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Meeting: Silver Task Force & Community Group
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Meeting: Silver Task Force & Community Group
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chair: Shawn, jeanne
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zakim, clear agenda
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agenda cleared
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agenda+ subgroup checkin - January goals & work for next WD
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agenda+ FPWD comments
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regrets+ Peter, Azlan, Todd, Rachael, Bruce
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Bah. Have to drop before we've even started. Have a good long weekend.
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Meeting: Silver
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scribe: RickBoardman
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Zakim, take up item 1
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agendum 1 -- subgroup checkin - January goals & work for next WD -- taken up [from jeanne]
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Present: Janina, Shawn, Charles Hall, ChrisLoiselle, alastairc, AWK, jcraig, Jeanne, Jemma, joconnor, KimD, Kirkwood, MichaelC, olegb, Rachael, RickBoardman, sajkaj, sarahhorton, Jennifer
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ack sarah
19:10:46 [RickBoardman]
Errors group (Sarah): Jan goals on track = scope statement + user needs summary done. No github issues. Next step: write guidelines content
19:11:26 [RickBoardman]
Content areas: guidelines, outcome description, method titles, functional categories, critical areas
19:11:49 [RickBoardman]
Q: is there guidance on critical areas? (A: Yes. Jeanne looking up)
19:12:58 [RickBoardman]
Eager to get feedback from Silver, AG WG, community at large
19:13:21 [jeanne]
Critical Errors guidance <-,_Methods,_and_Supporting_Documents#Critical_Errors
19:13:49 [jeanne]
ack saj
19:17:09 [RickBoardman]
??: Options Subgroup: Working on principle 6. Concerned that extremely serious A11y is being looked over in some cases. Currently on track - planning to report back on uses cases in March. No github issues
19:17:27 [RickBoardman]
Jeanne: use cases v v helpful, worth prioritizing those
19:18:24 [RickBoardman]
Jeanne - Q: would you consider bringing use cases together in one doc? Has impact on what we publish in March.
19:19:16 [RickBoardman]
Action ?? - create digestible summary of current use cases
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Visual Contrast Group (Chris): Work in progress. Discussions around tracking, moving from github tracker -> wiki. Aware of one github issue - hope to close working with Andy next week.
19:22:15 [Lauriat]
q+ to ask about the group scope and going beyond text
19:22:16 [RickBoardman]
Jeanne: pls don't close any comments before reviewed by AGWG and Silver groups
19:22:54 [RickBoardman]
ChrisLoiselle: Confirmed. Will change label when its ready for survey.
19:24:03 [RickBoardman]
Jeanne: pls change to "Action ready for survey" (purple/dark label) when ready. Then Rachael will be able to automagically pickup for survey
19:24:39 [RickBoardman]
Jeanne: status of Algorithm for dark colour pairs? And scope?
19:24:59 [RickBoardman]
ChrisLoiselle: Answers: (1) will check, (2) yes
19:25:02 [jeanne]
ack laur
19:25:02 [Zakim]
Lauriat, you wanted to ask about the group scope and going beyond text
19:25:52 [RickBoardman]
Lauriat: Q re: sub-group direction - are you looking at contrast in general for guideline? (i.e. not just text, but non-text as well)
19:26:02 [ChrisLoiselle]
19:27:27 [Chuck]
19:27:55 [RickBoardman]
ChrisLoiselle: current focus is text but general contrast is overall scope for subgroup. Discussions ongoing around next steps. Can follow-up offline.
19:28:25 [RickBoardman]
Lauriat: Confirming the above, current focus is text, but long-term will include non-text elements too
19:28:30 [RickBoardman]
ChrisLoiselle: confirmed
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ach Ch
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ack Ch
19:30:29 [RickBoardman]
Jeanne: Q from community - what is plan for visual contrast?
19:30:44 [RickBoardman]
Jeanne: Concern that current doc is overwhelming. OK for me to divide up into sub-pages with links?
19:31:14 [RickBoardman]
ChrisLoiselle: Y, currently we just have one page, and discussion tab. V open to suggestions though.
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19:31:53 [sajkaj]
19:32:16 [Lauriat]
19:32:38 [RickBoardman]
Jeanne: Suggestion came from EO working group who are in turn being asked for a simple description of whats changing. We could also just create a simple "Whats happening with subgroup?" page - i.e. target = non-experts
19:33:10 [RickBoardman]
Lauriat: Q: can we just point people at Getting Started page?
19:33:20 [Lauriat]
Meaning this page:
19:33:42 [RickBoardman]
ChrisLoiselle: Q: is this internal to wiki? Not clear where q is coming from on the EO side.
19:34:00 [Lauriat]
ack me
19:34:21 [sajkaj]
19:34:27 [RickBoardman]
Jeanne: use case is different to the Getting Started page which targets beginners. These questions are from people who know A11y but want concise summary
19:34:35 [RickBoardman]
Lauriat: agrees
19:35:58 [RickBoardman]
ChrisLoiselle: Would like more detail from EO on the ask
19:36:05 [Lauriat]
ack sajkaj
19:36:08 [jeanne]
ack saj
19:37:46 [RickBoardman]
Sajkaj: I agree that changing existing page would not be ideal. Suggests that HL overview often best written from outside group. V much in favour of meta page.
19:38:31 [RickBoardman]
Jeanne: could you roughly draft, Chris? Or I can just copy the existing editors note as starting point
19:38:58 [RickBoardman]
ChrisLoiselle: Editors note sounds good [Jeanne will handle, Chris can help]
19:39:13 [jeanne]
action: jeanne to draft an intro wiki page for visual contrast based on editor's note.
19:41:06 [RickBoardman]
Functional Needs Sub-group (Charles, Michael): Focus = pulling together database of requirements (taking longer than expected), then will work on relationships between them. Reactivating group next week.
19:42:17 [jeanne]
19:44:01 [RickBoardman]
Conformance testing sub-group (Jeanne): as per last week, new overview preso of how to do testing, and use it to evaluate WCAG 3. Includes metrics, research, links to test sites (Francis), links to evaluations of specific sites and comments on what they need to address. Completed eval of Medicare IOS app using testing from 1st public WD. He's also working on new testing tool (branch of xkd tool)
19:44:12 [RickBoardman]
Shawn: tool demoed recently
19:44:59 [RickBoardman]
Jeanne: Also have "how to use Rachael's spreadsheet". And "how to ask for feedback". Next step is to reach people in community who can test their own sites.
19:45:08 [Lauriat]
Silver Writer tool link for any who missed the recent demo:
19:45:22 [uxjennifer]
19:45:27 [RickBoardman]
Jeanne: if anyone has connections to A11y testing researchers - pls let Francis & jeanne know. Also ideas for reaching that community are welcome
19:45:39 [jeanne]
ack uxj
19:46:25 [RickBoardman]
Jennifer: happy to help with that effort, also to help connect with more researchers who are testing with PwD.
19:46:51 [RickBoardman]
action: Jennifer to connect with Jeanne over email to discuss above
19:47:19 [RickBoardman]
Jeanne: anyone interested in creating a Structured Content sub-group to look at headings etc.
19:47:24 [RickBoardman]
Jennifer: interested
19:47:50 [jeanne]
zakim, take up next
19:47:50 [Zakim]
agendum 2 -- FPWD comments -- taken up [from jeanne]
19:49:29 [RickBoardman]
Jeanne: FPWD comments. Contrast working on their comments. Jeanne has started looking at editorial comments but still early. Encourage everyone to look at comments. Pls text Jeanne/(possibly Rachael - Jeanne will confirm ;) if questions.
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Jeanne: Thanks all!
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