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Meeting: Web Authentication WG
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present+ agl, akshaykumar, davidturner, elundberg, jbarclay, jeffh, nadalin, matthewmiller, raerivera, sbweeden
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present+ nsteele
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20:06:44 [jfontana]
jeffH: two PRs left
20:07:33 [jfontana]
20:07:36 [wseltzer]
20:07:40 [jfontana]
tony: thoughts?
20:09:08 [jfontana]
akshay: #1558 we already do that
20:09:17 [jfontana]
jeffH: more icing on the cake is what this one does
20:09:28 [jfontana]
selfissue: time map issue. how is it donw.
20:09:38 [jfontana]
jeffH: it is chrome behavior
20:10:13 [jfontana]
agl: min and max permissable time
20:10:30 [jfontana]
elundberg: is mention in spec. 5.1.3
20:10:41 [jfontana]
selfissue: I will approved this. we should merge
20:11:28 [jfontana]
akshay: I have a question. should this be on RP side or client platform
20:11:33 [jfontana]
jeffh: i can update that
20:11:44 [jfontana]
selfissue: is that OK akshay?
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20:12:17 [nsteele]
20:12:37 [jfontana]
tony: akshay would you approve after changes?
20:12:44 [jfontana]
akshay: yes
20:12:51 [jfontana]
tony: emil any issues
20:13:02 [jfontana]
elundberg: I can look it over.
20:13:22 [jfontana]
20:13:38 [jfontana]
jeffH: we need to clear an objection/suggestion
20:13:46 [jfontana]
...but otherwise ready to go.
20:14:35 [jfontana]
selfissue: can we get to rolf for his input
20:14:44 [jfontana]
jeffH: I will ping him
20:15:05 [jfontana]
tony: I don't think this is objectionable. I think fix is rather simple.
20:15:49 [jfontana]
agl: I think we can land this
20:16:02 [jfontana]
tony: I am good to have it merged if his only objection is the date
20:16:27 [jfontana]
JeffH: gvie him a day
20:16:51 [jfontana]
elundberg: I am reviewing now, I can finish
20:17:07 [jfontana]
tony: get these done, do the Diff and try to move to PR
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20:17:35 [jfontana]
tony: we are not overriding his decision, it is making his requested change.
20:17:58 [jfontana]
...goal to get these closed today, merge, get Diff, finish submission.
20:18:10 [jfontana]
tony: other concerns wendy
20:18:41 [jfontana]
wendy: no. this shows we have addressed questions, review, etc. should be rountine.
20:19:03 [jfontana]
tony: anything else to talk about
20:19:44 [jfontana]
JeffH: we should punt #1555
20:20:14 [jfontana]
selfissue: I am reluctant to change instructuions as this date
20:20:58 [jfontana]
jeffH: I am saying, for L2, add short credential language
20:21:02 [jfontana]
selfissue: i agree
20:21:05 [jfontana]
agl: yes.
20:21:14 [jfontana]
jeffH: punt to L3
20:21:19 [jfontana]
20:21:25 [jfontana]
agl: not for L2
20:21:56 [jfontana]
20:22:16 [jfontana]
tony: leave it open or close
20:22:20 [jfontana]
jeffH: close
20:22:50 [jfontana]
tony: that takes us through
20:23:14 [jfontana]
... what about #1556
20:23:29 [jfontana]
nickS: working on more insight on this. hesitant to keep this open
20:23:52 [jfontana]
jeffH: I got in touch with Rolf on #1561. he approved and merged.
20:23:59 [jfontana]
tony: so just one left.
20:24:15 [jfontana]
jeffH: i'll look at emil's suggestions after the call.
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate wseltzer
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