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Meeting: Dataset Exchange Working Group Teleconference
19:56:37 [trackbot]
Date: 27 March 2019
19:57:08 [LarsG]
Meeting: DXWG CNEG Subgroup telecon
19:57:14 [LarsG]
Chair: LarsG
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*apologies for latness - PC updates
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scribe: ncar
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scribenick: ncar
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chair: LarsG
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Topic: confirm agenda
20:12:17 [LarsG]
20:12:21 [ncar]
20:12:25 [roba]
20:12:39 [LarsG]
Topic: Approve minutes from last meeting
20:12:44 [ncar]
propose: Approve last meeting's minutes
20:12:57 [LarsG]
20:13:11 [LarsG]
20:13:21 [ncar]
+0 (not there)
20:13:28 [LarsG]
20:13:49 [roba]
20:14:11 [LarsG]
20:14:40 [ncar]
resolved: Approve last meeting's minutes
20:14:47 [LarsG]
Topic: Check list of open action items
20:14:53 [LarsG]
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RRSAgent, please draft minutes v2
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20:19:31 [trackbot]
action-193 -- Rob Atkinson to Move jmeter test suite to within w3c systems -- due 2018-09-05 -- OPEN
20:19:31 [trackbot]
20:20:00 [ncar]
topi: discussion about open action items
20:20:20 [LarsG]
20:20:20 [trackbot]
action-291 -- Nicholas Car to Review initial "no overlap" determination and propose explanatory note -- due 2019-02-20 -- OPEN
20:20:20 [trackbot]
20:21:05 [LarsG]
ncar: can probably be closed due to the development
20:21:14 [LarsG]
... of the various documents
20:21:27 [LarsG]
... there doesn't seem to be an overlap any more
20:22:02 [LarsG]
... can be closed
20:22:21 [LarsG]
close action-291
20:22:21 [trackbot]
Closed action-291.
20:22:27 [LarsG]
20:22:27 [trackbot]
action-312 -- Rob Atkinson to Create an issue for sequence diagram -- due 2019-03-20 -- PENDINGREVIEW
20:22:27 [trackbot]
20:23:11 [LarsG]
roba: fixed as #852, can be closed
20:23:21 [LarsG]
close action-312
20:23:21 [trackbot]
Closed action-312.
20:23:31 [LarsG]
20:23:31 [trackbot]
action-313 -- Lars G. Svensson to Ping nick about action-291 -- due 2019-03-20 -- OPEN
20:23:31 [trackbot]
20:23:59 [LarsG]
LarsG: can be closed since acted on and 291 is closed
20:24:05 [LarsG]
close action-313
20:24:06 [trackbot]
Closed action-313.
20:24:09 [LarsG]
20:24:10 [trackbot]
action-315 -- Lars G. Svensson to Add a proposal for url length into #592 -- due 2019-03-20 -- OPEN
20:24:10 [trackbot]
20:24:49 [LarsG]
LarsG: acted
20:25:01 [LarsG]
close action-315
20:25:01 [trackbot]
Closed action-315.
20:25:14 [LarsG]
20:25:14 [trackbot]
action-316 -- Lars G. Svensson to Review the implications of profile transitivity wrt to ietf document -- due 2019-03-20 -- OPEN
20:25:14 [trackbot]
20:27:26 [ncar]
roba: you could say this is a client problem
20:27:40 [ncar]
LarsG: the IETF document will likely not say anything about this
20:27:58 [ncar]
LarsG: the IETF doc may refer to the W3C doc for details about this
20:28:40 [ncar]
roba: most common UC, server supports a more specific profile than the client wants
20:29:03 [ncar]
roba: want to allow clients to ask for most general, server to give most specific
20:29:16 [ncar]
roba: want to make sure IETF doc doesn't prevent this
20:29:50 [ncar]
LarsG: perhaps IETF doc will suggest servers might want to support transitivity (of profiles) but that the IETF doc won't describe how
20:30:33 [ncar]
roba: we have to say what a valid response is - the requested URI or another (more specific?)
