26 Feb 2019


EricP, David_Booth, Rob_Hausam, Pawel
David Booth


Draft paper of IPSM vs ShEx translation


david: I think it would be helpful to simplify the diagrams by reducing the number of explicit arcs, but label nodes with types, etc.

eric: You could use "a" instead of "is-a".
... Also confusing where a single arc line splits into two or more.

david: There was a recent discussion on the public list -- semantic-web@w3.org probably -- of ways that RDF diagrams can be simplified.

pawel: Are the shapes clear? Diamonds for bnodes?

eric: More conventional to use ovals for nodes.

pawel: UML convention of name with properties underneath?

david: yes, I like the UML convention a lot.
... Could we show the IPSM and ShEx side-by-side? Would be nice for the reader to compare.

pawel: Good to mention common ShExMap patterns also.

eric: Suggest using a different color for the %Map{...} parts
... Here is an example: https://www.w3.org/2013/ShEx/FancyShExDemo.html?schemaURL=test%2FGenX%2Fschema.shex&dataURL=test%2FIssue-pass-date.ttl&starting-nodes=%3CIssue1%3E&colorize=true
... They are teal color.

david: Maybe choose a little lighter blue and green for the %Map{...} parts

pawel: Findings: IPSM is more focused; ShEx does a lot more. No validation in IPSM.
... IPSM language is very tied to IoT, to make it easier.
... ShEx is not oriented toward streaming.

david: Also interesting how IPSM eats the portions that are matched, and passes through what is not matched.

pawel: One component had a generic RDF store. But IPSM was responsible for mapping any info about devices to a common model, but you could also have any additional annotations and not use them. You did not have to know every property of every model, and it would not be lost.
... potential publication targets: ESWC 2019 - European Semantic Web Conference - TOO LATE (deadline 3.12.2018) EDBT/ICDT 2019 - International Conference on Database Theory - TOO LATE (conference 26-29.03.2019) SEMANTiCS 2019 - International Conference on Semantic Systems - Abstract Submission Deadline April 23, 2019, Conference Sept. 09-12, 2019 (Long papers should have a maximum length of 15 pages and short papers of 6 pages) ISWC 2019 - International Sem

antic Web Conference - Abstracts April 3, 2019; Papers April 10, 2019; Con

scribe: Journal of Biomedical Informatics - probably not relevant Synthesis Lectures on Semantic Web: Theory and Technology (Morgan Claypool) - maybe CoRR - Computing Research Repository - maybe Information Research - maybe Semantic Web Journal - maybe
... ISWC 2019 - International Semantic Web Conference - Abstracts April 3, 2019; Papers April 10, 2019; Conference October 26 – 30, 2019 BDAS 2019 - International Conference: Beyond Databases, Architectures and Structures - TOO LATE (deadline 15.01.2019) AAI 2019 - International Conference on Advanced Applied Informatics - Full / Short and Poster paper due: March 25, 2019 - Track: Smart Computing and Artificial Intelligence (SCAI 2019)


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