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Meeting: Dataset Exchange Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 08 May 2019
19:47:56 [DaveBrowning]
meeting:DXWG DCAT subgroup teleconference 08 May 2019 20:00 UTC
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meeting: DXWG DCAT subgroup teleconference 08 May 2019 20:00 UTC
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regrets: Lars Svensson, Makx
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scribenick PWinstanley
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topic: Admin
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meeting: DXWG DCAT meeting
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proposed: agree minutes
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0 (was absent)
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Sorry - regrets on that one - 0
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resolved: agree minutes
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proposed: agree minutes
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0 - not there
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+0 (I was not there)
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resolved: agree minutes
20:16:21 [PWinstanley]
topic: content of DCAT CR
20:16:25 [DaveBrowning]
20:16:37 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: are we finished yet?
20:16:41 [AndreaPerego]
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20:16:57 [SimonCox]
SHould remove NOTE in Section 4
20:17:17 [PWinstanley]
... there are a few editorial fixes needed, but apart from that we had addressed everything yesterday
20:17:32 [AndreaPerego]
q+ to note there's alejandra's draft PR:
20:17:42 [PWinstanley]
... We probably need to make a statement of how we proceed
20:17:42 [DaveBrowning]
ack AndreaPerego
20:17:42 [Zakim]
AndreaPerego, you wanted to note there's alejandra's draft PR:
20:18:03 [SimonCox]
Editors note in is not correct anymore
20:18:05 [alejandra]
20:18:18 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: There is a draft PR made by alejandra for linking datasets within a publicaiton - is this going to be merged? there is no negative feedback
20:18:22 [DaveBrowning]
ack alejandra
20:18:31 [SimonCox]
Remove note
20:19:51 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: I think that if people are happy it would be useful to include this and I can spend time in the next week to address is. The PR is incomplete, we need to look across the document to see consequentials. Can people wait?
20:19:59 [AndreaPerego]
20:20:57 [DaveBrowning]
20:21:01 [alejandra]
20:21:12 [DaveBrowning]
ack AndreaPerego
20:21:15 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: I think we need to be ready by the end of the month. It would be good to get it included
20:21:28 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: for me the addition is uncontroversial
20:22:19 [PWinstanley]
... I also think we can easily find implementation evidence
20:22:38 [DaveBrowning]
ack alejandra
20:23:23 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: in addition to this by the end of the month we need the doc reviewed by the plenary/ But what about evidence of implementation?
20:23:30 [AndreaPerego]
20:23:42 [alejandra]
also note the new issue by Lars on editorial issues:
20:23:46 [DaveBrowning]
ack AndreaPerego
20:23:47 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: according to the form, if you have it then it should be included, but there wasn't much detail
20:24:08 [riccardoAlbertoni_]
20:24:19 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: that is my understanding too - we don't need the implementation evidence doc at the point we submit for CR
20:25:46 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: that sounds like we have some flexibility. We have to give the plenary some time to consider this - so we need to ensure that there will only be pure editorial work after that. The sooner we can get the plenary to look at the final content the better
20:27:06 [SimonCox]
I've just scrolled through the ED and I see no problems with sending this to the plenary. I do still see editorial issues, primarily consistency in the notes, but nothing embarrassing.
20:27:43 [riccardoAlbertoni_]
I agree with SimonCox
20:27:54 [SimonCox]
... modulo ALejandra contribution on citations?
20:28:54 [SimonCox]
is alejandra's contribution 'normative'?
20:29:37 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: hopefully there won't be any conflicts. People already agree with its inclusion - so it should be OK
20:29:51 [AndreaPerego]
This is also how I see it. I don't see particular issues in merging it.
20:30:05 [AndreaPerego]
20:30:06 [riccardoAlbertoni_]
20:30:08 [PWinstanley]
... I guess we can make the decision about whether it is normative. What do people think?
20:30:19 [DaveBrowning]
ack AndreaPerego
20:30:33 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: I think that if it is added then it will be in the vocab spec and so will be normative
20:30:37 [riccardoAlbertoni_]
q- ( andreas is making my point ;)
20:30:50 [DaveBrowning]
q- riccardoAlbertoni_
20:30:52 [SimonCox]
20:30:57 [DaveBrowning]
ack SimonCox
20:31:39 [PWinstanley]
SimonCox: alejandra, in an earlier phase we added treatment of relationships - dct:relation and qualified relations. There may need to have a note relating to these
20:32:03 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: do you mean that the relationship to publication could be a qualified relation?
20:32:31 [riccardoAlbertoni_]
20:32:37 [PWinstanley]
SimonCox: dct:isReferencedBy is also mentioned already. Your addition is just adding to the idea mentioned there
20:33:03 [AndreaPerego]
20:33:15 [PWinstanley]
SimonCox: looking back at that usage note in the description of qualified relations, how many of these do you want to reference explicitly?
20:33:31 [DaveBrowning]
20:33:32 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: we coul;d argue that it isn't necessary to add it separately
20:34:27 [PWinstanley]
SimonCox: depends on priorities. My normative/non-normative point was really wondering if we can handle the dct:isReferencedBy with an example and an explanation rather than a separate section?
20:35:03 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: it makes sense to add a separate section because the relationship in this case of publicaitons is special, strong, and needed across many domains
20:35:11 [DaveBrowning]
ack AndreaPerego
20:35:26 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: +1 to alejandra - it is worth having this prop in the spec
20:36:21 [PWinstanley]
... my experience with the JRC data catalogue - documenting data from multiple disciplines, the ability to link dataset to publication was commonplace
20:36:43 [SimonCox]
OK - I'm cool with this because of the formal requirement from a key application community.
