These slides present the Perspective on Media & Entertainment for the Web document, that provides an analysis of the Media & Entertainment industry in relationship with the Web, and identifies shorter- and longer-term trends that could influence Web technologies.

A perspective for M&E on the Web

François Daoust
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A mapping from time to positions in media content.
Continuous media
Content whose timeline is purely dependent on time.
Continuous experiences
Experiences that somehow engage the user into some consumption / interaction rhythm. Feature immersive content that captures the user's attention and that has an internal timeline (timeline that is not purely triggered by user interaction).


Media & Entertainment is the part of the industry that makes business entertaining people through continuous experiences.

Ins & Outs:

Media content

Content consumption mechanisms

Trend: Reduce device fragmentation

Trend: Improve content quality

Trend: Move to IP

Trend: Personalize content

Trend: Explore XR/360° scenarios

Next Big Thing


Next Previous Big Thing

The Web has already delivered on its “Next Big Thing” promise to become a major platform for continuous media experiences.

Next Big Thing

Prediction: The Web will be at the heart of the convergence of the three main content consumption mechanisms (on-demand, linear, immersive).

Some scenarios

Example of an immersive experience: We Wait, from BBC, a dramatised story transporting users to the heart of the refugee crisis, in Virtual Reality

Flight Deck

WRC+ All Live

Late Shift “Choose your own adventure moview”
Detroit: Become Human - interactive neo-noir thriller on PS4
Lost in Time is a groundbreaking IMR entertainment format that integrates TV, gaming and commerce. Featuring real people in a 3D virtual world and real-time interaction with the broadcast, through an app.

High-level requirements

Goal Technologies
Capture and immerse the user in a virtual world WebXR
Render immersive content WebGPU
Process media content in real-time WebAssembly, Machine Learning
Interact with user more naturally Voice control, gestures
Integrate with the physical world (AR) Floor/Wall detection, object recognition

Workshop on Web Games

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