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logging to
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Meeting: Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference
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Date: 06 May 2021
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agenda+ updates actions and requests: and
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clear agenda
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agenda+ updates actions and requests: and
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agenda+ were to store pattern suggestions
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agenda+ draft emails for recuting
13:42:55 [LisaSeemanKest]
agenda+ spread sheets
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Reviewing mental health issue paper and should it be a research module: isue paper:, emain .
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agenda+ are we happy with the outcomes from last weelk:
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agenda+ setti actions on mental health, 1. recruiting, 2, out as reserch mdoule (if appropriate) and 3, add topics and reserch (ocd?)
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agenda+ Steve's work on the the Web pages/ versions
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agenda+ pagee for work places (if time)
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scribe: fazio
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next item
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jenny, rain working on image subgroup
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Rain: no updates yet. Revised version: 3 patterns, stories w/ specific images will be sent to group soon
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14:07:12 [Fazio]
EO vide review - 3 done so far
14:07:45 [johnkirkwood]
I can assist with images as well, Jennie and Rain feel free to let me know if/when you are meeting
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* copied you on the email this morning, @johnkirkwood.
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ah ;)
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Fazio, JK got comments into APA on XAUR
14:12:06 [Fazio]
Guidelines subgroup on Findable help forr Silver TF is ready to go
14:12:56 [Fazio]
Jenny will reach out to Jan McSorely to coordinate call