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20:06:03 [Tim]
Hey all!
20:06:09 [Tim]
Just wanted to make a quick announcement
20:06:40 [Tim]
I recently launched my new Lean UX Design Course:
20:06:58 [Tim]
What is Lean UX?
20:07:16 [Tim]
Well, if you've ever wanted to design a product that millions of users actually use, then Lean UX is for you.
20:07:31 [Tim]
Top startups use Lean UX as a methodology for designing their products and de-risking their business
20:08:07 [Tim]
The courser will teach you everything need to know to implement a Lean UX Design process from start to finish...
20:08:10 [Tim]
Lessons include:
20:08:27 [Tim]
- How to identify implicit product assumptions
20:08:45 [Tim]
- How to unlock deep user insights with data-driven user interviews
20:08:53 [Tim]
- How to analyze user behavior with funnel analytics
20:09:00 [Tim]
- How to use data to increase your salary, land top jobs, and supercharge your career
20:09:08 [Tim]
Who is the Lean UX course for?
20:09:15 [Tim]
If you’re an entrepreneur, UX designer, or product manager looking to take your product to the next level, this is the right ux design course for you. Nothing beyond a passion for creating great products is required.
20:09:35 [Tim]
Why should you take the Lean UX course?
20:09:40 [Tim]
95% of products fail within 1 year. The Lean UX Design course shows you how to beat the odds by uncovering exactly what users want and using that knowledge to increase conversion, engagement, and retention.
20:09:55 [Tim]
Let me know if you have any questions about Lean UX or UX design
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