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Meeting: DPVCG Bimonthly Call - April 29
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Chair: harsh
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meeting: DPVCG Bimonthly Call - April 29
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Georg, Beatriz: planning to work on Primer.
12:10:13 [harsh]
harsh: can expand sections with some information about the contents to help contributors
12:11:30 [harsh]
Beatriz: it would be good to have Rights and Principles modeled in the DPV
12:12:11 [harsh]
Georg: regarding rights, it also is relevant and dependant to the supervisory authorities and EPDB. E.g. rights should be specified with all conditions, requirements
12:15:53 [harsh]
harsh: we can take this up on the mailing list in terms of whether to specify a concept or a also to model the requirements
12:18:24 [harsh]
Georg: In terms of time, there should be a way to specify timestamp or duration e.g. for processing
12:19:33 [harsh]
harsh: This is more a policy level annotation? There can be temporal annotations for purpose, legal basis
12:20:13 [harsh]
Georg: then we could have generic property for temporal annotations
12:20:26 [harsh]
Georg: common used standard for this is ISO 8601
12:21:05 [harsh]
Georg: We also do not have a property for processing location
12:22:31 [harsh]
harsh: We can start listing these as use-cases and use them to justify/derive the needed properties
12:22:47 [harsh]
harsh: Do we model processing location as a property for Processing or as Technical measure?
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harsh: These to be listed as ACTIONS/ISSUES
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rrsagent ACTION: create issues and actions from meeting notes of APR-29 and APR-15
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rrsagent, ACTION: create issues and actions from meeting notes of APR-29 and APR-15
12:33:14 [harsh]
Beatriz: I am also interested in seeing how Signatu uses DPV
12:34:35 [harsh]
harsh: We can do this on a DPVCG call at some point and use this to list how DPV is being used
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