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15:05:14 [kaz]
Meeting: WoT Discovery
15:05:50 [kaz]
present+ Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_McCool, Farshid_Tavakolizadeh, Jack_Dickinson, Kunihiko_Toumura
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topic: minutes review
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@@@URL here
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taking minutes
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i/taking/scribenick: JackD/
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present+ Tomoaki_Mizushima
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Michael pulled up the previous minues and review, there were no objections to posting so they have been approved and posted.
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topic: Scheduling
15:11:22 [McCool]
15:13:36 [kaz]
Checking the publication schedule esp for the Candidate REC version
15:13:55 [JackD]
Main call notes: M McCool highlighted the timeline and various deadlines for tasks. 1 May 2020 target for drafts (4 months). Need to sort out priorities for draft.
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regrets+ Christian_Glomb
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-> Milestones calculator
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topic: PR105
15:17:30 [kaz]
-> PR105
15:19:22 [JackD]
Updated documentation w/ Federation #105; Andrea not in attendance, M McCool reviewed recent changes. discussed ednote SSE Auth Header. Issues to note: Title was wrong, and wasn't specific enough about what mechanisms must be implemented.
15:21:11 [kaz]
present+ Michael_Koster
15:26:00 [JackD]
M McCool added comments to approve (merge), "assertions updates as requested". Also performed some cleanup to fix ednote title, lower-case (SHOULD->should), updated details to suggested security considerations for giving specific guidance.
15:26:00 [kaz]
McCool adds an Editor's note on SPARQL Query DDos attack
15:26:07 [kaz]
s/McCool adds an Editor's note on SPARQL Query DDos attack//
15:27:24 [kaz]
-> PR107
15:27:42 [kaz]
s/PR107/PR107 on SPARQL DDoS Editor's note/
15:28:06 [kaz]
topic: PR106
15:28:09 [kaz]
-> PR106
15:29:31 [kaz]
-> more specifically, Preview of the section Registration
15:34:07 [JackD]
PR106- reviewed details related to Validation; Michael, Farshid discussed concerns related to the use of MUST. There is still work to do re: editor's notes and link to issue regarding normative definitions of "validation", but no objections to merge updates.
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topic: Issue 98
15:34:57 [kaz]
-> Issue 98
15:46:56 [JackD]
Andrea referenced 3 proposals in previous presentation; 1. wrapped TD, 2. enriched TD, 3. Decoupled TD. M McCool, Andrea discussed pros/ cons of each proposal. Voting and comments are leaning towards #2, enriched TD option with some will be left open (additional week?) to gather additional input.
15:47:55 [JackD]
Michael suggested Jan 11 meeting as the target for making a decision on the proposals.
15:56:17 [JackD]
McCool, M Kostner discussed next steps (post proposal selection) will be related to defining framing.
15:57:07 [JackD]
topic: Issue 104
16:00:38 [kaz]
-> Issue 104
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s/Andrea referenced/Farshid referenced/
16:03:36 [JackD]
M McCool suggested to check on JSON-LD for progress to see if this has been resolved. Storing and signing a string doesn't deal with signing of chained results well. McCool added notes and will carry over to the next meeting.
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