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meeting: Merchant Business Group
20:58:04 [nicktr]
chair: John O'Brien
20:58:22 [nicktr]
scribe: Nick Telford-Reed
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scribe: nicktr
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scribe: Nick Telford-Reed
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present+ Karen Myers
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present+ Matthew Orr
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agenda+ recap
20:59:53 [nicktr]
agenda+ content ideas
21:00:02 [nicktr]
agenda+ accessibility primer
21:00:48 [nicktr]
agenda+ Topics of the day
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agenda+ call timing
21:02:12 [nicktr]
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present+ John O'Brien
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present+ David Benoit
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present+ Ian Jacobs
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present+ Linda Toth
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zakim, take up item 1
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agendum 1 -- recap -- taken up [from nicktr]
21:10:25 [nicktr]
john: items arising from minutes?
21:10:49 [nicktr]
john: Mel, Nick and I have been discussing how to make meeting as relevant as possible
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zakim, take up item 2
21:11:04 [Zakim]
agendum 2 -- content ideas -- taken up [from nicktr]
21:11:13 [Karen]
+1 video on social media
21:11:32 [nicktr]
john: attention span is about 20 minutes (according to FIS/Worldpay research/experience)
21:12:13 [nicktr] example that Phil just gave - barcodes only have 5 years to go
21:12:24 [nicktr]
present+ Laura Townsend
21:12:45 [nicktr]
john: so there's an opportunity to do some guerilla marketing
21:12:52 [nicktr]
...jumping onto topics of the day
21:15:02 [nicktr]
john: what are people's thoughts?
21:15:51 [nicktr]
phil: point of clarification - barcodes have a long time to go - but there may be a shift over the next 5 years
21:16:03 [nicktr]
...I would love to see Shopify here
21:16:12 [nicktr]
...they are a member of W3C
21:16:32 [nicktr]
...other topics - conversion rates, accessibility
21:16:40 [nicktr]
q+ to talk about shopify
21:16:54 [nicktr]
karen: I love the idea videos
21:17:21 [nicktr]
matt: creating video snippets might help us get groups like Shopify here
21:18:22 [nicktr]
john: Completely agree with Phil on the topics
21:18:36 [nicktr]
...anything else for focus areas?
21:19:52 [nicktr]
karen: I'd love to hear from Laura - what have merchants done concretely during the pandemic
21:20:10 [nicktr]
Laura: we have a lot of open dialogue
21:20:19 [nicktr]
...what are the lessons learned
21:22:21 [nicktr]
Laura: our members are trying to figure out how to deliver experiences in a very different way
21:22:31 [nicktr]
...what are the hybrid models
21:22:42 [nicktr]
...alternative payment methods
21:22:49 [nicktr]
...and I think consumers are interested in that
21:23:08 [nicktr]
...but it needs to be seamless and gives choice
21:24:13 [nicktr]
linda: NACS/Connexus are traditionally bricks and mortar
21:25:04 [nicktr]
...but our members have had to pivot to kerbside delivery /click and collect without giving away the customer relationship
21:25:21 [nicktr]
...and therefore margin
21:26:04 [nicktr]
laura: I'd also add that how data can drive behaviours and improvements is a huge theme
21:26:20 [nicktr]
...and lastly authentication is an enormous deal
21:26:37 [nicktr]
...remote/online transactions brings a huge amount of risk
21:27:34 [nicktr]
linda: another issue has been "out of stocks" - what was in the store that people could order remotely?
21:27:59 [nicktr] do you manage the stock and surface availability to customers
21:29:00 [nicktr]
phil: stock control is an interesting IT challenge
21:29:39 [nicktr]
...also fake goods
21:29:53 [nicktr]
...which is a use case that's driving serial numbers
21:30:11 [nicktr] that specific items can be tracked
21:31:52 [nicktr]
phil: in the same way that the Improving web advertising BG has become all about privacy, could we look into authentication of goods?
21:32:31 [nicktr]
john: please send through any feedback or volunteer for specific items
21:34:26 [nicktr]
nicktr: would people be comfortable recording the meeting?
21:34:47 [nicktr]
linda: I think it would be easier to have specific "panels"
21:36:11 [nicktr]
phil: or individual responses
21:36:32 [nicktr]
zakim, take up item 3
21:36:32 [Zakim]
agendum 3 -- accessibility primer -- taken up [from nicktr]
21:39:16 [nicktr]
nicktr: we've started thinking about what a primer might look like - but done as a panel rather than a doc
21:39:39 [nicktr]
karen: we could also talk about WCAG 2.2 or WCAG 3
21:40:18 [nicktr]
zakim, take up item 4
21:40:18 [Zakim]
agendum 4 -- Topics of the day -- taken up [from nicktr]
21:42:03 [nicktr]
nicktr: Secure Payment Confirmation - super exciting, feedback from Stripe and Google at WPWG this week
21:42:54 [nicktr]
ian: hypothesis is that people will prefer a WebAuthn experience to passwords (e.g. in 3DS challenge)
21:43:28 [nicktr]
...though it's not limited to cards and we're talking to other parties like Amazon pay and so on
21:43:46 [nicktr]
...and we intend to really dig into this at the WPWG face to face at the end of the month
21:46:54 [nicktr]
ian: meeting is Thursday
21:47:41 [nicktr]
nicktr: delegated authentication super interesting - allowing third-parties to authenticate users on behalf of "Account servicing payment service providers"
21:47:52 [nicktr]
ian: SPC might be helpful with guest checkout
21:48:25 [nicktr]
...but if you're a large merchant, then the consumer might be logged in - in which case that might be a delegated authentication
21:50:37 [nicktr]
Non-fungible tokens - can this change digital goods sale?
21:51:32 [nicktr]
john: feels to me like there's a through thread to web monetisation that we heard about from a couple of meetings ago
21:51:47 [nicktr] make it easier to reward creators
21:52:30 [nicktr]
john: just to come back on delegated authentication, seems to be the purview of the very largest merchants only
21:52:43 [nicktr]
...but would be good to have it more broadly available
21:52:56 [nicktr]
21:55:19 [nicktr]
laura: hasn't hit our agenda yet
21:56:34 [nicktr]
phil: non-fungibility is curious concept
21:57:03 [Karen]
q+ AOB
21:57:14 [nicktr]
ack AOB
21:57:18 [nicktr]
21:57:30 [nicktr]
zakim, take up item 5
21:57:30 [Zakim]
agendum 5 -- call timing -- taken up [from nicktr]
21:58:03 [nicktr]
karen: we have chapter model in w3c. the New York Metro chapter is very interested in ecommerce
21:58:21 [nicktr]
...they're looking at May 6th for the next Symposium X
21:58:54 [nicktr]
nicktr: I'd be interested in participating
21:59:02 [nicktr]
phil: me too
22:00:10 [nicktr]
david: me too
22:01:01 [nicktr]
Topic: Next meeting - 29th March, time might have to be moved to accommodate daylight savings changes TBC
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