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meeting: WoT Discovery
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present+ Kaz_Ashimura, Andrea_Cimmino, Ben_Francis, Ege_Korkan, Farshid_Tavakoizadeh, Michael_McCool
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scribenick: Ege
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Topic: Minutes Review
14:09:16 [kaz]
-> May-17
14:11:47 [Ege]
mm: any objections?
14:12:39 [Ege]
mm: Update on the publication
14:12:57 [Ege]
... we should talk about the discovery slot in the F2F
14:14:17 [kaz]
i/Update on/topic: Publication/
14:15:00 [kaz]
->,_June_2021#Proposed_Topics Proposed Topics within the vF2F agenda
14:18:42 [Ege]
mm: (edits the agenda with the relevant topics)
14:20:52 [Ege]
Topic: PRs
14:23:53 [Ege]
mm: what order should we do these?
14:24:06 [kaz]
rrsagent, make log team
14:24:08 [Ege]
ft: the top two are easy
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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Chair: McCool
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14:25:50 [Ege]
bf: the third one influences the other ones
14:26:23 [Ege]
bf: indepently, with Ege, we seemed to have reachted the conclusion that the TD is not needed
14:26:57 [kaz]
i|the third one|-> PR 179 - Replace interaction affordances in directory TD with a single link to its API endpoint|
14:27:13 [Ege]
mm: we have two uses for it, using @type to detect Thing or TDD
14:28:02 [Ege]
bf: we replace the TD that had all the affordances with a link
14:29:08 [Ege]
... an advanced consumer would use the specification (human readable version)
14:30:55 [Ege]
... one question is the events
14:31:54 [Ege]
mm: we can still add affordance
14:33:34 [Ege]
bf: it proved difficult to describe everything in a TD
14:35:19 [Ege]
bf: so we should do that out of band
14:36:01 [Ege]
bf: why do we need the API to be protocol agnostic? we can make a new API for another protocol later on
14:37:13 [Ege]
ege: In my issue, I did not mean that it should be protocol agnostic but what are the important parts of the API so that another protocol could also pay attention to that
14:37:55 [Ege]
14:38:42 [Ege]
mm: let's ask for opinions
14:42:03 [Ege]
andrea: I feel that it will make it difficult for features like search
14:43:17 [Ege]
ft: but how do we find other endpoints
14:45:31 [Ege]
andrea: we are not removing the affordances by moving them to the uri variables
14:56:47 [kaz]
i|In my issue|-> Issue 178 - Review Comments from Ege Korkan|
14:56:47 [Ege]
ca: we should pay attention to the fact that security does not apply to the links
14:57:51 [Ege]
mm: that is true, can you open an issue in the TD spec
15:00:04 [Ege]
ege: we can also move it from links to a property
15:00:56 [Ege]
mm: There is also Issue 178
15:01:30 [Ege]
mm: There is a philosophical discussion whether TDD is a Thing or not
15:01:46 [Ege]
mm: Intel's motivation is to do mashups of Things and Services
15:04:22 [Ege]
ca: I think that TDD service is a very important part of the WoT
15:05:14 [Ege]
bf: I don't think it makes sense to try to describe any service in a TD
15:05:54 [Ege]
bf: by removing the TDD TD for now, we can solve the describing collection related issues in the meantime and have a TD for TDD later
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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present+ Tomoaki_Mizushima
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15:34:45 [Ege]
(sorry I have forgotten to take minutes for the last 15 mins) but the discussions are documented by mm at Issue 178
15:35:29 [Ege]
15:37:10 [cris]
btw I also agree that we should really be careful to not create a bad designed TD, but I think the propose refactors would improve the situation
15:38:45 [kaz]
s/mm: https:/-> https:/
15:39:08 [kaz]
s/26523/26523 McCool;s comments on Issue 178/
15:39:11 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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15:51:34 [kaz]
-> PR 158 - Combine properties into a single things property
15:59:48 [kaz]
-> McCool's comments
16:01:07 [kaz]
-> PR 160 - Rename actions to match properties and events
16:01:59 [Ege]
mm: we do not have time left to work on the issues
16:02:52 [Ege]
... I suggest that people continue commenting on the issue 178
16:03:05 [McCool]
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