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13:04:17 [kaz]
Meeting: WoT Security
13:05:58 [kaz]
present+ Kaz_Ashimura, Cristiano_Aguzzi, Elena_Reshetova, Michael_McCool
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Chair: McCool
13:08:09 [kaz]
regrets: Oliver
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present+ Jack_Dickinson, Tomoaki_Mizushima
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topic: Prev minutes
13:17:38 [kaz]
-> Dec-7
13:17:40 [kaz]
13:23:23 [kaz]
topic: Issue 197
13:23:48 [kaz]
-> Issue 197
13:26:44 [kaz]
McCool: (adds comments)
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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scribenick: cris
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i/Prev minutes/scribenick: kaz/
13:31:32 [cris]
topic: issues
13:35:11 [cris]
mc: do you think that the comment covered all our points?
13:35:40 [cris]
Elena: I don't any further comments on this.
13:37:28 [cris]
mc: I think that it is important to have an action point on this issue. Anyhow if anybody has more comments please go ahead and comment
13:37:43 [kaz]
-> McCool's comment
13:38:48 [kaz]
topic: TD Issue 998
13:39:22 [cris]
mc: I feel that an URI template could solve the issue about API keys and PSK security schema
13:39:39 [kaz]
i|feel|-> TD issue 998|
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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s/topic: issues//
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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13:41:55 [cris]
mc: we could extended the APISecuritySchema adding terms for URI templates
13:45:58 [cris]
mc: at the end of the day we have to do a PR.
13:47:17 [kaz]
-> McCool's comments
13:48:23 [cris]
mc: I'll try to create a PR before the next TD call
13:51:41 [cris]
cris: I think this issue relate to another one on TD repo.
13:51:43 [cris]
13:51:56 [cris]
13:52:29 [cris]
... I think 923 is another issue, but I'll note it down.
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13:55:00 [cris]
... about 923 we could cover it by adding a "template" key in the "in" field of API security schema
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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13:55:15 [cris]
cris: I agree, it should work and cover also the query use case.
13:55:39 [cris]
mc: I prefer to leave the query parameter to avoid backward compatibility problems.
13:55:41 [cris]
cris: right
13:59:56 [cris]
cris: about OAuth 2 we probably need more concrete use cases to asses its variability.
14:01:19 [cris]
mc: I'll mark also the 923 as PR needed and I'll keep it mind while working on the next PR.
14:01:43 [kaz]
-> TD Issue 923
14:01:45 [cris]
mc: ok, let's close the meeting.
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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