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Meeting: Web Authentication WG
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Tony: TPAC 2021 set. Virtual.
19:04:03 [jfontana]
wendy: breakout and cross group meetings.
19:04:33 [jfontana]
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present+ agl, akshay, nadalin, elundberg, jeffh, johnbradley, matthewmiller, sbweeden, nsteele
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tony: wendy, are we set for first proposed working draft. we are set to go.
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19:07:34 [jfontana]
jeffH: signed off on this
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tony: wendy merge
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19:11:48 [jfontana]
jeffH: think what they want is not good for FIDO, Web Authn
19:12:03 [jfontana]
agl: what about PR extension
19:12:35 [jfontana]
jeffH: depends on all the use cases, do they snowball out of control
19:12:54 [jfontana]
aksay: there are some use cases. we want raw signature.
19:13:16 [jfontana]
...I don't have a complete use case in my mind
19:13:23 [jfontana]
jbradley: not directly related.
19:13:48 [jfontana]
mmiller: want to use a key like for a lock box.
19:13:50 [wseltzer]
19:14:23 [jfontana]
jeffH: we have cred blob to link this.
19:15:50 [jfontana]
agl: cred blob in in CTAP spec
19:16:03 [wseltzer]
19:16:25 [wseltzer]
wseltzer: WebAppSec is considering putting webcrypto updates into charter scope
19:19:29 [jfontana]
jbradley: prf extension or some derivation seems like thing to do
19:22:49 [jfontana]
jeffH: do we want to go in the web crypto direction?
19:24:06 [jfontana]
akshay: CTAP 2 and 2.1 will have this extension.
19:24:27 [jfontana]
...I don't see web crypto being changed
19:25:11 [jfontana]
agl: i offer to write something on this bug
19:25:28 [jfontana]
tony: thank you.
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19:27:47 [jfontana]
elundberg: need to consider the output value
19:28:10 [wseltzer]
present+ Yuriy, Martin, Bill
19:28:11 [jfontana]
agl: this working says you can specify using null. might be a chrome bug
19:28:55 [jfontana]
jeffH: think this is webIDL funky-ness
19:29:32 [jfontana]
elundberg: to make it null the definition should be followed by question mark
19:29:46 [jfontana]
jeffH; yes.
19:29:55 [jfontana]
agl: the wording in the spec is wrong.
19:30:07 [jfontana]
elundberg: my understanding.
19:31:22 [jfontana]
agl: next week we can decide what the change is - web authn or chrome
19:33:40 [jfontana]
agl: this comes from 1536 was issues, 1537 was PR
19:43:22 [jfontana]
elundberg: clarify it may be null in response but not in the request
19:43:28 [jfontana]
...I can summarize in an Issue
19:44:53 [jfontana]
tony: reminder two weeks until next meeting - May 5
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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