20:30:48 [ncar]
LarsG: client won't know that it's a narrower profile
20:31:08 [ncar]
roba: unless the rule is you either get what you asked for or a narrower
20:32:02 [ncar]
LarsG: from mediatype world, you ask for text/xml but you get back some other ...+xml, the client might not know that this is XML but this is legal
20:32:12 [ncar]
roba: this is what we want
20:32:48 [ncar]
roba: tricky if client asked for a weighted set of profiles
20:32:59 [ncar]
LarsG: this all makes it hard to make clients
20:34:12 [ncar]
roba: might not make the client harder to make
20:34:26 [ncar]
LarsG: client might not know how to relate profile URLs
20:34:58 [ncar]
LarsG: mediatypes not opaque - has +xml for XML subtypes
20:35:29 [LarsG]
ncar: there is knowledge in the structure (+xml)
20:35:50 [LarsG]
... not sensible to ask for "nothing but this profile"
20:36:04 [LarsG]
roba: the server has a specific version
20:36:31 [LarsG]
ncar: If I get back a narrower profile everything is OK
20:36:56 [LarsG]
roba: problem is when you ask for two profiles
20:37:23 [LarsG]
ncar: is it possible to have the case when you get a resource according
20:37:28 [LarsG]
... to two profiles?
20:38:22 [LarsG]
ncar: thought we decided to return the profile URI the client
20:38:33 [LarsG]
... asked for even if it returns a narrower profile
20:39:15 [LarsG]
roba: then the client doesn't know what profile it really got
20:42:29 [LarsG]
[...] discussion on how to split what the client asked for and which profile it actually is (a broader one)
20:42:40 [LarsG]
ncar: will make a branch and a PR with proposal text
20:42:55 [LarsG]
20:42:55 [trackbot]
action-317 -- Rob Atkinson to Remove the "list tokens" part from the ed since that's not necessary any more -- due 2019-03-20 -- PENDINGREVIEW
20:42:55 [trackbot]
20:43:15 [LarsG]
roba: PR has been approved and merged
20:43:20 [LarsG]
close action-317
20:43:21 [trackbot]
Closed action-317.
20:43:25 [LarsG]
20:43:25 [trackbot]
action-318 -- Lars G. Svensson to Remove closed issues from the connec ed document -- due 2019-03-20 -- OPEN
20:43:25 [trackbot]
20:44:41 [ncar]
LarsG: I went to remove closed isseus but didn't find any
20:44:56 [LarsG]
close action-318
20:44:56 [trackbot]
Closed action-318.
20:44:58 [ncar]
LarsG: was I meant to remove Requirements?
20:45:05 [ncar]
roba: no, looks like job done
20:45:26 [ncar]
Topi: General Business
20:45:38 [ncar]
Topic: General Business
20:45:58 [LarsG]
s/Topi: General Business//
20:46:31 [LarsG]
ncar: want to put forward to publish ED as PWD in next plenary
20:46:31 [ncar]
ncar: are we ready for 2PWD
20:49:04 [LarsG]
20:49:09 [roba]
20:49:10 [ncar]
20:49:29 [ncar]
resolved: want to put forward to publish ED as PWD in next plenary
20:52:25 [ncar]
Anette's issue regarding the QSA approach is Issue 544 in Sec 7.2 in the doc
20:52:46 [ncar]
roba: our main respondent, Kam Hay Fung, has heighed in about it
21:01:17 [ncar]
ncar: I will prepare the doc for 2PWD and prepare a PR for returning narrower profiles
21:01:32 [ncar]
topic: Daylight savings time changes
21:01:46 [ncar]
LarsG: we used to meet at other times, should we change?
21:02:21 [ncar]
LarsG: we haven't had any USA participation for 4 months, can we go back to previous time?
21:03:02 [ncar]
roba: I can make the previous timeslot
21:03:16 [ncar]
ncar: I can make the previous, prefer this timeslot
21:03:24 [ncar]
LarsG: I will prepare a poll for a new time
21:04:56 [LarsG]
Action: LarsG to propose new meeting times
21:04:56 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-320 - Propose new meeting times [on Lars G. Svensson - due 2019-04-03].
21:05:23 [LarsG]
RRSAgent, please draft minutes v2
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