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Meeting: Timed Text Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 20 September 2019
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Present+ Nigel_Megitt
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Chair: Nigel
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Present+ Atsushi_Himori, Gary_Katsevman, Cyril_Concolato, Eric_Carlson, Michael_Li, Keiichi_Suzuki, Akihiko_Koizuka,
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scribe: nigel
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Topic: TPAC Day 2
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Present+ Andreas_Tai
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Present+ Glenn_Adams
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Present+ Masaya_Ikeo
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Nigel: [iterates through agenda]
01:38:35 [nigel]
.. Any other things to cover today?
01:38:43 [nigel]
Andreas: Implementation demo if we can make 5-10 minutes
01:40:56 [nigel]
group: [introductions]
01:41:01 [nigel]
Topic: WebVTT
01:42:44 [nigel]
Gary: Around June I got pretty close to completing an Implementation Report for WebVTT.
01:42:49 [nigel]
.. It's the first real one for it.
01:43:13 [nigel]
.. There are definitely, to my surprise considering how badly historically WebVTT was implemented, there's quite a lot of support.
01:43:18 [nigel]
.. There's a lot of support for the basic features.
01:43:34 [nigel]
.. But there are some issues around the newer features like regions, as well as styling.
01:43:43 [nigel]
.. There were specifically 7 issues opened from this IR
01:43:53 [nigel]
.. because they did not pass the 2 independent implementations test.
01:44:01 [nigel]
.. We should go through them today to discuss how to address them.
01:44:14 [gkatsev]
-> WebVTT IR
01:44:34 [nigel]
.. There are a lot of failures in some cases
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01:45:38 [nigel]
Nigel: The CR exit criteria are about features, so if some tests fail it doesn't necessarily mean the feature isn't supported.
01:45:43 [nigel]
.. We can tell a story about the features.
01:46:03 [nigel]
Gary: Yes, I know in Firefox there's a specific "Edge cases" test that doesn't pass but we might be able to ignore that
01:46:07 [nigel]
.. for the CR exit criteria.
01:46:55 [nigel]
.. I have this pull request that's been ongoing for a while.
01:47:00 [gkatsev]
-> snapshot PR
01:47:19 [nigel]
.. This collates all the things we want to mark as at risk because there are not enough implementations.
01:47:39 [nigel]
.. It covers line alignment, position alignment etc which ultimately may need to be removed from the spec.
01:47:55 [nigel]
Andreas: Aren't those pretty core features of WebVTT?
01:48:08 [nigel]
Gary: They are fairly new features to WebVTT and there are basically no implementations that support them.
01:48:37 [nigel]
.. I think the working mode is to update WebVTT to match what is out there, considering we should fix bugs, to get to V1
01:48:47 [nigel]
.. and then if a feature is important then bring it in for the next version.
01:49:05 [nigel]
.. Then with a Rec we would have more power to request browser vendors to implement the new features, and have
01:49:13 [nigel]
.. more of a conversation rather than everyone ignoring it.
01:49:58 [nigel]
Present+ Song_Xu
01:51:30 [nigel]
Topic: [IR] VttCue region test failing webvtt#463
01:51:38 [gkatsev]
01:51:46 [nigel]
01:51:55 [nigel]
Gary: This test is about the API for VTTCue.
01:52:02 [nigel]
.. The API states that region is a property on the cue.
01:52:18 [nigel]
.. It's failing across the board because Chrome and Edge don't support the region API at all.
01:52:35 [nigel]
.. Firefox is failing because it's very strict and an older version of the spec said to throw if there's an incorrect value
01:52:42 [nigel]
.. but the current version says ignore invalid values.
01:53:01 [nigel]
.. The Safari one is interesting - it still implements the old version with a regionId property referencing a global
01:53:03 [nigel]
.. list of VTT Regions.
01:53:15 [nigel]
.. It does work but not spec-compliant to the current version of the spec.
01:53:18 [nigel]
.. There is an open issue for it.
01:53:32 [gkatsev]
-> safari bug for vttregion
01:54:09 [nigel]
.. Is that likely to get fixed soon?
01:54:27 [nigel]
Eric: Yes inasmuch as I am able to control things, yes.
01:54:51 [nigel]
Gary: We won't be able to exit CR unless we write a shim.
01:54:58 [nigel]
Eric: I will take that feedback back.
01:55:04 [nigel]
Present+ David_Singer
01:55:20 [nigel]
Gary: I spoke about a different issue about the parser in Firefox and they seem to be on board,
01:55:27 [nigel]
.. so we can reach out to them and they'll be okay to update this.
01:55:30 [nigel]
Eric: Chrome?
01:56:07 [nigel]
Gary: I asked Mounir earlier in the week and he was unable to promise a timeframe but did seem willing.