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Meeting: Dataset Exchange Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 01 August 2019
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Meeting: DXWG CNEG subgroup telecon
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scribenick: roba
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Topic: Admin
12:11:35 [LarsG]
Subtopic: Confirm agenda
12:12:43 [LarsG]
+1 with addition that we look at Nick's QSA before the status check of 3pwd
12:12:50 [roba]
12:13:03 [LarsG]
RESOLVED: Agenda confirmed
12:13:19 [LarsG]
Subtopic: Approve minutes from last meeting
12:13:26 [LarsG]
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RESOLVED: Minutes from last meeting approved
12:14:32 [LarsG]
Subtopic: Check list of open action items
12:14:43 [LarsG]
12:14:43 [trackbot]
action-193 -- Rob Atkinson to Move jmeter test suite to within w3c systems -- due 2018-09-05 -- OPEN
12:14:43 [trackbot]
12:14:56 [roba]
roba: #193 still open
12:15:20 [LarsG]
12:15:20 [trackbot]
action-343 -- Nicholas Car to Update qsa documentation with an equivalent to getcapabilities -- due 2019-07-11 -- OPEN
12:15:20 [trackbot]
12:15:51 [roba]
ncar: PR is in - so we can close
12:15:58 [LarsG]
close action-343
12:15:58 [trackbot]
Closed action-343.
12:16:08 [LarsG]
12:16:08 [trackbot]
action-347 -- Rob Atkinson to Create new gh issue explaining the problem of redirects and refer to that issue in the wd -- due 2019-07-18 -- OPEN
12:16:08 [trackbot]
12:16:41 [LarsG]
roba: not actioned yet, still open
12:16:47 [LarsG]
12:16:47 [trackbot]
action-348 -- Nicholas Car to Create pr with real examples to solve #287 -- due 2019-07-18 -- OPEN
12:16:47 [trackbot]
12:17:06 [roba]
ncar: PR accepted so can close
12:17:18 [LarsG]
close action-348
12:17:18 [trackbot]
Closed action-348.
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Topic: Topics
12:17:34 [LarsG]
Subtopic: URIs for profiles specified inside of documents where the profile have no specific URIs
12:18:48 [LarsG]
roba: if we cannot specify a URI we cannot supply that functionality. So we're ready to answer TomB
12:18:52 [ncar]
12:18:57 [LarsG]
12:20:35 [roba]
12:20:49 [LarsG]
Action: LarsG to respond to Tom Baker re URIs for profiles inside of documents
12:20:50 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-355 - Respond to tom baker re uris for profiles inside of documents [on Lars G. Svensson - due 2019-08-08].
12:21:21 [LarsG]
Subtopic: Discussion of Antoine's conneg doc edits
12:21:29 [LarsG]
12:24:18 [LarsG]
ACTION: ncar to implement Antoine's suggestions as laid out in
12:24:19 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-356 - Implement antoine's suggestions as laid out in [on Nicholas Car - due 2019-08-08].
12:24:47 [roba]
6.1 - should be called overview?
12:24:50 [LarsG]
ACTION: roba to add examples using 303 redirects
12:24:51 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-357 - Add examples using 303 redirects [on Rob Atkinson - due 2019-08-08].
12:25:36 [LarsG]
Subtopic: Major overhaul of QSA section: Branch conneg-ACTION-343 preview
12:25:45 [LarsG]
12:28:03 [roba]
ncar: all minor changes requested processed - still open question about QSA "key discovery" completeness or relevance
12:29:09 [roba]
... easier to reference things now behavioural profiles - may be able to remove reference to abstract "Realization" and reference profiles by name
12:31:22 [roba]
roba: will update OGC implementation to use the "canonical" QSA instead of an alternative
12:32:28 [roba]
... most critical to get evidence
12:32:55 [roba]
... feeling is we cannot proscribe mechanisms for alternate realisations.. but can specifiy requirements
12:33:41 [roba]
... and the tricky requirement is to define how to discover what implementation is being used from a resource - easier from a catalog description.
12:34:24 [roba]
... so propose to drop Link header example
12:35:23 [roba]
ncar: can put examples of other possible implementations into another repository
12:36:55 [roba]
roba: Linked Data API for example has a /meta/ resource which describes the API - including the list of views available.
12:38:52 [roba]
ncar: in example10 we have a json example of link headers - so we could actually define the data model
12:40:27 [roba]
roba: json schema and json-ld contexts overlap - but we can define a data model in RDFS and create a json-ld implementation and json schema for it
12:40:45 [roba]
LarsG: agree we need a data model
12:41:48 [roba]
roba: where is the json example?
12:42:39 [roba]
ncar: look at the other way - we define a data model for profiles listings - then we can show how it can be used as a canonical alternates view content
12:42:57 [roba]
roba: +1
12:43:20 [LarsG]
The JSON example is Example 10:
12:44:32 [roba]
roba: content in a response document is often nested inside some metadata/wrapper - e.g. WFS or Linked Data API - so we need to specify content - not its position in response document
12:45:11 [roba]
... eg xpath //x means any existence of x in a document
12:47:36 [roba]
roba: can we compare "alternates view" data models
12:47:53 [roba]
ncar: ok lets review previous work
12:48:25 [roba]
roba: implementation at OGC is an interim - need to update soon
12:49:35 [roba]
ACTION: roba to convene working session to co-develop common model to match link header data and alternates view requirements.
12:49:35 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-358 - to convene working session to co-develop common model to match link header data and alternates view requirements. [on Rob Atkinson - due 2019-08-08].
12:50:04 [LarsG]
Subtopic: Status check of 3PWD Issues
12:51:29 [roba]
ncar: other implementations can go into code repositories not document itself
12:51:59 [LarsG]
13:01:12 [roba]
issues are being updated as discussed.
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RRSAgent, please draft minutes v2
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