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Meeting: Dataset Exchange Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 22 August 2019
11:47:12 [LarsG]
Meeting: DXWG CNEG Subgroup Telecon
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chair: LarsG
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scribe: ncar
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topic: Conform Agenda
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RESOLVED: Agenda approved
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Topic: Approve minutes from last meeting
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+0 (wasn't there...)
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RESOLVED: Approved minutes from last meeting
12:11:33 [LarsG]
(modulo adding me to regrets)
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topic: Open Action Items
12:12:09 [ncar]
12:12:32 [LarsG]
12:12:32 [trackbot]
action-193 -- Rob Atkinson to Move jmeter test suite to within w3c systems -- due 2018-09-05 -- OPEN
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12:12:34 [ncar]
roba: ACTION-193 has progressed, I have added tests for some things
12:12:56 [ncar]
rob: not ready for final version relase yet so it remains open
12:13:07 [LarsG]
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action-358 -- Rob Atkinson to to convene working session to co-develop common model to match link header data and alternates view requirements. -- due 2019-08-08 -- OPEN
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Discussion on this to take place in
12:14:28 [ncar]
topic: Discussion of token/URI mappings
12:15:05 [ncar]
LarsG: there have been a series of commits in the last few weeks on this but I can't see that the Abstract Model, HTTP & QSA are in sync on this
12:15:47 [LarsG]
12:18:05 [ncar]
LarsG: Example 10 has an odd way of showing URI/token mapping
12:18:17 [ncar]
ncar: I agree, not conventional, and exmaple's wrong
12:20:17 [ncar]
LarsG: Example 7 is better, using a token part to the profile part of the Link header
12:20:21 [ncar]
ncar: I agree
12:21:23 [ncar]
ncar: I'll propagate Example 7's examples through all other Examples
12:22:44 [ncar]
Topic: Review of 3PWD Issues in GitHub
12:23:09 [ncar]
12:34:04 [ncar]
Discussion of Issue 678 and whether it's in/out of scope.
12:34:27 [ncar]
roba: can LarsG see if it's in scope for the IETF draft?
12:34:29 [ncar]
LarsG: yes
12:35:53 [ncar]
Discussion of Issue 1041
12:39:00 [ncar]
This Issue depends on the previous Issue.
12:41:17 [ncar]
Issue 1042 is in progress and comment in Issue now updated
12:41:56 [ncar]
roba: I'm getting closer to implementation and will soon push it to the OGC Naming Authority server
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I have made the request to generate ncar
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RRSAgent, draft minutes v2
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