20:37:02 [alejandra]
So, my action item includes adding a comment about qualified relation in that section
20:37:07 [SimonCox]
I just wanted to draw attention to general consistency (which was already there!)
20:37:21 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: alejandra please pursue quickly
20:37:43 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: I'll also cover the point about qualified relations
20:37:47 [AndreaPerego]
20:38:16 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: PWinstanley please send out to plenary about Monday
20:38:19 [SimonCox]
could alejandra also include an RDF example fragment for this
20:38:29 [alejandra]
20:38:37 [DaveBrowning]
ack alejandra
20:39:13 [SimonCox]
+1 no domain, just 'recommended for use in the this context'
20:39:18 [AndreaPerego]
+1 to dropping the domain
20:39:18 [PWinstanley]
proposed: to include the points alejandra will include about the link between dataset and publication and drop the domain constraint
20:39:25 [AndreaPerego]
20:39:27 [alejandra]
20:39:29 [SimonCox]
20:39:34 [DaveBrowning]
20:39:36 [PWinstanley]
20:39:40 [riccardoAlbertoni_]
20:39:49 [PWinstanley]
resolved: to include the points alejandra will include about the link between dataset and publication and drop the domain constraint
20:39:52 [AndreaPerego]
20:39:59 [DaveBrowning]
ack AndreaPerego
20:40:31 [riccardoAlbertoni_]
That is a good point
20:40:31 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: should the property be linked to dcat:Resource rather than dcat:Dataset?
20:40:35 [alejandra]
+1 to Andrea's point
20:40:42 [alejandra]
services also have associated publications
20:40:53 [riccardoAlbertoni_]
+1 to Andrea's point
20:41:11 [SimonCox]
s/be linked to/be listed under/
20:41:19 [DaveBrowning]
+1 to dcat:Resource
20:41:31 [PWinstanley]
+1 to the dcat:Resource point
20:41:33 [SimonCox]
20:41:47 [alejandra]
20:41:49 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: it looks like people are happy about this proposal
20:42:24 [DaveBrowning]
ack alejandra
20:42:39 [AndreaPerego]
RRSAgent, draft minutes v2
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20:42:53 [PWinstanley]
alejandra: to agree and say that if we think of profiles as a catalogable resource then they will have associated publications
20:42:55 [AndreaPerego]
20:43:03 [DaveBrowning]
ack AndreaPerego
20:44:59 [alejandra]
20:45:55 [DaveBrowning]
ack alejandra
20:48:10 [riccardoAlbertoni_]
20:48:26 [DaveBrowning]
ack riccardoAlbertoni_
20:48:50 [PWinstanley]
proposed: we recommend the plenary to review and approve the plenary with a vote in 2-3 weeks
20:49:25 [alejandra]
approve the draft...
20:49:29 [SimonCox]
20:49:34 [DaveBrowning]
ack SimonCox
20:50:14 [PWinstanley]
proposed: we recommend the plenary to review and approve the draft with a vote by the plenary in 2-3 weeks
20:50:23 [PWinstanley]
proposed: we recommend the plenary to review and approve the draft with a vote by the plenary in 2 weeks
20:50:36 [riccardoAlbertoni_]
20:50:42 [DaveBrowning]
20:50:45 [PWinstanley]
20:50:47 [AndreaPerego]
20:50:53 [SimonCox]
20:50:57 [alejandra]
20:51:00 [PWinstanley]
resolved: we recommend the plenary to review and approve the draft with a vote by the plenary in 2 weeks
20:51:04 [AndreaPerego]
RRSAgent, draft minutes v2
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20:51:28 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: Topic: implementation evidence
20:51:38 [PWinstanley]
Topic: implementation evidence
20:51:57 [AndreaPerego]
s/DaveBrowning: Topic: implementation evidence//
20:52:16 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: we have discussed what the evidence should include given that we are re-using vocabularies
20:52:40 [PWinstanley]
... it is not clear-cut
20:52:54 [PWinstanley]
... apart from, perhaps, Nick's work
20:53:18 [AndreaPerego]
q+ to mention the draft at
20:53:20 [PWinstanley]
... So we need to think about what this evidence should comprise
20:53:28 [DaveBrowning]
ack AndreaPerego
20:53:28 [Zakim]
AndreaPerego, you wanted to mention the draft at
20:54:25 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: the link shows an incomplete doc that is based on DWBP
20:54:37 [PWinstanley]
... we need to complete this
20:54:48 [PWinstanley]
... for the vocabs we already have a list.
20:55:09 [PWinstanley]
... we just need to review the info on platforms to see what provides the best support
20:55:28 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: this is just the sort of framework I was imagining
20:55:42 [PWinstanley]
SimonCox: that is the most elaborate implementaiton report I've seen
20:56:39 [PWinstanley]
... I can provide some alternative models
20:56:59 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: it would be useful to have some options
20:57:53 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: End of meeting
20:58:00 [AndreaPerego]
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20:58:33 [AndreaPerego]
20:58:34 [AndreaPerego]
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20:58:59 [AndreaPerego]
present- riccardoAlbertoni_
20:59:01 [AndreaPerego]
RRSAgent, draft minutes v2
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