recording camera orientation
13:49:11 [brinkwoman]
...danger of overloading the text format
13:50:01 [brinkwoman]
...ties in with OGC testbed 17 moving features: trying to extract location of moving features observed in the video
13:51:09 [brinkwoman]
...trying to extract use cases: traffic, attempting to track school buses for example, from a gopro by the road, or from a drone.
13:51:50 [brinkwoman]
...currently trying to get British roadside footage to get metrics on traffic flow, in anonymous way, maintaining privacy.
13:53:26 [brinkwoman]
...second use case is river discharge. Using footage, measuring flow rate of water. Could be from drone, airplane, satellite
13:54:46 [brinkwoman]
...finally there's autonomous vehicles, with cameras, LiDAR, trying to work out where the footage the vehicle is showing, is being taken.
13:55:01 [brinkwoman]
jtandy_: do you need our help with something?
13:55:47 [brinkwoman]
RobSmith: yes, looking to get in touch with Perspective imagery, or Oblique Imagery DWG.
13:56:01 [brinkwoman]
ogc-gobe: I can get you in touch with the chairs
13:56:18 [brinkwoman]
Christine Perey: could you include me, also need to get in touch with them.
13:56:57 [brinkwoman]
ogc-gobe: will send you their email addresses and also those of some active members.
13:57:14 [brinkwoman]
jtandy_: well done getting HTML changed
13:57:45 [brinkwoman]
...Linda and I will put out a call for some work items we identified.
13:58:19 [brinkwoman]
...Simon sent some slides about OWL Time update, can skip this item and distribute the slides
13:58:40 [brinkwoman]
Chris: Three things were changed. IANA links and two small changes.
13:59:19 [brinkwoman]
Topic: Responsible Use note
13:59:37 [brinkwoman]
RobSmith: Emily asked me to give the update
14:00:02 [brinkwoman]
...there was a workshop on the 25th of May, inviting a larger audience to give feedback
14:00:13 [brinkwoman]
...65 participents, very interactive meeting
14:00:32 [brinkwoman]
...actors: user, developer, regulator, and other
14:01:03 [brinkwoman]
...other is a significant group, because that's all of use - you are involved because data is created about you
14:02:33 [brinkwoman]
...strava use case: cyclist who attacked black lives protestor, police tracked the wrong person based on data. Discussed this use case from the 4 perspectives
14:02:51 [brinkwoman]
jtandy_: as a result of that workshop, is new info going into the ethics doc?
14:03:28 [brinkwoman]
RobSmith: yes, hoping to make an update to capture the feedback. Also looking to promote to a wider audience. It is not covering Asia, Africa, South-America yet
14:04:02 [brinkwoman]
jtandy_: thank you very much. Apology to the speakers for small audience. Will make sure this gets attention of the group
14:05:09 [brinkwoman]
... the new charter is about to go to review in the relevant W3C body and we should have a new Team contact soon
14:06:10 [brinkwoman]
roba: Been having some discussion with O&M group related to SOSA/SSN. Better guidance on observable property description is needed. Will get back about that
14:06:52 [brinkwoman]
jtandy_: thank you all
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