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15:09:18 [kaz]
meeting: WoT-WG - TD-TF
15:09:39 [kaz]
present+ Kaz_Ashimura, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Cristiano_Aguzzi
15:09:57 [kaz]
present+ Daniel_Peintner, Ege_Korkan, Michael_McCool
15:10:05 [sebastian]
topic: Minute check from last week
15:10:10 [sebastian]
15:10:27 [kaz]
sk: quick look at issues
15:10:37 [kaz]
... postponing some of them to v2
15:10:41 [kaz]
... some PRs
15:10:57 [kaz]
... including ReSpec errors
15:11:09 [kaz]
... also relation types
15:11:33 [kaz]
... cardinality
15:11:42 [kaz]
... still ongoing
15:11:57 [kaz]
... then security
15:12:06 [kaz]
mm: yes
15:12:26 [kaz]
sk: then multiple op values
15:13:12 [kaz]
... and several issues
15:14:45 [kaz]
... reliability
15:14:56 [kaz]
mm: need an expert
15:15:16 [kaz]
kaz: I'm now contacting the IEC expert as well
15:16:19 [kaz]
mm: related to geolocation and time series data
15:16:28 [kaz]
sk: ok
15:16:38 [kaz]
... we'll continue the discussion
15:16:53 [sebastian]
any objections to bring the minutes to public?
15:16:55 [sebastian]
15:17:01 [kaz]
15:17:20 [kaz]
topic: Defer issue to TD 2.0
15:17:35 [kaz]
-> Issues marked as 2.0
15:17:51 [kaz]
sk: let me know if any problems
15:17:58 [kaz]
zakim, who is on the call?
15:17:58 [Zakim]
Present: Kaz_Ashimura, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Cristiano_Aguzzi, Daniel_Peintner, Ege_Korkan, Michael_McCool
15:18:10 [kaz]
present+ Tomoaki_Mizushima
15:18:24 [kaz]
topic: PRs
15:19:11 [kaz]
s/topic: PRs//
15:19:15 [kaz]
topic: PR 1038
15:19:19 [kaz]
-> PR 1038
15:19:36 [kaz]
-> related issue 1036
15:20:00 [kaz]
sk: we can't change the TD REC itself
15:20:02 [kaz]
15:20:19 [kaz]
... this is a tentative URL
15:20:43 [kaz]
mm: this PR itself wouldn't solve the actual problem?
15:21:14 [kaz]
... do we want to use one specific schema for both v 1.0 and v 1.1?
15:21:24 [kaz]
... having two ones separately would make sense
15:21:34 [kaz]
ca: right
15:22:01 [kaz]
ege: combo schema should be also removed then?
15:22:58 [kaz]
15:24:04 [kaz]
ack k
15:24:50 [kaz]
kaz: if we really need to update the 1.0 REC for implementations, we need to update the 1.0 REC
15:24:56 [kaz]
... but if not, we don't have to do so
15:25:09 [kaz]
... and having a separate schema for v 1.1 is fine
15:25:37 [kaz]
... note that at some point maybe in 2 years, there is a possibility we even might want to deprecate the v1.0 REC
15:25:45 [kaz]
... so we should think about our timeline as well
15:25:55 [kaz]
s/v 1.1/v1.1/
15:26:40 [kaz]
sk: (adds comments to PR 1038)
15:27:59 [kaz]
-> Sebastian's comments
15:28:39 [kaz]
topic: PR 1031
15:28:56 [kaz]
-> PR 1031
15:29:36 [kaz]
-> Preview of APIKeySecurityScheme
15:30:09 [kaz]
sk: (goes through section
15:30:31 [kaz]
-> Preview of SecurityScheme
15:30:39 [kaz]
mm: think it's ready to merge
15:31:31 [kaz]
sk: (merges it)
15:31:57 [kaz]
prsent+ Michael_Koster
15:32:15 [kaz]
topic: PR 1032
15:32:19 [kaz]
-> PR 1032
15:33:14 [kaz]
mm: (goes through his recent comments)
15:33:29 [kaz]
-> McCool's comments
15:34:47 [dape]
15:34:52 [kaz]
mm: not ready for merge and would update it
15:35:30 [kaz]
-> Preview of APIKeySecurityScheme
15:38:43 [kaz]
kaz: the first row is broken
15:38:56 [kaz]
mm: will fix it as well
15:39:41 [kaz]
... working on it
15:39:55 [kaz]
zakim, who is on the call?
15:39:55 [Zakim]
Present: Kaz_Ashimura, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Cristiano_Aguzzi, Daniel_Peintner, Ege_Korkan, Michael_McCool, Tomoaki_Mizushima
15:40:25 [kaz]
present+ Michael_Koster, Farshid_Tavakoizadeh
15:40:33 [kaz]
(Farshid joins)
15:41:00 [kaz]
sk: note that we've just talked about your PR 1038
15:41:13 [kaz]
i/PR 1038/topic: PR 1038 (revisited)/
15:41:25 [kaz]
ft: can the schema upper compatible?
15:41:57 [kaz]
mm: we can bug-fix it if needed but not really upper compatible
15:43:28 [dape]
ack dape
15:44:45 [McCool]
15:45:43 [kaz]
mm: we need some unified validation mechanism
15:46:14 [cris]
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15:46:14 [kaz]
... but having the two different schemas would make sense
15:46:22 [kaz]
... though we need to fix bugs
15:47:40 [kaz]
... from my viewpoint, accepting the two schemas is OK
15:47:57 [kaz]
sk: then I'll remove the comment inside the "Files changed"
15:48:24 [McCool]
15:49:06 [McCool]
ack m
15:49:24 [McCool]
I feel we should use a w3c URL for the schema, not github
15:49:37 [cris]
+1 also from my side... also full github address with the commit hash is super long :)
15:55:18 [kaz]
kaz: I don't really recognize any concrete/big differences whether the resources are installed on the W3C server or installed on GitHub with a redirection from some W3C URL
15:55:33 [kaz]
(we need to discuss our policy a bit more)
15:56:03 [kaz]
topic: PR 1024
15:56:07 [kaz]
-> PR 1024
15:56:36 [kaz]
sk: comments from Jan Romann, a student from Carsten's lab
15:57:20 [kaz]
-> Sebastian's response to Jan's comments
15:58:20 [kaz]
sk: wo kind of imports are necessary:
15:58:20 [kaz]
an "extend" import to have the full definition of an other existing TM. For that the link container can be used with 'rel=extend'
15:58:20 [kaz]
an import mechanism that allows to import sub-definitions of other existing TMs. This is the direction that is explained here.
15:58:30 [kaz]
s/an "/... an "/
15:58:40 [kaz]
s/an import/... an import/
16:00:43 [kaz]
-> ASDF - 4.4 sdfRef
16:00:51 [McCool]
16:01:48 [Ege]
16:01:55 [Ege]
16:01:57 [kaz]
mm: we just do Thing Model and use TD for instanciation
16:02:19 [kaz]
sk: need to leave now...
16:02:31 [kaz]
ege: can postpone till the next call
16:03:09 [kaz]
... but there is a related issue 168
16:03:14 [kaz]
-> Issue 168
16:03:29 [kaz]
ege: import/extend functionality in TD
16:04:50 [kaz]
sk: Thing Model is used to generate a valid TD
16:05:13 [kaz]
mm: let's continue the discussion using GitHub, etc.
16:05:15 [kaz]
sk: ok
16:05:24 [kaz]
... let's continue the discussion next week
16:05:29 [kaz]
16:05:32 [kaz]
rrsagent, make log public
16:05:37 [kaz]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate kaz
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