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Meeting: XForms Users Community Group Teleconference
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Date: 05 February 2021
14:50:24 [Steven]
14:50:27 [Steven]
Chair: Steven
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Regrets: Philip
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Topic: ACTION-2295: Check that his implementation combined @instance and
15:03:13 [Steven]
@targetref correctly
15:03:13 [Steven]
15:03:25 [Steven]
Erik: Continues
15:03:32 [Steven]
Topic: ACTION-2297 - Add links to glossary entry for observer
15:03:32 [Steven]
15:03:47 [Steven]
Steven: I'm assuming this is OK.
15:03:59 [Steven]
Topic: ACTION-2296: Add text to make it clear where xforms-action-error is
15:03:59 [Steven]
dispatched to.
15:03:59 [Steven]
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Steven: Continues
15:04:12 [Steven]
Topic: When may a submission be activated again?
15:04:12 [Steven]
[No link]
15:05:30 [Steven]
Steven: Do you agree that the handler for submit-done can do a submit
15:05:33 [Steven]
All: Yes
15:05:42 [Steven]
Topic: <select1/> and <setvalue/>
15:05:42 [Steven]
15:06:57 [Steven]
Steven: Should there be a complement to setvalue?
15:07:29 [Steven]
Erik: You can use insert.
15:07:47 [Steven]
Steven: Yes, delete and then insert. But we have no atomic action.
15:08:05 [Steven]
Erik: We do have <replace/>
15:08:16 [Steven]
Steven: Indeed!
15:08:25 [Steven]
... Went out of my mind.
15:08:30 [Steven]
... All is well.
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Topic: Test Suite and server
15:08:41 [Steven]
15:08:52 [Steven]
Steven: I have added some tests
15:09:19 [Steven]
... I'll add them to the public version at the weekend.
15:09:32 [Steven]
Topic: AOB
15:09:40 [Steven]
15:09:45 [Steven]
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Present: Alain, Erik, Steven
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