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Meeting: Dataset Exchange Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 17 April 2019
19:53:06 [DaveBrowning]
meeting: DXWG DCAT subgroup teleconference 17 April 2019 20:00 UTC
19:53:23 [DaveBrowning]
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regrets: Alasdair Gray, Erik Mannens, Thomas D'Haenens, Lars Svensson
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regrets+ SimonCox
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regrets+ Alejandra
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chair: DaveBrowning
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20:05:35 [PWinstanley]
scribenick: PWinstanley
20:05:45 [PWinstanley]
proposed: accept minutes of last meeting
20:05:49 [PWinstanley]
20:05:59 [PWinstanley]
20:06:00 [DaveBrowning]
20:06:04 [AndreaPerego]
20:06:05 [riccardoAlbertoni]
20:06:15 [PWinstanley]
resolved: accept minutes of last meeting
20:06:38 [DaveBrowning]
20:06:40 [PWinstanley]
Topic: look at DCAT CR and immediate workload
20:07:23 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: although there are quite a few things in the milestone I got the sense that we are quickly addressing the critical things
20:07:37 [PWinstanley]
... and that those things are close to completion
20:07:52 [PWinstanley]
... Thanks to riccardoAlbertoni for some finaly tidying up
20:08:15 [PWinstanley]
... PR 838 will be merged
20:08:57 [PWinstanley]
... so pending final checks, the paperwork is done, there are a couple of final issues in the doc that will get closed when the work for them is addressed
20:09:23 [PWinstanley]
... We can look for the tidying up, taking into account Simon's suggestion
20:10:15 [PWinstanley]
... which might include some pushback on figures, but we can talk through that when he returns. Same for the linked data platform - Simon is pro, and I am agnostic
20:11:02 [PWinstanley]
... The one other thing is issue #174 - non English labels and comments, and I'll go back to the people PWinstanley has found after the Easter break when we'll be in a more complete situation.
20:11:19 [PWinstanley]
... All issues that are not marked 'critical' are not critical
20:11:27 [PWinstanley]
... Does all that make sense?
20:11:32 [PWinstanley]
20:12:50 [riccardoAlbertoni]
20:13:01 [DaveBrowning]
ack riccardoAlbertoni
20:13:32 [PWinstanley]
riccardoAlbertoni: looking through the issues, I don't see anything that is critical that isn't marked 'critical'
20:13:47 [AndreaPerego]
20:14:16 [DaveBrowning]
ack AndreaPerego
20:15:01 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: re: #895 . In the different places where this specification is available, they should point to the official version - but as we don't know what that is, it is some editorial work
20:15:32 [AndreaPerego]
I think and can be closed.
20:15:37 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: yes, it would be nice to have is coherent and clean, but I'm tempted to leave it as 'critical' so that we can address it
20:15:58 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: I think we can also close 2 issues. #890 and #886
20:16:22 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: with the process we are following at the moment, they will be closed at the end of the week (Thurs)
20:16:40 [riccardoAlbertoni]
we can label "due to close" issues 838
20:16:43 [AndreaPerego]
20:16:50 [PWinstanley]
... because they are in the list given to the plenary and that is the process that allows everyone to see our intentions
20:16:54 [DaveBrowning]
ack AndreaPerego
20:17:07 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: I'm not sure of the final deadline we are working to
20:17:39 [riccardoAlbertoni]
20:17:48 [PWinstanley]
PWinstanley: I will find the calculator and mail this around
20:17:57 [riccardoAlbertoni]
20:17:59 [AndreaPerego]
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20:18:12 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: the major unresolved issue is discussion of the text with Simon and Annette
20:18:38 [PWinstanley]
... and this needs to be addressed before we put to the plenary
20:18:42 [PWinstanley]
20:18:51 [DaveBrowning]
ack PWinstanley
20:21:09 [riccardoAlbertoni]
20:21:16 [PWinstanley]
PWinstanley: suggest that we bring forward any discussion that might lead to changes in the docs
20:21:17 [DaveBrowning]
ack riccardoAlbertoni
20:22:01 [PWinstanley]
riccardoAlbertoni: I agree that we wait for Simon to contribute
20:23:10 [PWinstanley]
riccardoAlbertoni: to note that the next week has several public holidays
20:23:27 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: so our timeline might be early May
20:24:16 [PWinstanley]
20:24:26 [DaveBrowning]
ack PWinstanley
20:27:31 [PWinstanley]
PWinstanley: to suggest that we can do polls and so on online to cope with the holiday period
20:28:04 [riccardoAlbertoni]
20:28:05 [DaveBrowning]
20:28:14 [DaveBrowning]
ack riccardoAlbertoni
20:29:22 [PWinstanley]
riccardoAlbertoni: I noticed that some notes in the doc talk about new property/class and I think we need to identify these new elements in one place (beginning or end, but together)
20:29:48 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: works for me
20:31:25 [riccardoAlbertoni]
can I label "due to close" the issues 838?
