Web Payments Q4 2020

Ian Jacobs
19 October 2020


See the WPWG agenda for 19-22 October 2020.

Evolution of WPWG hypotheses

Browser Data Storage Experience (I/II)

Initial hypothesis: streamline checkout by moving data storage (“card on file”) from merchant to browser and payment apps in order to reduce typing and enable for “one click pay” on the Web.

Browser Data Storage Experience (II/II)

Single Buy Button Experience

Initial hypothesis: for guest checkout, streamline checkout by reducing selection noise (“NASCAR effect”), enabling single “buy button.”

Payment Method Diversity Experience

Initial hypothesis: standards to facilitate checkout with payment apps will increase payment method diversity on the Web.

Authentication Experience

Initial hypothesis: it suffices to support a variety of authentication flows through payment handlers and Web standards out of the box.


Revised Hypotheses (I/II)

Revised Hypotheses (II/II)


Payment Request


Note: The WPSIG is discussing zero-friction risk assessment and privacy.

Payment Method Requirements