20:31:40 [DaveBrowning]
20:31:55 [AndreaPerego]
20:31:56 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: it would be useful to move onto the rest of the agenda
20:32:04 [AndreaPerego]
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20:32:11 [PWinstanley]
... looking at the open issues
20:32:21 [AndreaPerego]
20:32:24 [PWinstanley]
... many of these are either superceded or completed.
20:32:47 [DaveBrowning]
20:32:51 [DaveBrowning]
ack AndreaPerego
20:33:07 [riccardoAlbertoni]
20:34:23 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: I was reviewing the specification to see where this can be made - I think the new classes and properties can be done. There is a 'rationale for change' section, and the change log at the end contains these new classes etc, but it contains other stuff that is not part of the normative spec. One option would be to sift these normative ones out and put under section 6
20:34:49 [PWinstanley]
... Another option is to include an appendix and to link that at section 2 (motivation)
20:35:01 [PWinstanley]
... it could be just a table of the new elements
20:35:16 [PWinstanley]
... together with domain/range information on the new properties
20:35:27 [DaveBrowning]
ack riccardoAlbertoni
20:35:36 [riccardoAlbertoni]
20:36:19 [PWinstanley]
riccardoAlbertoni: If you look at this link, when we present the different new elements we add an editorial note. Sometimes this note is at the beginning, sometimes at the end. We need to be consistent
20:36:23 [DaveBrowning]
and at end
20:36:55 [DaveBrowning]
and at end
20:36:57 [PWinstanley]
... Having another section that holds just the new features is useful too, but it was this editorial note that I was referring to
20:37:01 [DaveBrowning]
and at end
20:37:15 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: I also realised that
20:37:58 [DaveBrowning]
s/and at end
20:38:12 [DaveBrowning]
s/and at end
20:38:33 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: so back to the open actions
20:38:43 [AndreaPerego]
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20:39:04 [AndreaPerego]
20:39:29 [DaveBrowning]
ack AndreaPerego
20:39:34 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: I was reviewing them
20:39:40 [PWinstanley]
Topic: Open Actions
20:39:52 [AndreaPerego]
This one could be closed:
20:40:09 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: 270 is done
20:40:56 [PWinstanley]
... there are others, like 252 and 286 can be closed - I haven't done this job but the issues have been addressed
20:42:05 [PWinstanley]
... there are others; 134 was an old one,
20:42:48 [PWinstanley]
... 309 and 310 are related PRs [807] which is still a draft,
20:43:16 [PWinstanley]
... this is on hold
20:43:44 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: where do you think the PR is - ready for review or not?
20:44:28 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: I think that in the relevant issue on github I have described the proposals and the PR implements one of them. This is awaiting feedback
20:44:59 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: my suggestion is to mark the PR for review and assign the usual reviewers and see what reaction we get
20:45:21 [riccardoAlbertoni]
+1 to mark it as ready to review
20:45:30 [PWinstanley]
... if it stimulates discussion we may need to defer, but if people are comfortable then we can perhaps include it
20:47:14 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: do we want to close 270 ?
20:47:43 [AndreaPerego]
close action-270
20:47:43 [trackbot]
Closed action-270.
20:47:57 [PWinstanley]
20:48:46 [DaveBrowning]
ack PWinstanley
20:49:36 [PWinstanley]
PWinstanley: can we close 173 and 174
20:49:48 [PWinstanley]
... these are now in a github issue
20:50:25 [AndreaPerego]
PR marked as ready for review.
20:51:19 [PWinstanley]
20:51:49 [PWinstanley]
This is in relation to Action #246
20:52:15 [riccardoAlbertoni]
s/helps full/helpful
20:53:06 [riccardoAlbertoni]
s/I think it/I think it is
20:53:15 [AndreaPerego]
20:53:47 [DaveBrowning]
ack AndreaPerego
20:54:36 [AndreaPerego]
20:54:47 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: the work on the statistics is helpful. perhaps we can give a pointer to the final file
20:56:03 [AndreaPerego]
20:56:10 [DaveBrowning]
ack AndreaPerego
20:56:11 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: implementation evidence
20:56:29 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: I started working on this report
20:56:38 [PWinstanley]
... I created a branch
20:57:26 [AndreaPerego]
Working draft on implementation evidence:
20:57:40 [DaveBrowning]
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20:58:41 [PWinstanley]
... This is looking at different sorts of evidence, in profiles, documents, etc
20:59:05 [PWinstanley]
... also in the design of platforms (e.g. CKAN)
20:59:32 [PWinstanley]
... I think that we need to use this as effective evidence for implementation
20:59:32 [riccardoAlbertoni]
it seems a good start!
20:59:51 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: it is a nice layout - clear
21:02:00 [PWinstanley]
AndreaPerego: we need to look at the detail of the apps to see how they can export metadata and what of DCAT is used
21:02:23 [PWinstanley]
DaveBrowning: AOB?
21:02:46 [PWinstanley]
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